What Is Tilín Meaning TikTok? Tilín Explained with Examples

In 2019, a video got viral on social media sites like YouTube and TikTok. It was a video of a little boy doing a traditional dance in Peru. The word Tilín was first used in that video.

Many users have shared the video since then. After the video became famous, it became so popular that the boy became a meme. Here are the details that you should know about the video.

What Does Tilín Mean on TikTok?

According to TikTok, a video of a dancing boy was popular in 2019. An anonymous person uploaded the video without revealing the kid’s identity. But he was informed that the boy was seven years old when making the video.

The boy was collecting money by showing the dance. The boy was also known to be the inhabitants of Peru. From the background, the voice of a man was heard. He was encouraging the boy by shouting out loud, “That, Tilín, that, Tilín, wow, Tilín, wow, Tilín!”

The video got viral a few days ago when a Mexican YouTuber revived the video. At first, it was wildly shared on TikTok, and then Twitter and Facebook users made it famous.

Tilín Full Form: What is it?

As informed earlier, the word Tilín is used to show admiration for someone. The dance video was about a traditional dance form of Peru called ‘Danza de Tijeras.’ A man was shouting this word to encourage his child. It has gone so viral that the original maker of the video has shot its second part by filming the same child in 2020. In this video also, the boy was doing the same traditional dance.

In What Condition Do People Say Tilín on social media:

Once the video went viral on multiple social media platforms, like TikTok, people used the word Tilín to praise something unique. People are always eager to know much about that little child, but little information is available. The main reason behind this is that the creator has not revealed much about the child.

According to some sources, the boy is eight years old, and according to some other sources, he is nine. There is also a possibility that he is still dancing professionally. However, we hope to learn much about him soon.

What Other Slangs Has TikTok Generated:

Some other slangs terms that are frequently spreading in TikTok are as per the following:

  • TFW: When somebody attempts to show compassion or feeling through a post, the term TFW is used for ‘That Feeling When.
  • SMH: This term is common in TikTok when somebody consents to something. It is an abbreviated term for ‘Shake My Head.’
  • FR: FR is an abbreviated term for ‘Seriously.’
  • RN: RN signifies ‘At present.’ In TikTok, it is used to tell somebody that something will occur at that point.’
  • TBH: When individuals offer their genuine viewpoint, they are fond of using this term. It signifies ‘frankly.’

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Examples of Tilín on TikTok:

On TikTok, Tilín is a word used to mean something excellent, appreciation, or praiseworthy. As per TikTok, a video of a dancing kid was viral in 2019.

Numerous users have shared the video after it was uploaded. From the background, the voice of a man was heard. He was praising the kid by yelling without holding back, “That, Tilín, that, Tilín, wow, Tilín, wow, Tilín!”

Example of Tilín Meaning on TikTok:


What is Tilín?

Tilin is a word that got viral from a video of a dancing boy. It is used to encourage someone.

How Did The Term Tilín Get So Popular?

In the dancing video of a little boy, a man from the background shouts, saying Tilín. The word got famous from that video.

What does Tilín Mean on TikTok?

TikTok Tilín is most popularly used to encourage someone or be surprised at something.

What are The Popular TikTok Slangs in 2022?

Besides Tilín, some popularly abbreviated slangs in TikTok of 2022 are- On Fleek, Buggin, Bomb, Flava, etc.

What are The Cool TikTok Slangs?

Some viral TikTok slangs that Gen Z likes to use are Shook, To Flex, Skrrt, Drip, etc.

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