What Does “IB” Mean on TikTok? With Example

Netizens create work and quickly become famous. As a result, new terms and acronyms continue to emerge. As a result, learning so many new terms and expressions can be perplexing. Still, you don’t have to be concerned because we’re here.

IB in TikTok stands forinspired by,” which means that the material in question was influenced by something else. Users could, for example, upload a video of themselves singing to a melody and then caption it “#IB.” This is intended to show that the artist’s name or song inspired them.

What Does “IB” Mean on TikTok?

What Does IB Mean on TikTok
What Does “IB” Mean on TikTok?

The first interpretation of IB is ‘inspired by.’ If someone makes a TikTok video previously done by another account, they may use the IB acronym to honor that person. In this video, for example, Addison Rae starts writing IB and then puts someone’s account name, implying that such a person inspired it.

People frequently use the abbreviation IB when referring to education. The International Baccalaureate Organization is a global education organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. It provides four distinct educational programs. A popular TikTok trend consists of students trying to compare their IB courses to others and claiming that they are complicated.

IB Full Form: What is it?

When you see “IB” (or #IB) in a TikTok video caption, it’s usually followed by someone’s username — not the individual whose video you’re watching. In that particular instance, there is a straightforward explanation. In essence, “IB” stands for “inspired by.”


People frequently use “IB” to give credit for a particular dance or trend that has motivated them to create their video. It’s similar to how people use “DC” to give “dance credit” when they upload a video of themselves able to perform a TikTok dance created by someone else.

Although it appears that “DC” is more commonly used in dance videos, “IB” is also frequently used. Some of the TikTok videos with the #IB tags are not based on being “inspired by” the work of others. Instead, they have the #IB tag because they include information about IB (International Baccalaureate) classes. IB classes are comparable to AP (or Advanced Placement) courses in that students in high school can take them to earn college credit before enrolling in college.

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In Which Condition Do People say “IB” on social media?

If someone creates a TikTok video that another account has already created, they can use the IB acronym to respect that person. For example, in this video, Addison Rae begins writing IB and then adds someone’s Twitter handle, implying that person inspired it.

You can like one ‘s way of thinking, dancing, or acting. As a result, rather than copying the concept, you draw inspiration from it. How? By giving them credit. As a result, you make right by “IB,” which means “inspired by,” and their username.

What other slang has TikTok generated?

The number of TikTok sayings has increased with the platform’s popularity. Some of these actions are exclusive to TikTok, while others have spread to specific other social media platforms. TikTok sentences are invariably infiltrating ordinary activities, perplexing many people.

In addition to the new slang, other TikTok terms have been incorporated into the web lexicon and are gaining popularity. For example,

  • CEO: Becoming the CEO of something implies that you’re the best at that specific craft or activity.
  • OOMF: OOMF is an abbreviation for One of My Friends/Followers and is commonly used on TikTok.
  • No Cap: “No cap” means you aren’t lying about something.
  • Spilling The Tea: “spilling the tea” means spreading gossip about someone.

Example of “IB” Meaning on TikTok

@jamescharles gettin real into it 🤭 inspired by @tyler funke ♬ Rich Flex – Drake & 21 Savage
@caysmakeup makeup inspired by emojis!! 🎭🐸🤡🍉 bringing the trend back once again hehe #fyp #foryou #emojichallenge #emojimakeup ♬ dark horse – elizabeth


What does IB mean on TikTok?

IB is an acronym on TikTok that usually stands for “Inspired By.”

What does IB mean?

People regularly use “IB” to give credit to a specific dance or rise in popularity that inspired them to make their video. It’s similar to how individuals use “DC” to give “Dance Credit” when people upload a video of themselves performing a TikTok dance that someone else created.

How to use IB on TikTok?

One example of how IB can be used in TikTok is:
For example, in a video, the content creator begins writing IB and then adds someone’s Twitter handle, implying that the person inspired it.

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