What Does “BBL” Mean on TikTok?

TikTok is among the most popular social media apps where you can learn knowledge, weird, fun, and bizarre stuff. With so many people using TikTok daily, it is not unusual to see new slang and abbreviations that keep popping up every now and then. BBL is one such abbreviation that is a bit weird yet fun. BBL refers to Brazilian Butt Lift. The creators make videos in various niches, and with that, the creators also create or use hashtags like #BBL to make a short video that refers to Brazilian Butt Lift.

Whether you follow the biggest or budding creator, everyone uses various lingos in their videos. And this article will be a breakdown of one such lingo which is rising in popularity in the world of TikTok, which is BBL.

If you have been following TikTok a lot lately, you might have seen the buzzing term “BBL.” But wait, what is the new acronym BBL? TikTok is the hub of everything. People are using TikTok to show off their beauty, their money, and the impressive thing of their knowledge.

But most of the creators cross those levels and show their before and after transformation, give their audience a healthy lifestyle to be followed if they are going through any surgery, and many more. And BBL is one such kind of acronym which is getting a lot famous in TikTok recently. Let us dig in further to break down the acronym BBL.

BBL Meaning on TikTok

BBL stands for “Brazilian Butt Lift”. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, this means “a specialized surgery which penetrates the fat to the butt to give it a shape.” And if you are following TikTok closely, you might have seen the word “BBL” a lot. People share them before and after the transformation of BBL, the recovery process, and the celebrity’s BBL.

BBL is a liposuction surgery to extract the fat from the person’s hip, abdomen, lower back, and thighs. This fat would be injected into the person’s butt to shape it. It is a process that does not involve implants.

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What Does BBL Mean on TikTok?

It is no wonder that TikTok is an excellent app that will let you expand your field of knowledge and interest. And we can see BBL as one such creation. The creators are bold enough to share their BBL journey. BBL, which is a Brazilian Butt Lift plastic surgery, is a surgery that extracts the fat from other parts of the body like the thighs, lower back, abdomen, and stomach and injects some portion of that fat into the buttocks. And this process happens through liposuction.


BBL, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, has become so popular on TikTok that the hashtag BBL has more than ten billion views. The creators document their process, their recovery days, and before and after videos. And some creators also review if the celebrities have done BBL or not.

@laceywalker22 my skinny BBL before and afters🫣 its really a love hate relationship. At the end of the day im more them happy i DID IT!! & yes he loved me before the butt 😂🤪 #bbljourney #bblbeforeandafter #skinnybbl #plasticsurgerycheck #ididit #miaasthetics #drwright #fyp #viral #surgery #surgerytiktok #happy #lovehate #upanddown #mia #miami #miamisurgery ♬ original sound – Makayla

A User Showing Her Before and After BBL Pictures.

@hotchee2toes Kim Kardashian BBL …#fakebody #kimkardshian #bbl ♬ original sound – Hotcheetos

A TikTok that opens a discussion on whether Kim Kardashian got a BBL or not.

BBL has become a trend that many people have used to discuss celebrities or even their own experiences. Like any other trend, BBL has also become a new trend with tons of views on the hashtag. Just like any plastic surgery, BBL is also a risk but compared to other big surgeries; BBL is considered a little less risky. There are so many new trends coming and going in TikTok, but BBL will be on the platform for many years.

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BBL is Also Used as a Meme

Since TikTok is a hub of memes, it is no surprise that BBL is also used to poke fun at people, usually those who are recipients of the procedure. Dubbed as the BBL effect, this is often a caricature of people who receive this procedure and then tend to turn into divas or prima donnas due to their self-perceived increase in their beauty. The trademark features of these caricatures are a haughty personality, immaculate makeup and hair as well as an aura of unattainability. There is certainly some truth in the matter, as narcissistic people tend to perceive themselves as people who are above other people. 

While there are many memes about this, the original trend was started by Antoni Bumba, a TikTok creator based out of New York. His portrayal of the BBL effect involved him enacting a character who had received a BBL going through various everyday situations. Whether it be because of his amazing acting, the way most people can relate to his TikTok’s or the sheer absurdity of it, people were quite hooked, resulting in his TikTok’s going viral.


i forgot my durag at home pls 😭 also im making this a series

♬ knock knock pitched – Tik Toker

In Which Condition do people say “BBL” on social media?

People don’t use BBL like other slang and acronyms which TikTok has created. BBL, which is a Brazilian Butt Lift plastic surgery, is used in TikTok only in some conditions. BBL is only used in the following conditions in social media.

  1. When people want to share their knowledge on BBL.
  2. When people want to share their experience on BBL.
  3. When people document the recovery process.
  4. When people document the before and after BBL.
  5. When people discuss if the celebrity has done BBL or not.
  6. When people want to ask questions and clear their doubts about BBL.

What other slang has TikTok Generated?

TikTok has created tonnes of slang words that people get confused about often. As already said, TikTok is a hub of all knowledge, fun, bizarre, and much more. The creators of TikTok are creating slang words on a daily basis.

The following are some of the few other slang words and acronyms which TikTok has generated over the past few years.

  • POV: Point of View.
  • FYP: For Your Page.
  • OOMF: One of My Friends or One of My Followers.
  • CEO: Chief Executive Officer.
  • PFP: Profile Picture.
  • TFW: That Feeling When.
  • Lit: fire or something that is amazing.
  • Fit: Outfit for the day or simply the outfit.
  • Lowkey: Someone who doesn’t want to tell people what they want to do.
  • Highkey: Someone who wants to tell people what they want to do.
  • Yeet: Excitement.
  • RN: Right now.


What does BBL mean on TikTok?

BBL is an Acronym that stands for Brazilian Butt Lift plastic surgery.

What does BBL mean?

BBL, which stands for Brazilian Butt Lift, is a plastic surgery that is a process of removing excess fat from the individual’s lower back, abdomen, stomach, and thighs and injecting some portion of it into the person’s butt to give it a more desired look.

What does BBL mean on Instagram?

In Instagram, the word BBL means the same as TikTok. BBL means Brazilian Butt Lift, a popular surgery that changes the shape of the butt without undergoing implants.

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