What Does “FYP” Mean on TikTok?

It is a well-known fact that TikTok has grown immensely over the years, and there is no stopping the social media juggernaut that it is. The FYP, for example, has been a question in demand, and it is surprising how many people still need to learn what it means.

With the app’s growth, another thing bound to grow is people’s confusion that comes along with the slang and features often included in the app. Well, if you are one of those, we have all the answers for you. For starters, if you are new to TikTok, you must know that “FYP” in TikTok includes curated content users come across when they log into their accounts.

This article here will tell you about getting your TikTok on “FYP” while teaching you a bit about the site’s mysterious algorithm around the FYP. You can always use the tips in the article in your favor and grow your TikTok account to reach millions of people. Although TikTok has been around for 5-6 years, it has gained the most popularity over the lockdown period. This popular video-based app gave a lot of people a much-wanted chance to share their opinions, content, and tips on varied topics worldwide.

We all became part of this circle knowingly or unknowingly somehow and now find ourselves scrolling through the videos all day. With this scrolling, you, too, must have come across many acronyms you need help figuring out. While some of these are limited to being used on TikTok, the others are far more popular on other social media. There is an unlimited number of slang that TikTok has introduced in all our lives, and it can be a little challenging to keep track of all of them at times. From FYP to POV, we often need clarification as to which term means what. Here, we will help you figure out at least one of them- “FYP.”

What Does “FYP” Mean on TikTok?

What Does FYP Mean on TikTok?
What does “FYP” mean on TikTok?

If talking strictly about TikTok, FYP means “For You Page”. Since this page defines your user experience on TikTok, you must know about this. Also, you should know that the term “FYP” carries different meanings over multiple social media and even in real life, but we are only talking about the one used on TikTok here.

As soon as you open the TikTok application on your phone or laptop, you are taken to the For You Page. This can also be called your primary feed on the application. On the top of your screen, you can also notice the words- “For You” written in bold and clear, indicating that you have landed on the FYP only. It is the default home screen for your TikTok application and hence deserves a little more attention.

The videos here on FYP can be from any account, even those you have never heard of. This means that even an anonymous account can make it to the viral video if enough people interact with it on their For You Page.

With the FYP playing such a massive role in people’s content’s popularity, it is also overused a lot of times. People who wish to interact with more people with their videos use #fyp in the comments, hashtags, or video descriptions. You can even find many of them using #foryoupage to add a spin to it.


However, this tactic is not as useful since getting on to more For You pages is more complex after all. TikTok has been known for its not-so-transparent algorithm, like many other social media platforms. The company has even claimed that most of the videos that circulate well on people’s For You pages are curated by its own employees. For others, who manage to do that, it takes a lot of tactics, techniques, and theories to make it there. While some suggest varied suitable times of the day to post, others go with trending sounds universally.

FYP Full Form: What is it?


FYP”, aka “For You Page” on TikTok, is the first landing page when you open the application. It is basically a curation of all the videos that TikTok thought you might like based on your past interactions and interests, even though you may need to follow the creators.

There are numerous factors that add up to the feed in your FYP. Everyone’s FYP feed is unique and entirely based on what that person has liked over time and the content they have interacted with.

Major factors are:

  •  Your device’s settings include country settings, device type, and language preferences.
  • Information from the videos you interact with, including hashtags and captions.
  • The type of content you follow, create, and comment on.

If you choose to like a lot of content based on Instagram tips someday, expect your FYP to be full of social media marketing tips that day. TikTok will basically be trying its best to hook you up with the content you like so you keep scrolling for hours.

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In Which Condition Do People say “FYP” on social media?

People use the term sparingly besides the captions and hashtags that too to get their content trending on most people’s For You Page. Although the algorithm only works that easy for them, they still try their best. It is a familiar feeling among most TikTok creators that tagging their video with #fyp will increase its chances of going viral. TikTok has yet to confirm this works, nor have the people who tried it in the past.


There can be some other ways people use the term FYP in their conversations and not much publicly. There are some examples of those situations below:

  • Friend 1– Did you have a look at that TikTok video I sent you last night?
  • Friend 2– Yeah, your FYP seems to throw really weird stuff at you.
  • Friend 1– Hey, come here and watch this video on my FYP.
  • Friend 2– What a coincidence! I saw the video on my FYP a few minutes ago. We have got some similar interests.
  • Friend 1– The new TikTok update has really messed up my FYP.
  • Friend 2: Yeah. My FYP has been disappointing, too, lately. I’m not too fond of this new update.

A lot of captions, speech, or texts on TikTok also say things like- “if you are seeing this on your FYP,” “there is a reason why this video is here on your FYP,” and many other variations of it.

What Other Slang Has TikTok Generated?

TikTok has always satisfied the new generation with its freshly brewed vocabulary, which is apparently updated every month or something. Here is a list of other slang besides FYP that TikTok has created:

  • MID– People usually use mid to label a video or any other form of content to be just mediocre and not as great as it is hyped.
  • POVIt is safe to say that POV is not just a TikTok term anymore, and it is overused even in reality by a lot of people. It stands short for “point of view,” and users use it to state their perspective on something.
  • PFP– It is not just a popular slang on TikTok but on many other social media platforms too. It simply means your profile picture and people made a trend around whatever they have put as their profile picture.
  • CEO– Oh no. It is not just Chief Executive Officer anymore; this abbreviation has taken new meanings over social media. It is now referred to as anyone who is best at something in particular. For example, he is the CEO of basketball.
  • ION– ION does not necessarily have a single meaning but two, even on TikTok. It can also be confusing at times since it means both “in other news” and “I don’t.”

Example of “FYP” Meaning on TikTok

You only sometimes like following the content from people you are already following. You want to explore your FYP page to get a sense of what you actually want on the internet. While FYP is majorly used to denote the For You Page only, people have made it a trend to use it in their content or hashtags to get the video viral.

Here are a few examples of how people have used it on TikTok:

@drmassidental #touchtheground #dentist#funny #video#foryou #tiktok #foryourpage #fyp #fypシ #viral#funnyvideos #dentistry ♬ Bananza (Belly Dancer) – puhrplehqze

Even though the video here has nothing to do with the For You Page, the creator has still used three variations of FYP in their hashtags to get their video on top whenever someone searches for FYP.

@evaosorio_1 Mi team ❤️😍🔥#twreking #twrekchallage #bailesdetiktok #viralvideos #niñasfresas #team #frypgシ ♬ Prende la Compu y Pone la Música Famosa por Su Bum Bum – Dj Bryanflow

The video here is about a group of girls dancing to a track. The creator has somehow used a unique variation of the FYP hashtag, which is #frypg

@relax_6666 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tiktok #tiktokvideo #satisfy #satisfying #satisfyingvideo #decompression #asmr #asmrsounds #asmrvideo #asmrtiktoks ♬ original sound – John_smith

This fantastic piece of art here has gotten over 825k likes and who knows the credit goes to the first three hashtags that revolve around FYP.

This way, there are a million other examples where people have used hashtags around FYP to get their content to trend.


What does FYP mean on TikTok?

FYP stands for the landing page you get when you first open your TikTok application, which is your For You page. As the name clearly suggests, this page is customized to your interests by the TikTok algorithm based on the content you have liked in the past.

What does FYP Slang mean?

FYP is not much of a slang but more of an abbreviation of one of TikTok’s main pages – your “For You” page. This page is responsible for all the content that TikTok thinks is great for you according to your searches across the internet.

What does FYP mean on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t really have a For You page, but an explore page where you find the content you like, just like TikTok for You page. Both of them are supposed to hook you up for hours of scrolling through your favorite content.

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