What Does “POV” Mean on TikTok? TikTok Slang Explained

We all owe sincere thanks to TikTok. If not for TikTok, we would’ve wasted tons of time. Didn’t you get the hint? Well, don’t worry and stress your cute brain. I will tell you. TikTok is a vast platform that lets you put videos on many things.

You can act, sing, and do comedy, skits, and whatnot. While these are on one side, TikTok also creates new slang words and acronyms that we often use in chats. Instead of typing that big sentence, we can write a three-letter acronym. And will it tell the meaning? Well, yes. 

Though TikTok was introduced in 2016, the platform became a massive hit after a year. Crores of people are already using it, while new users are sliding in on a daily basis. But let us keep that on the other side and focus on what we are really here for. TikTok and its slang words are inseparable.

No, TikTok slangs doesn’t mean “TikTok Slangs”. TikTok slang originally came to the platform by users. While tons of slang and acronym words are already there, and new ones are coming into the party daily, let us focus on POV.

What Does “POV” Mean on TikTok?

POV is one of the most famous and most used hashtags in TikTok. And it means Point of View. POV is the first letter, i.e., initials of “Point of View“. And what exactly is Point of view? It is nothing but your perspective or the perspective of a concerned person and what you think about someone or some things or some situation.

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You might have seen these zillions of times on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and everywhere. Chats, Videos, Captions, Stories, Photographs, the word POV always slides in and blesses us with its glory. Anyways, what is the meaning of POV?

What’s your opinion? What’s your perspective on the subject of the matter? This is POV. We all have come across the slang word POV zillion times. The users often use it in their videos to explain what perspective is, in the picture, in captions, and even in Texts.

Most film buffs, writing enthusiasts and video game fans are more likely to recognize this term due to it’s frequent usage in these areas. In writing, a POV, or a Point of View is the perspective from which the story is told. A first person POV says the story from the perspective of the main character. A Third person POV often tells the story from a rather omniscient point of view. 

In Films, a POV shot is for a shot that shows things from the perspective of a certain character. It is frequently used when the filmmaker wants the audience to feel immersed into the story, as if they were in place of the character itself.


In games, a first person POV means that the game is played from the perspective of the main character, while a third person POV means that the game follows the character around. On TikTok and other social media platforms though, it tends to have a rather different usage. Keep reading to find out about it!

POV Full Form: What is it?

POV stands for “Point of View”. We have come across tonnes and tonnes of videos and photos that have POV on them. The creators use the acronym to make us imagine the same scenario they are in or feel.

The video you saw on TikTok has something like this on the title. “POV: You are shopping with Elon Musk.” And what will be your perspective on the title? You will think about your version or situation of shopping with Elon Musk. What will be your feeling, how will you react, what will you buy? When you think of these, these are your perspective, i.e., Point of View POV.

@ianboggs #POV ♬ I wanna be your slave – 60 Second Sounds🦋

If you are still confused, wait then. In the video with a title POV, the creator wants you to feel the same thing in real-time, in the same room. Just like the above example. POV: You are shopping with Elon Musk. It is basically real-time, and you think of your perspective in that situation. You are in the same room and experiencing the same emotions and feelings the creator also faces. You are in the same place where it happens in real time, which is what POV is.

A lot of creators often show off their acting skills, acting as a character in various situations. Some of these situations may be absurd, while others may feel very relatable. Some even use the term in order to set a theme or scenario for their video. It’s usage often involves irony in order to be humorous. 

Most of the time, POV video tells us the actual situation and lets the users realistically experience the same feeling. It lets the user think of the same scenario that the creator faces.

@connorcallec Anyone else?? #relate #pov #adhd #relatable #mentalhealth ♬ original sound – Connor Callec

However, with time, POV has evolved on TikTok, and while it is still used in the way we mentioned above, some people have taken to using POV to show their life events. This might be in the form of going for vacations or advertising their business.


Somehow I just can’t leave

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For Example:

  • POV: You are staring at your crush, and he suddenly notices.
  • POV: You are dating Tom Cruise.
  • POV: We all are in the same room vibing for Taylor Swift’s new song.
  • POV: You are a bully.
  • POV: You get the same desk as your crush

And the above-mentioned can be a different genre, while this trend can also include historical characters, mythological characters, fictional characters, or fictional situations, etc.

POV is also used in a pornographical context, where it is a term that is used for a category of videos where everything has been shot in a way so that the viewer gets to experience everything that is happening from the eyes of a certain character.

People say this POV in many conditions when the person or that creator wants the user or audience to feel the same situation that TikTok is in. People use the same in places where they want the people to feel the perspective of the main person.

In videos, if the creator wants you to feel the same way that they think, they put POV in their video. For example, POV: You are in your rival’s home eating his food. In this situation, the creator wants you to feel the same; they want you to feel that you are sitting in your rival’s home and eating food. The same applies to captions, pictures, and texts.

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What Other Slang Has TikTok Generated?

As already said, TikTok has generated tons and tons of slang and acronyms. In Fact, most acronyms we use have their original homes in TikTok. Let us see some slang words TikTok has generated in the past few years.

  1. POV: Point of View
  2. FYP: For Your Page
  3. OOMF: One of My Friends / One of My Followers
  4. CEO: Chief Executive Officer
  5. PFP: Profile Picture


What does POV mean on TikTok?

POV means “Point of View“, which is very famous in TikTok. POV is the most famous and used hashtag in TikTok.

What does POV mean in slang?

POV means Point of View, which the creator uses in their videos, pictures, and captions to let the audience feel the same emotions and feelings.

What does POV mean on Instagram?

In Instagram also, POV means Point of View. What is the perspective of the creator is the whole POV trend.

What does POV mean in dating?

In dating, POV means the perspective of the other person.

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