What Does “Sheesh” Mean on TikTok? Explaining That Viral TikTok Slang

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you already know that you can expect to see many slang words and acronyms on the platform. You might have seen TikTok videos that use “Sheesh” to express themselves in the situation. While many new words sling in daily, we must admit that it is very confusing to understand what Sheesh means at the start.

These social media expressions are used as a language, tone, or style, which makes us scratch our heads most of the time. And recently, the new trend hashtag sheesh is taking the internet by storm. And many people are confused about the meaning. But worry not; we have got your back. Here we have broken down the full meaning and details of the hashtag trend Sheesh. Without any further ado, let us dig in.

What Does “Sheesh” Mean on TikTok?

What Does “Sheesh” Mean on TikTok?

“sheesh” signifies everything from bragging, to cringe, to excitement!

Sheesh is a bit of a complicated slang word. Let me tell you why. The meaning of the word depends on the situation and the person you use. Because this word has both positive and negative meanings. Sheesh means excitement. Sheesh also means disappointment, disgust, cringe, bragging, etc. Sheesh, it can be used to express that you are impressed and also that you are disgusted.

Sheesh Full Form: What is it?

Sheesh, is an expression and exclamation used to express disgust, disappointment, and sadness. The word has been in use since the 1900s. The people used it to express annoyance, anger, disgust, and surprise. Though the word has been in use since the 1900s, it got extremely popular after TikTok started incorporating it. In TikTok, the word means expressing excitement, disgust, and disappointment. In social media, this century-long word has been used in various cases to express various things. People also use this word in their real life as well. These words come out as fancy and good to hear. So, people are on the mission of using the word more.

The hashtag Sheesh has more than 500 million videos, and this shows how many people are crazy about the word. But according to some Gen Zers, the word Sheesh means disgust and cringe. When people say or do something cringe or disgusting, people often sue Sheesh. Most of the time, people say sheesh in annoyance. As Thai words are easy to use and come out as smooth as butter, the word got its popularity among the millennials. Though the word is already in the dictionary and has a century-long existence, it became more popular when a TikTok @meetjulio recorded his high-pitched noise of shouting sheesh and posting it alongside the video clip of a frog. That’s it. The sheesh trend became popular.

@meetjulio #answer to @spidermark790 the king julio👑🐸@playboicarti ♬ original sound – King Julio

In Which Condition Do People say “Sheesh” on social media?

Sheesh is used in many cases. It is used to express sadness, disgust, disappointment, annoyance or happiness, surprise, and excitement. One can use the word in the places where they want to give more expression or sound Gen Z and fancy. Anyways let us look at the conditions where you can use the word and the examples.

  1. Sheesh! That Gucci top costs a fortune.
  2. Sheesh! She is not what I thought.
  3. Sheesh! Grow up and look around you.
  4. Sheesh! I’m trying to call you since morning
  5. Sheesh! This smell bad.
  6. Sheesh! Don’t talk to me. I’m trying to stay awake.
  7. Have you seen that movie? Sheesh! It was full of blood and skin.
  8. Sheesh! I never thought we would come to this point.
  9. Sheesh! Look around and see what happens behind you.
  10. Sheesh! It’s good we met here.

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What other slang has TikTok Generated?

TikTok has generated many slang words. We can easily see tons of slang words and acronyms in the creator’s video, captions, or comments. And Gen Zs started using these words in their daily conversations and chats. Let us look at some of the words that TikTok has popularized and generated.

  1. Go Little Rockstar- Used to praise kids (when kids do something impressive, they use this slang word to praise them)
  2. Chewy – Out of trend (Someone who is not trendy or following the current trend)
  3. Pick Me girl– Attention seeker (a girl who seeks attention from others, especially men)
  4. Lowkey- Not letting people know about their next step (Keeping a secret. Someone wants to do something but in a secretive way)
  5. No cap- No lie (Another word for seriously, truly, really)
  6. Tea- Gossip (Talking about Someone)
  7. Bussin– something that is good (used to express things that are very good, delicious, and impressive)
  8. Gag- Positive reaction (giving a positive reaction to things that are good)
  9. Girlboss- Aspirational women (self-made business women)
  10. Say less- Got it or understood (when you already understand the situation and don’t want a further explanation)

Example of “Sheesh” Meaning on TikTok

@antonioparlati What does #sheesh mean? 🤔 #english #learnenglish ♬ original sound – Antonio Parlati


♬ Hot people only – in crona we trust ☆
@dr.durante #snap #crack #pop #doctord #fyp ♬ original sound – Dr.D
@espn That stiff arm 😦🔥 (via @Hudl) #football #stiffarm #juke ♬ Nostalgic ahh beat – sirslatier


What does Sheesh mean on TikTok?

Sheesh has both positive and negative meanings. In the case of positive, Sheesh means happiness, impressment, or excitement. In the case of negative, sheesh means disgust, bragging, and disappointment.

What does Sheesh mean in slang?

Sheesh is a slang word that is used to express disgust or brag. Sheesh also is used to express excitement. It depends on the place, person, and situation where you use the word.

What does Sheesh mean on Instagram?

In Instagram, also Sheesh means the same. Sheesh is used when people want to express emotions like disappointment or excitement, sadness, or happiness.

What does Sheesh mean in dating?

In dating, sheesh means the same. It depends on the situation that you express. If your man is looking handsome, you can say, “Sheeeeeesh! You look dashing.”

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