What is the Meaning of “CAP” on TikTok? With Example

Tiktok slang has a way of catching up with real life. One day, you might just catch someone saying something that just doesn’t make sense. If you find yourself in such a predicament, worry not, you are not alone. 

The slang “Cap” has risen to popularity recently, leaving a lot of people wondering about what it means. Don’t worry though, this article has you covered.

What Does “Cap” Mean on TikTok?

What Does "Cap" Mean on TikTok?
What Does “Cap” Mean on TikTok?

Cap is what people on TikTok use as a substitute for lying. The more popular variant, “No Cap” means that one is not lying. If you say that someone is “capping”, it means that you believe that the person in question is lying.

People on TikTok often find the inspiration for their slangs from pop culture, and this is no different. The phrases “Cap” and “No Cap” originated on Twitch.tv, a popular streaming site. “Cap” was originally referring to the Kappa Emote, which was often used on twitch to express sarcasm, irony or double meaning. The emote was famous due to its distinctive grin. Twitch culture often involves viewers spamming emotes in the chatbot of a streamer. When people on Twitch wanted to be taken seriously, they started saying, “no Kappa”, indicating that they didn’t want that emote spammed in their chatbot. This was later shortened to, “No Kapp”. Later, the word traveled from twitch to hip hop songs and finally got popular when rappers Young Thug and Future released their now viral single called “No Cap”. In typical rap fashion, they rap about their riches having “No Cap”, which meant not having any limit on the money that they had to spend.

Later on, the phrase traveled to TikTok with an altered meaning and took the form that we now know it as. Today, “No Cap” means that one is not lying.

In Which Condition do people say “No Cap” or “Cap” on Social Media?

As the slang catches popularity and makes its way into mainstream speech, like previously mentioned, people use “No Cap” to insist that they aren’t lying or “Cap”, indicating that someone is lying. The following are a few examples of how the term is used.

  1. I really got the tickets to the Taylor Swift concert, no cap!
  2. No way you did that! You’re capping!
  3. Man, I could really use a drink, no cap.
  4. You expect us to really believe that? You capping!
  5. No cap, I could actually do that if I wanted to.
  6. I missed the school bus today because I overslept, no cap.
  7. Man, don’t be capping now, nobody has time for that.
  8. Why are you capping? We all know that ain’t real.
  9. They really are fighting, no cap!
  10.  No Cap, he actually turned in his assignment.

What other slang has TikTok generated?

Tiktok is responsible for a lot of slang words. The following are some of the slang words that TikTok has popularized,

  1. TBH – To Be Honest
  2. Paper – Money
  3. FYP – For You Page
  4. RN – Right Now
  5. POV– Point Of View
  6. CEO – CEO of something
  7. BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift
  8. IB – Inspired By
  9. DC – Dance Credit
  10.  ATP – At This Point

Example of “Cap” and “No Cap” on TikTok

@venustwofacecat #twofacecat #notphotoshop #bornthisway #heterochromia #catsoftiktok #tiktokcats #petsoftiktok #nocap ♬ All Eyes On Me – Bo Burnham
@alex_cook19 Stitch with @nick.digiovanni @treavorcook12 #fyp #egg #trending #valid #nocap #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Alex
@itzjusmatt Y’all been lied too stay: woke🌶 #foryou #fact #viral #nocap ♬ Iwa Channn – Rice


What does Cap mean on Tiktok?

Cap on TikTok means lying.

What is the origin of No Cap?

No Cap originated from the popular streaming website Twitch.Tv because of the Kappa Emote.

What does No Cap mean in Slang

Just like on TikTok, No Cap means that one is not lying.

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