What Does “LMS” Mean on Snapchat? Slang “LMS” Explained with Examples

On Snapchat, LMS essentially means “Like My Status.” It is one of the new slangs that has become popular. Texting “LMS” is an easy and convenient way of informing your friends about your new status.  

It is nearly impossible to keep up with all the slang that keeps coming up almost daily. So, it is best to have clarification to keep up with all the meanings.

Where Did “LMS” Come From?

Uploading your status and having people react to them have come up on every social media platform. It is just an easy conversation starter in many cases. It also allows you to keep track of what your friends are doing. However, Instagram was reacting to and liking people’s statuses came about. 

Status is generally only available to be viewed within 24 hours of someone uploading their status on any social media site. This is why they can be great conversation starters because it is on something recent and current in that person’s life. Reacting or liking someone’s status is a great way of acknowledging that you have seen their status and like what is happening in their life. 

How To Use LMS?

LMS meaning on Snapchat
What Does “LMS” Mean on Snapchat?

Like My Status

You can use LMS or “Like My Status” in multiple ways. It is particularly beneficial if you are a social media influencer or want to expand your business on social media. Social media sites will start directing organic traffic to your page if you put it out there for people to like and respond to your status.

Using LMS is a tried and tested method of increasing engagement with followers. So, you will see LMS being used in people’s captions or even bios. It is just so that their engagement with you can increase. LMS is most commonly added toward the end of the status.

How To Reply To “LMS”?

Technically, LMS or Like My Status is an instruction. Therefore, the only response to LMS is to like the status of the person you see LMS written at. It is the easiest and most direct response to it. However, when someone uploads a status, it is also an invitation for you to start a conversation with them. Reacting to their status is the easiest way to do so. 

The status has just been uploaded randomly. It is only sometimes an indication of conversation because it has been uploaded for everyone to see. However, Instagram allows you to show certain status uploads to a select group of people alone. It is a great place to use LMS to let people react and interact with you here too. 

What Does “LMS” Mean in The Text?

WhatsApp now allows you to upload statuses every day, and you can react to them as well. WhatsApp is one of the leading messenger apps in the world, right after Apple’s messaging app. LMS makes the most sense in messaging apps because you are trying to convey a message to the person you interact with. Therefore, it may be something important or universal status. You will see people use LMS most in responses to WhatsApp and Instagram statuses.  

What Are Some Other Meanings of “LMS”?

Like most other slang, there are multiple meanings of LMS. You need to understand the context in which the slang has been used. This is the basic rule for understanding the different meanings of slang. The other meanings are as follows: 

  1. Let Me See
  2. Last Man Standing
  3. Let Me Smash
  4. Let Me Stop

All these meanings are quite different from each other. It is why you need to know when to use them and where. Let’s understand them one by one now. 

1. Let Me See 

“Let Me See” is an expression used to express that one is trying to remember or find information. In addition to being idiomatic, slang can also be used non-idiomatically. After thinking about it for a while, I’ll make a decision. It is just a phrase used by the speaker who needs more time to respond.

2. Last Man Standing 

In literal terms, “Last Man Standing” refers to the last survivor of a battle when everyone else has fallen. It’s a term commonly used to describe something or someone that has outlived others. There is generally one winner in “survival” video games.

3. Let Me Smash

You might observe a couple using LMS in texts, which means “Let Me Smash.” It is used to refer to a sexual interaction where one partner is smashing their partner’s butt without causing them harm or pain.

4. Let Me Stop

LMS refers to “Let Me Stop” during a conversation after one person makes fun of the other. It usually refers to the person stopping their laugh after cracking a joke.


What Does LMS Mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, LMS is mostly used as Like My Status. There are many meanings and variations to LMS, and the most commonly used are: Like My Status, Last Man Standing, Let Me Stop, Let Me Smash, and Let Me See. 

What Does LMS Mean In The Text?

The meaning can change to practically anything in the text. On text, LMS can mean Like My Status, Last Man Standing, and Let Me See, depending on the usage context.

What Is LMS In Slang?

LMS is slang that mostly means Like My Status. Social media influencers use it to connect and engage with their audience to grow their online community and influence.

What Does LMS Mean When A Girl Says It?

It does not matter whether a girl or a boy is using this slang. It ultimately means the same because liking a status is a gender-neutral term where you can interact with anyone you deem right.  

What Does LMS Mean On TikTok?

You will frequently see LMS mentioned in gaming videos on TikTok because it means “Last Man Standing.” In some other TikTok videos, you can see it used as “Let Me See,” “Let Me Smash,” and “Like My Status.” 

What Does LMS Mean Sexually? 

It is possible that generally used and common slang is also used differently with a sexual meaning. For example, LMS can also mean “Let Me Smash.” These are relatively derogatory ways of using this slang, and you should be careful when you use them.


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