What Does "DTN" Mean?

TikTok users are known for coming up with new lingo, acronyms and slangs. One such term is DTN. It has gotten quite popular, having received more than 300 million views

It is an great way for them to express themselves more clearly

But this can be confusing for new users!

For those who are not familiar with this language, it can be quite confusing.

The term DTN has been confusing users left and right!

Don’t worry though, we have got you covered!

"DTN" Stands for Don’t Trust No one

If you are wrestling fan, you may find it familiar!

After all, WWE’s Stone Cold Steve Austin popularized the term DTA, or Don’t Trust Anyone.

They both have the same meaning!

This term is used by TikTok users to warn viewers from trusting people, lest they be betrayed by them. 

It is commonly used by women, particularly women from the black community, to warn others from trusting men, 

They also use it to tell personal experiences of them being betrayed by someone.

About to buy a used car and the price is too good to be true? DTN! The car may have defects you are not aware of!

About to trust a guy and date him? They might cheat on you! DTN!

About to start a business with someone? DTN! They might betray you or cut you out!

There are variations of this hashtag as well!

Some popular ones are

DTNFL: Don’t Trust No one For Life

DT4L : Don’t Trust No one 4 Life


Now you know the meaning of DTN!

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