What Does “Bussin” Mean on TikTok? With Example

Slang words are extremely famous on the internet. This article breaks down one such TikTok slang word, “Bussin”. People have started using slang in their chats and daily conversations too. In this case, TikTok is one such app that we can say is the hub or home for slang words. If you find it confusing to know the meaning of the word “Bussin”, don’t worry. Without any further ado, let us dig in.

What Does “Bussin” Mean on TikTok?

What Does "Bussin" Mean on TikTok?
What Does “Bussin” Mean on TikTok?

Bussin is a slang word that is used to explain how good or dashing or delicious the thing or food, or person is. It is used to express something extremely good. According to the urban dictionary, Bussin means cool, good or nice things. It is a new Gen Z slang word taking a storm on the internet. This word is often used to praise food or people, or things. When you find your sister or friend looking gorgeous in their dress or hair colour, you can express it by saying,” You look Bussin in that dress,” or “Sam is bussin in his hair colour”.

As already said, TikTok is a hub for slang words. And TikTok also has different meanings and tones for the same word. That being said, Bussin not only means to express praise. Sometimes it is also used to explain things that are bad. But instead of coming out as a straight negative point, Bussin is used to make the situation a bit calmer. Instead of saying it in a rude tone, one can say the same thing sarcastically or ironically. And the word Bussin is extremely helpful in making this a bit smoother. It depends on your body language, eye contact, tone of voice and your relationship with that person, which explains what’s your tone of language.

Bussin Full Form: What is it?

Bussin is a famous TikTok slang that means something that is good or praiseworthy. Though the origin of the word “Bussin” is still unknown to the world, we can certainly say that this word came into existence in the late 80s. Many rap songs use and use the word “Bussin”, but the word got its extreme popularity when the popular food and health influencer and TikTok Janelle Rohner started a challenge called “Is It Bussin, Janelle?”

Well, in one of her videos, someone commented, “Bussin”, and she asked for an explanation from her 3 million followers. And that’s when Janelle started this challenge which is the main reason behind the popularity and trend of the word Bussin.

This word is mostly used by Gen Z, young adults and teenagers on their social media sites. In chats and in videos, people use the term to explain goodness and sometimes negative things. This word is also used in daily conversations.

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In Which Condition Do people say “Bussin” on social media?

There are many cases where People use the term “Bussin”. As already said, Bussin means something good and extraordinary or even delicious. People use it to explain the goodness of things, people, dress or food. The following are some examples of conditions where people use the term “Bussin”.

  1. The Mexican Tacos are Bussin
  2. The Italian Pizza is Bussin
  3. Everything Anna makes is Bussin
  4. My mom makes Bussin food.
  5. What’s the recipe for the cake you made this Christmas? It was Bussin
  6. She looks Bussin her Ball dress
  7. Your hair colour is Bussin
  8. Bread and Chicken, oh my god, the dinner is going to be Bussin
  9. Her crush looks Bussin in this hair colour.
  10. Taylor Swift’s new song is Bussin.

What other slang has TikTok Generated?

We can’t disagree that TikTok is the hub for all the slang words and acronyms. We often find it confusing with the consistent use of those bizarre words and weird terms. But not to worry, the following are some slang words often used in TikTok.

  1. POV– Point of View (perspective)
  2. FYP– For You Page (that main timeline you see when you open the app or the home screen)
  3. PFP– Profile Picture (TikTok Display Picture)
  4. CEO– Chief Executive Officer (CEO of something)
  5. Heather- Gorgeous or desirable (used to explain when someone wants to be the same as you)
  6. OOMF– One of My followers (One of my friends)
  7. DC- Dance Credit (Giving credits to the owner of the song or the dance)
  8. IB– Inspired By (When taking inspiration from someone or something)
  9. Shifting- Reality shifting (changing from one to the other)
  10. Simp- Romantic relationship

Example of “Bussin” Meaning on TikTok

@andyslife247 #fyp#fypシ#fypage#viral#trend#trending#famous#comedу#tiktok#tiktoker#yummy#smile#hack#recipe#wow#yum#eat#eating#DIY#candy#kids#foodtiktok#snack#fun#laugh#bussin#crazy#vibes#tattoo ♬ NO SNITCHING (with Dusty Locane) – Lil Mabu & DUSTY LOCANE
@sssniperwolf Buss it for captain Levi and the scouts #fyp #bussin ♬ Buss It – Erica Banks
@danielmccoin Making crunch wrap #viral #crunchwrap #bussin ♬ original sound – Daniel Mccoin


What does Bussin mean on TikTok?

The word “Bussin” means something that is really good, pleasant or delicious. People use it to explain how delicious the food is or how pretty the dress is.

What does Bussin mean in slang?

Bussin is a slang word used to describe how beautiful or delicious a thing or food is.

What does Bussin mean on Instagram?

In Instagram, Bussin means the same, just like other platforms. Bussin means something good.

What does Bussin mean in dating?

In dating, Bussin is used for a compliment. For Example, You look Bussin in this bridal dress.

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