What is Snail Trend TikTok Meaning? Immortal Snail Trend decoded!

The “Snail Trend,” or the “Immortal Snail” trend, has been spread all over TikTok. Well, drum rolls, please. It’s time to break down the anatomy of the popular Immortal Snail Trend. If you have been in TikTok for quite some time, you know that the platform has a lot of new trends coming on.

While so many things are coming on, it will be tough for people to keep remembering all of them, and that’s why we are here. This article is here a complete dissection of the Snail Trend. Without any further ado, let’s dig right away.

What does the Snail Trend mean on TikTok?

Before digging further into the Snail dissection, you need to know that The Immortal Snail has over a billion views on TikTok. If you go into TikTok and search for ‘Snail,” “Snail Assassin,” or “Immortal Snail,” you will get millions of videos. But what was so special about a Snail that it gets so many eyeballs rolling on it? Well, it all started with a podcast, Rooster Teeth.

The host of the show Gavin Fee spewed a hypothetical question to the co-host, Burnie Burns. In the podcast, Gavin asked, “Would you accept 10 million dollars and become immortal, but another Immortal Snail would always follow you, trying to kill your life? The Snail should not catch you; otherwise, you will die in the most painful way possible”.

That was when another trend, “Would you rather,” was trending all over the media and the internet. Well, let’s not get into that. The above is the real kickstart of The Immortal Snail or Snail Assassin. 

Snail Trend: What is it?

Now that we all know the answer to “What the hell is this Immortal Snail that is all over my TikTok.” Another question pops out: “Did TikTok start the trend?”

Well, to answer the question, no, TikTok didn’t start the trend.

In 2016, a Reddit user posted this, and that’s it. It immediately started stirring the platform. The post got over 10,000 likes and received 40000+ upvotes. 2016 was the time the Snail entered online.

But in TikTok, the trend took five years to start the fire. Yes, in 2021, precisely after five years, the trend has begun retrogressing again. People started creating funny videos on the platform, keeping themselves in a hypothetical situation. Some people said they would trap the little hunter and put it in a jar. But that was a bit off.

The TikTok trend has paved the way to create more funny and thought-provoking videos. After seeing this trend, even we are getting tempted to think about what will happen if we ever face his hypothetical situation.

There are some other IDs in TikTok where they change their username to Immortal Snail and change their display picture to Snail. And they post videos and comments that they are still following the people.

In which condition do people use “Snail Trend” on TikTok?

People have been sharing many videos since the start of the trend. Well, there is no such thing as a condition in which people use the trend. It was just considered a means of entertainment, but to give you a few ideas, Here they go

  1. I and The Immortal Snail, after 2000 years in the world- waiting for my death
  2. Me and The Immortal Snail- seeing the sunrise together
  3. Me – accepting the failure in front of The Immortal Snail

What are the other slangs TikTok has generated?

Trends on social media are only for a few months. After hyping it at the start, people would abandon it. But slang in social media is immortal. It becomes an immortal snail and lives long. The following are some other slang words that TikTok has generated in the past few years.

  1. Shadowban– A TikTok feature that bans illicit content.
  2. No cap– Truth, for real, No lie. (When someone is saying the truth)
  3. Snatched– Something so good.
  4. Bet– Agreeing to something.
  5. Understood the assignment– When someone wears a dress perfectly matched for the situation or role.
  6. Low Key– Keeping it down. Not exciting.
  7. Boomer– When someone talks about old culture, tradition, and all the old-school stuff, which is not a favorite of millennials.
  8. Slaps– Something that’s fantastic, extraordinary.
  9. Pushing P– Positive.
  10. Paper– Money.

Examples of “Snail Trend” on TikTok:


What does Snail Trend on TikTok mean?

Snail Trend or Immortal Snail, Hunter Snail or terrorist Snail, or Snail Assassin is a TikTok trend. It was a hypothetical question asked by a podcast host to the co-host of Rooster Teeth back in 2014.

What does Snail Trend mean in slang?

Snail Trend is not a slang word. It is a TikTok trend. The trend started in 2021 in TikTok. But in 2016, a Reddit user posted the podcast question, which immediately went viral.

What is the Snail Trend on Instagram?

In Instagram and other platforms, just like TikTok, the Snail Trend took a toll. There are so many videos and pictures of an Immortal Snail. People put themselves in a hypothetical situation and post so many videos.

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