What is the Meaning of “TFW” on TikTok? With Example

If you have been in TikTok for quite some time, then I’m sure you might often scratch your head wondering what the meaning of that foreign word “TFW” might be. Because TikTok is a platform where you can see tons of new words and slang, TFW became popular in TikTok videos. Well, not to worry. You are in the best place to explore the meaning of that abbreviation that made you search for it. So, let’s find the meaning of the slang “TFW.”

What Does “TFW” Mean on TikTok?

What Does "TFW" Mean on TikTok?
What Does “TFW” Mean on TikTok?

TFW means “That Feeling When” or, less commonly, “That Face When.” Though both give the same meaning, That Feeling is the most commonly used. These abbreviations are used mainly by Gen Z or netizens who communicate primarily with their social media. That Feeling When is mainly used when someone wants to express how they feel or how they want you to feel about something they have gone through.

TFW stands for That Feeling, which people use most of the time to convey a strong feeling or emotion to the other person. TFW is used when you or the creator want to make you feel or if they want to give something complementary to their situation.

TFW Full Form: What is it?

TFW stands for “That Feeling When“, and creators use it to explain how they feel or want you to feel in a situation. TFW is not an acronym that will get lost in crowds and competitions. The brands are using it to explain some feelings to their customers.

The creators are using the hashtag trend to make people feel the same thing they experience. For example, In 2017, Gucci used the same hashtag for their social media campaign. And so many other campaigns from brands have sued and are still using the hashtag TFW to give their brand emotion and feelings.

According to sources, TFW is mostly used to explain how people feel when something negative happens. People use it in a sarcastic or negative tone to explain their emotions. People often use it to explain their fear, sadness, anger, guilt, and disgust. It’s not that it is not used on happy occasions. It is just that more people use the hashtag to explain how the situation hurts them.

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In Which Condition do people say “TFW” on social media?

There are many conditions in which people use the term TFW. TFW, which stands for That Feeling When is used when people want to express their emotions and feelings to others. Let us look at the following examples where most people use the hashtag TFW.

  1. TFW, Your brown mom is tapping your door at 11 am.
  2. TFW, You are caught by your teacher while bunking his class.
  3. TFW, You finally got that text from your crush after 10 hours of constant waiting.
  4. TFW, you realize you lost your savings on an online game.
  5. TFW, your train starts, and you realize that you left your purse at your home.
  6. TFW, you realize you didn’t turn on the charger switch after hours.
  7. TFW, it takes 250 pictures to select the best 1.
  8. TFW, you are watching a thriller film, and suddenly the air around you is getting chiller, and the power goes off.
  9. TFW, when your boyfriend didn’t notice your new nail art.
  10. TFW, you remember you have three more assignments to complete when you are tired.

What other slang has TikTok generated?

Over the past few years, TikTok has generated tons and tons of new slang and bizarre phrases. Though they are a bit tough to understand, we can agree that they are good and fancy to use and, of course, save time. The following are some of the TikTok phrases and slang generated in the past few years by the TikTokers.

  1. Bow- Wow or damn or OMG. Something is shockingly good.
  2. POV– Point of View. The perspective of someone.
  3. ATP- At this Point.
  4. BBL– Brazilian Butt Lift. One of the popular plastic surgeries.
  5. Bussin– Good or something stunning or delicious.
  6. FR- For real. Something that is extraordinary to believe or happen in reality.
  7. Pushin P– Positive, Good, and something that gives a nice and pleasant vibe.
  8. IB– Inspired By. Inspired by something or some character or someone and doing the same thing they have done.
  9. Karen- Arrogant and aggressive woman who is always dominant and demanding.
  10. GYAT- Goddamn. Something or someone who looks stunning.

Example of “TFW” Meaning on TikTok

@disneychannel #TFW your mom steals your entire fashion style 👗 Do you and your mom twin? #KCUndercover #Throwback #DisneyChannel #Zendaya #Twinning ♬ original sound – Disney Channel
@chrishallsayshi When they let us outside again! #coronavirus #fyp #motorcycle #tfw #freestyledance ♬ Ride It – Regard
@a.wild.rene.appeared #tfw company policy contradicts your need to do the right thing. #security #securityofficersoftiktok #ConjuringHorror #TeamUSATryout #fyp ♬ yeaahhh no i dont really do mud – Sydney ✨


What does TFW mean on TikTok?

TFW stands for That Feeling When or That Face when. It is typically used to explain to people their emotions and feelings.

What does TFW mean in slang?

TFW stands for That Feeling When. It is the slang word or hashtag used to explain how people feel or think or what emotions they are undergoing at that time. For Example, TFW, you find the name of your crush you have been searching for six months,

What does TFW mean on Instagram?

In Instagram, TFW means That Feeling When. We can easily see people using TFW hashtags and in their reels to explain their feelings at that point in time or in that situation.

What does TFW mean in dating?

In dating also, TFW refers to the Feeling when your date asks for a second date.

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