What is the Meaning of “Fake Body” on TikTok? With Example

Are you trying to stay in touch with the current generation but fail to understand what they are saying? If so, you are not the only one. With the popularity of TikTok growing day by day, it has become a hub for the development of a variety of slang that is used by their user base, which then finds its way into the real world. 

If you aren’t a frequent user of TikTok, it can be difficult to keep up with all the new terms and slangs that are being used. One such example is the term, “Fake Body”. This is a term that people have started seeing frequently, but have no idea what it means. If you are one of those people, worry not! This article will tell you the meaning of the term, “Fake Body” and clear out any confusion.

What Does “Fake Body” Mean on TikTok?

What Does “Fake Body” Mean on TikTok?
What Does “Fake Body” Mean on TikTok?

The term “Fake Body” has become popular on TikTok recently. Videos with “Fake Body” in their hashtags have, at the time of writing, received 84.3 Billion views! But what does it mean and why is it getting so popular?

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Well, “Fake Body” is a hashtag that TikTok users used in order to circumvent TikTok’s content moderation systems and wasn’t even meant for viewers in the first place. Most videos with this hashtag have people in them wearing revealing clothing like bikinis or crop tops. Users believe that this hashtag can help them avoid getting their videos removed by fooling the automated moderation system into thinking that the content displays mannequins or other fake objects that resemble a body. 

Some users have gone on record about this. A fitness influencer who used to post shirtless videos on TikTok stated that his videos used to often get flagged incorrectly as sexual content until he started using the hashtag #fakebody. He has even argued that the moderation process is too strict as his topless videos are not meant to be sexual in the first place, but are instead a way for him to improve his body while providing motivation to like minded people.

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Another user, who is a circus performer by profession, has been posting videos of her performing tricks in form-fitting leotards. She has started using the hashtag as well in an attempt to thwart TikTok’s moderation bots after her account was deleted once for posting videos that the moderation bot considered to be too revealing. 

TikTok’s Content Moderation Guidelines

This is not surprising, given that TikTok has some of the most stringent rules and guidelines for their content. They have even cracked down on the removal of content that features “adult nudity”. Their Guidelines state, “Any content, including animation or digitally created or manipulated media, that depicts abuse, exploitation or nudity of minors is a violation on our platform and will be removed when detected” and the platform also deleted 49 million videos that violated their rules and guidelines. One of the major reasons for this is because a large chunk of TikTok’s user base are minors. In fact, 17.7 percent of users on TikTok are between 12 to 17 years of age.

Apart from nudity, even language is closely monitored on TikTok. Users attempt to fool the content moderation system by changing the spellings of certain words. For example, instead of using the F word, users write Fork or Eff.

Some users feel that the content moderation is too strict, as people wearing slightly revealing clothing or wearing swimsuits have had their content removed.

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Fake Body’s Rise to Popularity

The hashtag started getting popularity after some creators started claiming that their videos were getting removed without the hashtag, but were actually staying on without any problems once the hashtag was used. This ended up catching the attention of other users, who started following this idea hoping to avoid their videos getting flagged as well. Since TikTok relies on automated bots to moderate their content, a lot of users assumed that they could trick the bot into thinking that the bodies are fake and avoid getting their videos and content banned.

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Other Meanings of Fake Body

According to Urban Dictionary, Fake Body can also refer to someone who might pretend to be your friend but ends up betraying you. They also refer to this hashtag being used by fans of certain celebrities in order to prevent their posts from getting banned.

In which condition do people say “Fake Body” on Social Media?

Unlike other TikTok slangs and acronyms, “Fake Body” isn’t used by people during communication at all, as it wasn’t even meant for users in the first place. The use of “Fake Body” on Tiktok is limited to hashtags on videos where users are wearing revealing clothing. Some users may add it in the caption as well and put a warning sign emoji (⚠️) before and after the word. Users use it with the intention of circumventing the content moderation bot.

What other slang has TikTok Generated?

TikTok users have come up with their own way of talking. Here are some slangs that have become popular because of TikTok over the past few years.

  1. IB– Inspired By
  2. No Cap – Not Lying
  3. Glow Up – Transformation 
  4. CEO – CEO of something
  5. RN – Right Now
  6. BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift
  7. POV– Point of View
  8. FYP – For You Page
  9. ASL – Age, Sex and Location
  10. ATP– At This Point

Examples of “Fake Body” on TikTok

@steff_happy bakery products ❤️🔥😍🍕 #steff_happy #saitamafamily #mexicosaitama #russiansaitama #fakebody #mexicosaitama ♬ sonido original – Edits Randoms
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What does Fake Body mean on TikTok?

“Fake Body” is a hashtag that is used by TikTok users in an attempt to fool the Content Moderation bot.

Does Fake Body work on TikTok?

Whether #fakebody works or not is debatable. TikTok uses human moderators as well as content moderation bots in order to remove posts that violate their rules and guidelines. While some people say that protective hashtags are a myth, a fair amount of content creators have claimed that their videos don’t get removed anymore once they use the hashtag.

Is Fake Body trending on TikTok?

The hashtag #fakebody has become quite popular and has been trending for a while now. Videos featuring that hashtag have received 65.6 Billion views!

What does Fake Body mean on Reddit?

Fake body isn’t something that is used on Reddit. However, after TikTok users started getting confused, they started going to Reddit to ask what it means.

What does TW Fake Body mean on TikTok?

TW stands for Trigger Warning and is used to warn users that the content that they are about to watch might affect them negatively if they do not like such content. In this context, TW Fake Body is used to warn users that the content that they might be watching might contain people with revealing clothing so that they can skip the content.

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