What Does “MID” Mean on TikTok? With Example

We are all well aware of TikTok teaching us about various useful topics in our daily lives, from recipes to choreography and from makeup to home remedies. You might come across “mid” in a TikTok video, and it might feel completely out of context unless you know that it refers to something “mediocre.”

As useful as TikTok might be, it has also left us with many questions many times, one of which usually stands to be what does this new Slang mean? Why is this random user commenting I am mid out of nowhere, and what does he mean by that? Should I take it as a compliment or as an insult? Am I mad? If this term has been messing with your head, too, this is the blog for you where you will get all your answers. Here, you will know what “mid” means on TikTok.

TikTok and Twitter have lately been known to introduce various internet slang terms, and as they are never-ending, one of them has come up to be “mid.” Such slang terms, also known as the GenZ language, are a must to be aware of to continue being part of the social media culture.

However, can GenZ be stated all responsible for the Slang when they themselves are left perplexed with all these new Slang cropping up in social media? Maybe not. But, as we can definitely state, GenZ is a fast learner when it comes to understanding a new slang’s meaning and using it appropriately over social media; they do not have a big problem with the new Slang. Once they know what Slang is used for and why it is only a matter of time before GenZ starts speaking the new slang language, and it becomes a regular word in their social media dictionary.

Here, we have information on the new Slang in social media word- “mid.”

What Does “MID” Mean on TikTok?

Something That is Mediocre.

Nowadays, the viral slang “mid” has been in the air a lot, and a lot of the GenZ population is looking for the meaning of this Slang. Since Slang is overused for short videos, it is inescapable for anyone to use it. You see it everywhere, from captions to videos and even comment sections. The real question is, “what does this “mid” even mean?” Well, we have got the answer for you below.

What is the Meaning of “Mid” On TikTok?
What is the Meaning of “MID” On TikTok?

The term “mid” has been shortened from the original word “middling,” which meant something average or moderate in rank, amount, or size. This adjective has become a part of everybody’s dictionary owing to the eponymous trend on TikTok with over a billion hits on the hashtag #mid.


Mid hence can be considered a slightly derogatory term that people use on TikTok to express their displeasure or discontent with a particular piece of content. However, it is not something that should hit you hard as we know there are many crueler terms that people could use to criticize if they wanted. People overhyped the word to express a content’s mediocrity even though it has been termed popular by many.

For example, if a certain movie went for the best in the saga or is called to be the best movie of the year, you may call it “mid” to say that it is not as great as the hype says. It is an expression to subtly term something as average at best and nothing to create hype over.

  • Example: Why are people creating such hype over that movie? I only find it mid.
  • This fall’s collection at that store is pretty mid. Nothing excites me this time.

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Mid Full Form: What is it?

While some say mid can be called the shortened abbreviation for “middling,” others still debate whether it is from “mediocre.” Nonetheless, both terms carry a similar meaning which is used by many to degrade or insult their opposition’s opinion.

It is important not to let such terms on social media bring down your morale. People who make such comments do not often consider how they can affect the targeted person. Here are a few tips to help you stay positive:

  • Make a note of what makes you happy on social media and what does not.
  • Refrain from letting such comments keep you from completing a chore. Basically, it should not interfere with your day.
  • Be careful with who you interact on social media and also how. If someone seems shady, try not interacting much and even go for the block option if necessary.
  • Take those needed breaks from social media.

While these new trends and slangs take up popularity, try not to let them define who you are. Always remember TikTok has mental health resources, too, if you or any other user require them.

In Which Condition Do People Say “Mid” On social media?

Ever since the term mid gained popularity and became a huge part of the colloquial dictionary, it became normal for users of all age groups to use it to express their polarized and raw opinions, which is hyped by others.

It was in later 2021 that the videos with the hashtag mid started surging TikTok. These videos were usually posted by people who passed their personal verdict on something that was overpraised by others while it is barely commonplace or tolerable for them. These included all sorts of videos, like the ones related to restaurants, films, or food. People often use the term to say that a particular thing is neither the worst nor the best. It is subpar.

What other Slang has TikTok generated?

“Mid” is only one of the numerous slangs TikTok has generated over time, and here are some of the most common ones:

CEO of Something

When someone says that a person is CEO of something, they mean that that person is the best at that thing. While some people may even use it ironically, others actually mean it when they say this.


If you say something is lit, it usually means it is really good. It does not necessarily have to be hot or on fire, as the word suggests. It can even mean something cool is lit/very good.


This TikTok slang word means bragging about something. Basically, to flex means to brag. It is usually used in the phrase – weird flex but okay to tell someone that the thing they are so proud of is actually weird and is not something to be proud of.


As much as it sounds like some lady’s name, it is not that for the TikTokers. They refer to someone Karen to denote that the person is like a middle-aged woman who thinks she is better than everyone else.


This has now become a well-known slang over the world and is used when you tell someone they are doing a great job at something. For example – she is slaying that dress, meaning she is pulling off that dress really well.

Example of “MID” Meaning on TikTok

TikTok has yet to have a reputation for getting things on its predicted track, and the same happened with the mid-trend. It soon became a way for people to insult someone’s appearance or work by calling them mediocre. There were so many instances of people leaving snide remarks using “mid” on creators’ videos that it was hard to neglect them.

Ironically enough, creators got creative and started using the mid-trend as a defensive tool to brand their creations. It was seen as a preemptive technique to thwart their content’s scrutiny and thwart unnecessary attention.

Here are some examples where people have used the mid-trend in varied ways:

@johnth3don I said what I said 😒 #greenscreen #mid #fyp #netflix #overrated ♬ M I D – Casey Erb

Here, the person has made a video referring to the most mediocre or mid-shows according to him. Many videos have been made on the same sound where people list many things they consider to be “MID”

@olliebazzi tag @wendys let them know they mid😒 #wendys #mid #fyp #viral #foodreview #foodtiktok #trending #disgusting #unreal #burger #fries ♬ БАБК ГРЕНЕ – Иван 16 лет реальный КАБАН

Here, the person, like many others, has tagged a popular food outlet to tell them they are only mid.


What does mid mean on TikTok?

Mid is referred to as something mediocre on social media. For example, if somebody adds a comment saying the video is only mid, they would mean that the content was only subpar.

What does mid Slang mean?

Mid Slang means labeling something as merely average or mediocre. People have now started to use Slang as an insulting remark for the content over social media.

What does mid mean on Instagram?

Mid on any social media means one thing only, which is middling or mediocre. People call it mid when something is neither the best nor the worst.

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