What Does SU Mean on Snapchat?

SU is mostly used as Swipe Up on Snapchat. Snapchat was created as a new messaging platform that allowed you to send images and videos as a message. These messages and photos will disappear within 24 hours. Most importantly, you cannot take a screenshot of anything on Snapchat. This would mean that the person will get a notification that you have taken a screenshot of either the chat or their snaps. Therefore, everyone’s security is ensured on the platform. 

There was never an indication or intention to make Snapchat exclusive to youngsters alone. They are everywhere. However, there can be more space for you also on it. There is so much content that influencers and media platforms create just for Snapchat now.

So, you do not have to worry about it not being a suitable space for you. However, you must have noticed the different slang and abbreviations people keep using on the platform. It can be frustrating to see these random letters bunched together and not know what they mean. 

These random letters are meaningful and are created to be used on social media. The logic behind them is that there is very limited space and time to convey many messages on Snapchat. People rely on this slang to get the job done faster. This article will tell you all you need to know about the meaning of SU on Snapchat.  

What Does “SU” Mean On Snapchat?

What Does SU Mean on Snapchat
What Does SU Mean on Snapchat?

There are a lot of stories and posts now from different products and companies. When they want you to go on a link external to the Snapchat universe, they will ask you to swipe up to go to that particular website. So, “SU” means Swipe Up. “SU” will redirect you to another embedded website. It can also indicate exclusive offers or discounts on those particular websites. You will have to visit those websites to ensure you get all the information correctly on those platforms. 

You do not have to worry about the Swipe Up websites being unsafe because they come with the security of Snapchat itself. They will not allow a wrong or sketchy website to be uploaded on their website in the first place.  

Where Did “SU” Come From?

While most abbreviations and quirky terms on the internet stem from a particular video, media creator or world event, SU does not. This slang has naturally come on the internet and is now used almost everywhere. Not just on Snapchat, you will also see this slang on Instagram. So, if you see this SU slang pop up somewhere else, it essentially means the same thing. 

It is just an invitation for you to visit some other websites that may be of interest to you. It also allows Snapchat to create ads that will cater to your interests and needs more than ever. 

How To Use SU?

Even if you are not an influencer and are not trying to pitch a product to people around you, you can still upload some websites to your Snapchat stories and images. It will allow you to share your thoughts and views better. It is just an added feature for your friends and followers. You can add “SU” to your stories and snap with the link you want people to explore. You have to ensure that you have added the link you want people to click on; otherwise, there is no point in adding SU to your stories. 

This is also a great way to improve your interaction with the people who follow you. “SU” gives them more content to talk to you about. It is something beyond simple pictures and videos of yourself. This is also an excellent way for people to verify your claims in your stories because you have backed them up with links to the source itself. Therefore, the possibilities with slang like SU are endless.  

How To Reply To SU?

You do not necessarily need to reply to an SU. If a link is mentioned in the story or post, you need to swipe up or SU and explore the connection. This is, of course, entirely your choice. However, if it interests you, you should click on the link. The person who has uploaded the association may only sometimes know the kind of clicks the link will generate after uploading it. However, it is an option to go ahead with.    

You can pick up a chat with the person uploading the link by simply replying to their story. It may add interest and intrigue to your conversations with them. SU can also mean “Shut Up” in a lot of cases. So, it would be best if you analyzed what slang is being used where.  

What Does “SU” Mean On Texts? 

There are a lot of meanings to SU. It can mean “Swipe Up” or “Shut Up”. Since both the purposes of the same slang are different, it will be easy for you to understand what is being used where. However, when SU is used in the text, it is rather evident that SU is being used as “Shut Up” here. This is basically because no social media platform or messaging app would allow you to swipe up and explore a link. 

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What Are Some Other Meanings Of SU?

On Snapchat, the most common SU usage is “Swipe Up”. This standard feature in Snapchat allows influencers and businesses to direct their audience to an embedded website outside of Snapchat. However, SU can mean several other things too. These are as follows: 

  1. Shut Up 
  2. See You 

“Shut Up” or even “See U” in many cases are referred to while writing “SU”. Let us understand what this slang also means. 

1. Shut Up

It depends on the conversation what “SU” is meant. While fighting, some people use “SU” instead of writing “Shut Up” entirely over Snapchat. However, the context to understand the meaning of this slang is because their usage is accompanied by links or the natural slow of a conversation. 

2. See You 

People have used “SU” instead of “See You” text over Snapchat. Plus, wherever this slang is used in the conversation, the placement of the slang will tell you what is meant there.  

What Does “SU” Mean Sexually? 

There is no sexual meaning to the slang SU. There may be other words that seem like SU. However, the slang in itself does not have any sexual purpose. 


What Does SU Mean On Snapchat?

On Snapchat, “SU” can mean “Swipe Up”.

What Does SU Mean On Text?

SU can mean “Shut Up” or even “See U” in text.

What Is SU In Slang?

“SU”, as slang, can mean “Swipe Up”. “Shut Up” or even “See U”.

What Does SU Mean In A Text From A Girl?

There is no difference in the meaning of this slang SU, even when it comes in a text from a girl.

What Does SU Mean In TikTok?

TikTok allows you to have website links attached to your uploads and stories. So, SU can also mean “Swipe Up” on TikTok.

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