What is a Discord Kitten? (Everything You Need to Know Discord Kitten Meaning)

Discord is a free voice and text chat platform that serves as a powerful communication tool for gamers, professionals, friends, family members, and anyone else looking to stay connected. With Discord, users can easily join channels to talk with their peers in both private and public settings, making it easy to find what you’re looking for or create your own server. Due to the features it provides and how accessible it is, a lot of people have formed communities and groups on Discord. This has resulted in them developing their own terminology to convey ideas, emotions and feelings effectively to other users. 

However, this can end up confusing users who are not in the know. One term that has been confusing people quite a bit is “Discord Kittens”. If you are wondering what Discord Kittens are, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out what Discord Kittens means.

What does the term Discord Kitten mean?

Discord Kittens refers to users on Discord who attempt to get other users to give them things as gifts. They are also known as Sugar Babies. Users may label themselves as Kittens or be labeled so by other users on Discord. These users often behave in a cute and appealing manner, looking to barter gifts or other benefits in return for providing companionship, usually involving elements of a romantic relationship. A Discord Kitten can be of any gender, but an overwhelming majority of them are female. Users who do so are usually on the younger side (or are pretending to be) and are usually looking for older and wealthier users. However, this doesn’t have to be the case necessarily.

The term may be used ironically for someone who receives gifts or other benefits from other users, typically male users without them asking for it.

What is the Discord Kitten Meme

The Discord Kitten Meme makes fun of men who try to interact with other women on Discord, portraying themselves as important, smart and successful. The meme paints these men as unkempt and messy and often much older than the female user. Such users often prey on females, including underage users on Discord. They tend to attract these people by offering them money or Discord Nitro, which is a premium membership of Discord which gives an user extra features. 

Discord Kitten Meme
Discord Kitten Meme

What is a Kitten Daddy or Discord Daddy?

Someone who gives a Discord Kitten gifts or other materialistic items to keep them around can be termed as a Discord Daddy or Kitten Daddy. They are said to be the “owners” of the Discord Kitten and are their caretakers. A Discord Daddy, while it has the word Daddy in it, can be of any gender. However, an overwhelming majority of them happen to be male users on Discord.

Origin of the term

The earliest reference to this term was made by the user SlaytypeDA on 31st December, 2016. It was not very popular, receiving only 2 likes over a period of 6 years. 

While it was used for the first time in 2016, the term did not rise to popularity until 2019, from where it ended up going viral and becoming a meme on multiple social media platforms like Reddit, TikTok and Twitter. There were a few reasons for its sudden popularity.

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In the beginning of 2017, users on Reddit made posts where they referred to themselves as “Kittens” and asked other users to communicate with them on Discord. Most of these posts got comments from male Reddit users posting the link to their Discord profiles or channels, attempting to get in touch with the Kittens.

This trend caught on, with more users adopting this term. By 2018, there were many posts being made in NSFW subreddits where people referring to themselves as kittens asked for other men to connect with them. From there, it caught the attention of Twitter users, who started using this term frequently.

By 2021, it had spread to YouTube as well, with YouTuber Quackity frequently using the term for other people he played with in an ironic manner. He would humorously act as if was in relationships with YouTubers he interacted with and frequently joked about what gifts he would get for them.

Some YouTubers made videos mocking the Discord Daddy/Discord Kitten dynamic, gaining quite a bit of attention. 

Video By Jamishio on YouTube

Should a User Become a Discord Kitten?

You might be wondering if you should become a Discord Kitten. The answer differs from person to person and largely depends on one’s personal preferences. Some people might be comfortable with receiving gifts and other benefits by pretending to be romantic with other users. Others might detest the thought of doing the same due to their morals. There really is no inherent answer to this question. 

How does one Become a Discord Kitten

The easiest way to go about becoming a Discord Kitten is to openly advertise yourself as one. Discord dating servers are a good place to do and find potential Discord Daddies. While a Discord Kitten can be of any gender, female Discord Kittens tend to find success more often than their male counterparts. However, there are some risks that come with being a Discord Kitten. The next section will help you better understand these risks so that you can avoid them.

Is it safe to be a Discord Daddy or Discord Kitten?

While simply labeling yourself as either a Discord Daddy or a Discord Kitten is safe, there are some risks involved overall. Due to the nature of online social media platforms, most people may be pretending to be someone they are not. They might ask you for personal information and may use it in a negative way. 

Discord Kitten’s might want to be especially careful since people who seek Discord Kittens are usually not well-intentioned. An interaction with a Discord Daddy may begin in a friendly manner, but may progress to a point where they may ask you for things that go beyond the scope of online friendship. These may be things you are not comfortable with, and if faced with such a situation, the best course of action is to immediately stop and distance yourself from the Discord Daddy. Keep in mind that any benefits or gifts they might offer is not worth your safety. 

Discord Daddy’s, on the other hand, must be wary of Discord Kittens who are scammers in reality. These scammers will fake an attraction to you, promise you a lot of things and then disappear once you give them money. Keep in mind that if things are progressing too quickly and seem to be too good to be true, it probably is. 

Also be sure to verify the age of your Discord Kitten. Interacting with underage people in a romantic or sexual manner is illegal and may result in legal action against you. 

Regardless of which label you choose, exercising caution is important.

Are Discord Kittens and Daddies Allowed to be on Discord

Discord Kittens and Daddies are allowed to be on Discord. There aren’t any rules against them. While there are rules regarding what kind of sexual content is allowed on Discord, if these rules are not being broken, Discord Daddies and Kittens are allowed to engage with each other.

However, once the relationship between Discord Daddies and Discord Kittens turns sexual in nature in a place where other users can see it without consenting to it, they risk running afoul of Discord’s rules and guidelines. Also, sexualizing underage users or sharing sexual content with them is prohibited both by Discord as well as the law. 

What is an UwU Girl?

An UwU girl is someone who is the embodiment of the UwU emoticon. The UwU emoji is usually used to portray happiness, akin to the face of anime characters when they are happy. An UwU girl usually tends to have a sweet, childlike and bubbly personality that most men find appealing. They are usually sexually suggestive and more often than not are pretending to be this way in order to get money or attention from other male users.


From the meaning of the term to the origin of the term, what comes with being either a Discord Kitten or Daddy, and even a UwU girl on Discord, this article has covered all the aspects of what it means to be a Discord Kitten. With this knowledge, you will be able to stay in the know and not feel alienated and ignorant the next time you see this term.


What does kitten mean in slang?

A kitten often refers to a young and attractive woman.

What do Discord Kittens like ?

The personality of a Discord Kitten often involves being submissive and doing the bidding of their Discord Daddies.

Can boys be Discord Kittens?

While most Discord Kittens are typically female, there can be male Kittens as well.

Where can I find Discord Kittens?

Discord Kittens can usually be found on one of the many discord dating Discord servers.

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