What Does “Medusa Tattoo” Mean on TikTok? With Example

If you are a frequent user of TikTok, you might have come across something called, “Medusa Tattoo”. If you are confused about what it is, don’t worry, this article has got you covered. Let us find out more about the Medusa Tattoo trend.

#medusatattoo has over 693M views on TikTok. While still a lot of people do not have any idea about this tattoo.  They don’t know the meaning of the same. Medusa is the Greek woman with the snakes on her head.  There are many different myths and stories about the lady.  Keep reading, you will get to know the meaning of the Medusa tattoo and will know why people are getting inked with the same.

What Does Medusa Tattoo Mean on TikTok?

What Does Medusa Tattoo Mean on TikTok?
What Does Medusa Tattoo Mean on TikTok?

A lot of people are getting tattoos of the mythical figure Medusa. While these tattoos look great, the real reason people on TikTok often get a Medusa Tattoo is to protest against women being blamed after they have been sexually abused. For sexual abuse survivors, Medusa signifies strength. The reason for this will become quite apparent once you become aware of Medusa’s story.

The Story of the Medusa Tattoo

Medusa Tattoo
Medusa Tattoo (Image Credit: dexerto)

The Medusa tattoo trend has been sweeping the world of social media. This mythical creature represents the power of women, reclaiming their power and safety.  Tattoos with the Medusa symbol represent a woman taking back her power after being sexually abused by men.  The tattoo is becoming increasingly popular and has gained tremendous traction on the social media platform TikTok.  The trend can be attributed to several reasons, including women’s empowerment and a more positive view of women.

Many women who have suffered sexual abuse in the past have embraced the Medusa Tattoo trend as a way to express their resilience and fight back against victim-blaming.  In the ancient Greek myth, the Greek goddess Medusa was a beautiful young woman who attracted the attention of the sea god Poseidon, who then forced himself upon her in Athena’s temple.  The goddess Athena then turned her into a serpent-headed monster with the ability to turn anyone to stone. Some believe it was a curse, due to Athena being angry at the sanctity of her temple being defiled. Others believe that it was a gift to protect herself.

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Historically, Medusa has been used as an apotropaic symbol that is used to ward off evil. She is considered as a threat that wards off other threats and repels evil and the negative. Today, however, she is used as a symbol of strength for sexual abuse survivors. People on TikTok often show off their Medusa tattoos, which is considered to be an act of taking their power back. Some TikTok users also use it to tell their stories in order to give strength to other users or to open a discussion on the same. 

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The tattoo represents the power of a woman and is an iconic symbol of women’s empowerment in a world filled with victim-blaming. Choosing the right design for your Medusa tattoo is crucial. A Medusa tattoo can be very feminine and sexy.  The design is especially attractive on the thigh and back because it draws attention to feminine body parts.

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How did the Trend for Medusa Tattoo start?

This trend has been spreading like wildfire on social media. TikTok videos featuring Medusa tattoos have been viewed over 357 million times as of August 31. @r.bree.xo posted a picture of her tattoo with the caption: “Many people don’t know what a Medusa tattoo represents.” Unlike the popular mythology legend, the actual meaning of a Medusa tattoo is still vague.

Although this tattoo trend is mostly seen in women, this type of tattoo has become increasingly popular in recent years.  It has become more accepted and widespread due to the #MeToo movement, which has shunned the stigma surrounding sexual assault.  It is also a symbol of empowerment for women and safety from sexual assault.  The trend is spreading on social media, and people are sharing their tattoos with friends and followers.

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The Medusa Tattoo trend has been growing for a while now, with many TikTokers and Instagram reel makers sporting their own designs.  Medusa is a Greek mythological character who protects the wearer from evil.  Like the modern evil eye, this tattoo is said to protect against sexual assault. Some social media users have taken Medusa to stand with sexual assault survivors. If you’re thinking about getting a Medusa tattoo, you should first understand its meaning.  Although Medusa is often depicted as a Gorgon, she is still an important mythological character that represents female strength.

Example of Medusa Tattoo Meaning on TikTok

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What does Medusa Tattoo mean on TikTok?

Medusa Tattoo means is a symbol of survival from sexual abuse. Medusa is a greek mythology goddess with snakes covering her head.

What does Medusa mean Slang?

Medusa slang means extremely beautiful female.

What does Medusa mean on Instagram?

Trending Medusa Tattoo on Instagram represents the survival of the sexual assault and mostly it is seen on a female’s body. 

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