What Does “Abow” Mean? Viral TikTok Slang and Song Explained!

On TikTok, a song named “Throw it back” went viral, and so did the craze of a word called “Abow”. “Abow” has been viral for a while now. However, only a few know what it means. Sometimes, the people who use it need help to understand what it means.

People are still debating the meaning and pronunciation of this popular word since it became famous. But the influence of the viral song has played a big part in its adoption in youth.

By this point, TikTok should start maintaining its dictionary for all such words as bussin and simp. Until that happens, let us help you understand what “Abow” means here in this article.

What does ‘“Abow”’ mean on TikTok?

What Does ABOW Mean on TikTok
What Does “Abow” Mean on TikTok?


The word “Abow” has many netizens going crazy wondering about its meaning. They are confused now more than ever since it is used everywhere on TikTok. Going by the primary definition, “Abow” means damn or wow. It is used as informal slang while expressing surprise or bewilderment.

Although the urban dictionary traces the slang’s origin to the Arabic language, it is used quite often in Sweden. If stating an example of how the slang is used, imagine person 1 asking – ‘Did you see that game last night?’. The second person replies- ‘“Abow”! It was insane.’. An American city called Milwaukee also uses the term a lot.

“Abow” was only sometimes one of the highlight slang on TikTok. It became famous when it appeared in a song by TarioP and ShantiiP- ‘Throw it Back.’ The lyrics had a line saying – He told me to throw it “Abow”. The video for this song gained an astonishing 158k views in just two weeks. Over 10,000 videos feature the music in their TikTok videos using the hashtag “Abow”.

Video By TarioP on YouTube

Abow: What is it?

“Abow” has been derived from the Swedish term wow. Interestingly, the meaning of “Abow” is also wow in Arabic. However, the usage of this term is more in Swedish, where it expresses surprise or amazement towards someone, something, or an action.

Some language experts also believe that the term “Abow” originated in Turkish. However, it is not valid for its usage on social media. According to Urban Dictionary, “Abow” means damn or wow. Some people also believe that “Abow” means motivating or hyping someone.

In which condition do people say “Abow” on social media?

On TikTok, people perform no specific dance on “Abow” songs. However, many people have posted videos while lip-syncing the music and using the word “Abow”. Here are a few more examples of how people may use the term:

  • Have you watched that “Abow” video on TikTok?
  • “Abow”, it’s the most fantastic thing I have ever seen.
  • I can’t get up there. It seems too steep. “Abow”, I can’t imagine how you guys got up there.
  • I can’t believe we are getting married. “Abow”, we made it this far.
  • “Abow”, I can’t believe my eyes. You did that for me. 

What are the other slang terms you will observe on TikTok?

TikTok has had many parents confused over all the terms their kids use. It is becoming easier to communicate with them when they need to learn what half of those terms mean. Here are some of the most common TikTok abbreviations and slang that can help such people:

  • ALR: All right.
  • ASL: Age, Sex, Location.
  • Baka: Idiot, Stupid, or fool.
  • BBL: Brazilian Butt Lift.
  • Bussin: Something very delicious or amazing
  • CEO: An expert in something
  • Cheugy: Someone untrendy or uncool
  • DC: Dance Credits
  • DNI: Do Not Interact
  • Face Card: Someone who is and will always remain attractive

Example of “Abow” Meaning on TikTok

@itstreybanz #greenscreen Ok so thats what aboww means #tiktok#urbandictionary #aboww #viralvideo #pushin🅿️ ♬ pushin P (feat. Young Thug) – Gunna & Future
@iamjayriveraa They started arguing nd said “that’s why yo lace lifting ABOW” 🤔 #fyp #abow #trending #ratchet #girls ♬ original sound – Tik Toker
@iamnibandss Someone please explain what it means ‼️‼️ #fyp #viral #trending #abow #whatsgoingon #newyear ♬ original sound – Tik Toker


What does “Abow” mean on TikTok?

A song by TarioP and ShantiiP, “Throw it back,” made the slang “Abow” go viral. In Arabic, Sweden, and Turkish, “Abow” means wow. On TikTok, people use the term to hype someone.

What does “Abow” slang mean?

“Abow”, in slang on TikTok and all other social media, means ‘wow’ or ‘damn.’ It is used as an expression of astonishment or surprise.

What language does “Abow” come from?

The origin of “Abow” is from the Swedish language, which only translates to wow. However, some people also claim that the word comes from the Turkish or Arabic language.

What does “Abow” mean in dating?

If your partner uses the word “Abow” for you, it means that they are complimenting you.

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