What Does “CEO” Mean on TikTok? With Example

CEO refers to Chief Executive Officer. It is among the popular acronyms used on all social media platforms. Though some acronyms are a bit weird and foreign, CEO is widely used and is much more common to use than the actual phase it refers to. So, we can’t disagree with the fact that they are extremely fancy and good to use. We can see tons of videos popping up with new trends like POV, TBH, Karen, and whatnot.

When you just join TikTok, and you suddenly see all those new slang words, you might get confused. And recently, the hashtag CEO has been trending in all aspects of TikTok. I know you are confused by this sudden usage of the hashtag by millions of people. Not to worry, here I have broken down the full meaning and usage of the word CEO. Let us dig in.

What Does “CEO” Mean on TikTok?

What Does “CEO” Mean on TikTok With Example
What Does “CEO” Mean on TikTok?

CEO literally stands for “Chief Executive Officer”. The CEOs are the persons who have the highest position in the company. But when it comes to social media and Gen Z languages, CEO means someone who is great at something. CEO is exactly the same in TikTok and other social media platforms as in the real world. In the real world, that is, the offline world, CEOs are the highest position in a company who have mastered the domain of the company and know each and every teeny tiny detail of the company. Just like that in TikTok, CEO means someone who has mastered some art or skill.

For example, if you know someone who bakes the perfect cake every time, you can say, “omg, you are the CEO of making the perfect cake”. In a nutshell, the CEO of something in TikTok is nothing but someone who is extremely talented at what they do or someone who does something a lot. Yes, not just a matter of some art being called CEO, someone who does something a lot is also called CEO. For example, if someone always cancels the plan at the end moment, you can say, “He is the CEO of canceling the plans”.

CEO Full Form: What is it?

CEO stands for “Chief Executive Officer”. The CEO of something is basically the person who has mastered some skill, from teeny tiny things to big art and skills. Everything, where people give their best, is called CEO. For example, the CEO of dancing, the CEO of singing, the CEO of baking, CEO of cooking.

Not just that, if someone is doing the same thing every time or a lot of time, they are also the CEO. For example, Karen is the CEO of giving drugs to people. Emily is the CEO of canceling plans. Fred is the CEO of being a spoiler.

In short, the CEO is the same thing in the offline and online worlds. We can see many comments in the posts of people depending on what skill they have. If they are dancing TikTok, we can see tons of comments with the hashtag CEO of dancing, and the same applies everywhere.

In Which Condition do people say “CEO” on social media?

People use CEOs in many cases. When people want to say that the other person is the master of one skill or great in any particular field or domain, they use CEOOF to praise them. To make it further simpler, the following are a few examples and conditions where one uses the hashtag CEO.

  1. Sam is the CEO of designing
  2. Emily is the CEO of cooking the perfect Spaghetti
  3. Rahul is the CEO of non-stop talking
  4. It is proven that Leonardo Da Vinci is the CEO of the painting
  5. June is the CEO of making the yummy soup
  6. Chinese are the CEO of noodles
  7. Erica is the CEO of doing things on her own.
  8. James is the CEO of asking for help from people.
  9. Riya is the CEO of breaking things when angry
  10. CEO of not saying the “F” word.

What other slang has TikTok generated?

TikTok has generated a lot of new words and slang in the past few years. It is no wonder that TikTok is home to many slang words. The following are some of the slang words which TikTok has originated or popularized.

  1. POV– Point of View (perspective of someone on something)
  2. TFW– That Feeling When (Emotions or feelings when the particular situation occurred)
  3. TBH– To Be Honest (used to explain the honest opinion)
  4. Karen- Arrogant and aggressive lady (the girl who is very aggressive and dominating and demanding in nature)
  5. Heather– Desirable girl (a girl who is a dream girl to many people, desirable and gorgeous woman)
  6. FYP– For Your Page (home screen of TikTok)
  7. OOMF – One of my friends (or One of My Followers)
  8. Pushin P– Positive (something that gives a calm and warm vibe)
  9. Paper- Money (Money is referred to as paper in TikTok)
  10. Chewy- Out of Trend (someone who is not much introduced or used to the current trend)

Example of “CEO” Meaning on TikTok

@signaturesideas Which one is your favorite? 🖋 link in bio if you want me to create yours! #ceo #signature #signaturesideas ♬ Love Story – Sped Up – Speedy Radio

Ceo of Rumble talks about why he signed Tate

♬ original sound – Morpheus

Basically besties

♬ original sound – Reme Nicole


What does CEO mean on TikTok?

CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer. CEO of something means you are the greatest of something or some skill.

What does CEO mean in slang?

CEO is a slang word that is used by people a lot in TikTok and on other social media platforms. CEO of something means greatest of something.

What does CEO mean on Instagram?

In Instagram also, CEO means the same. For example, Oh My God, you are the CEO of cooking that perfect Ramen.

What does CEO mean in dating?

In dating, CEO means when someone is doing a great job in keeping their relationship at the highest level. CEO is also used to represent the authority of a partner in relationships, symbolizing that the relationship is guided by one partner over the other.

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