What Does HML Meaning on TikTok?

HML stands for “Hate My Life” and “Hit My Line.” If you have been using TikTok and all other social media for quite some time, you might already be accustomed to the Gen Z language. But don’t get confused; the Gen Z language is not alien. You see the same language in the comment section and chat rooms.

Shortening the big phrase, giving new meaning to the already used word, picking up the songs and movie titles, and making it viral. Yes, this is the Gen Z language. Sometimes they also combine the two solutions (words) to make a new solution (words). For example, “Want to= Wanna,” “Got + it = Gotcha,” “What’s + up = Sup,” and the list goes on. And in their weird language and acronym, there is another one that has taken place, which is HML. You might have seen the word in comments or videos. And we are going to explain the exact word in front of you. Let us dig in.

What Does HML Mean on TikTok?

HML Meaning TikTok
HML Meaning TikTok

HML stands for “Hate My Life” or “Hit My Life,” depending on the context. Have you ever felt like the “London Bridge is falling down?” While you are standing on “London Bridge,” or “have you ever felt your worst fear is coming true” or “have you ever felt like you are the last person alive on the earth and someone is coming to kill you” and at the time, what would be the best word to explain your misery. Yes, it’s right; you use HML (Hate My Life). HML is used when people feel like the world is ending and they are stuck. HML is used when they meet with sudden misery. When someone is going through the worst, they can use HML.

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HML also stands for “Hit My Line.” It is usually used in chat rooms to flirt with someone. The main meaning behind HML (Hit My Line) is that the other person is trying to talk with you on mobile. They want to call you. HML is used casually in chat to flirt. But not just in flirting; people use it in many instances. HML is used as an alternative for “call me,” “inform me,” and “notify me.”


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HML Full Form: What is it?

HML stands for “Hate My Life” and “Hit My Line.” When someone is going through the worst or has had a bad day, they use HML. HML usually denotes the person is not quite happy with the things going on. They use HML to vent out their situation. The word has been in use since the 2000s. Entered into the online world in 2006 when an urban dictionary added the meaning. HML came to social media in 2008 via Twitter.

HML is an initialism abbreviation. It is not used in professional spaces. You can use it in an informal or casual space, i.e., with your friends and family. HML is usually used to express your unhappiness, frustration, boredom, etc. HML is not used to express your big incidents or big disasters. It is just used to vent out frustration for small, teensy-weensy things. Ex., Forgetting the charger switch, hitting your tiny toe on the chair, forgetting the door key, forgetting the lipstick stain on your teeth, etc. This is used to exaggerate the small issue.

HML also stands for “Hit My Line.” This is used when you want to call someone, or you want someone to call you. The word is mostly used in the flirting mode many times. But also used in a casual way. Hit means text or calls in the millennial language. If you are asking your friend to HML, you are asking them to call you. Suppose someone is sending you an HML. It means they want to call you. The other meanings of HML are “Hit me Later,” “How Many Lifers,” “Hard Money Lender,” “Hazardous Material List,” “Help Me Lord,” “High Minus Low,” etc.

In Which Condition do People say “HML” on Social Media?

HML stands for “Hate My Life” and “Hit My Line.” The former is used more extensively than the latter. While the term “Hate My Life” may appear to be very serious, it is often used in a lighthearted manner. A person may use the term after facing some setback and may use it in order to portray their frustration.

Hate My Life

  1. Ouch, my leg hurts. HML.
  2. I forgot the password. HML.
  3. I forgot to switch on the charger. HML.
  4. I don’t want to talk on the stage. HML
  5. I don’t HML. But the situation is so terrible.

Hit My Line

  1. HML to me when you arrive.
  2. After the preparations are done, HML. I will get there.
  3. I’m bored. Someone HML.
  4. HML. I want to talk to you.
  5. For how many days are we just going to text? Why don’t you HML? Let’s talk.

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What other Slang has TikTok Generated?

  1. WTH- What The Hell
  2. LMIRL- Let’s Meet In Real Life.
  3. KMS- Kill Myself
  4. 182- I Hate You
  5. SWYP- So What’s Your Problem
  6. F2F- Video Chat or Face to face
  7. A3- Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
  8. IDEK- I Don’t Even Know
  9. IKR- I Know, Right
  10. SMH– Shake My Head


What does HML mean by TikTok?

HML stands for “Hate My Life” and “Hit My Line.” If you are renting out your frustration, you can use HML (Hate My Life), and if you are asking someone to call you, then you can use HML (Hit My Line).

What does HML mean in Slang?

HML stands for “Hit My Line” and “Hate My Life,” depending on the instance,

What does HML mean on Instagram?

In Instagram and in almost all the other social media, HML stands for “Hate My Life” and “Hit My Line,” depending on the context.

What does HML mean in Dating?

HML stands for “Hit My Line.” If you are flirting with someone and asking them to call you, then you can use HML.

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