What Does “Pick Me Girl” Mean on TikTok? With Example

TikTok deserves our heartfelt gratitude. We would have squandered a lot of time if it hadn’t been for TikTok. Did you miss the hint? Don’t worry or stress your adorable brain. I’ll explain. TikTok is a vast site that enables you to post videos on various topics.

The ability of TikTok to rebrand stuff that has long existed is its most impressive trick. A stroll around the block has been transformed into a hot girl walk. That girl is now someone who goes to the gym before and takes vitamins. Setting limits is now the villain’s domain. A spin is now referred to as “the pick.” “Pick me Girl,” a charter member of this family of age of the internet definitions, is essentially a repackaging of the “not like other girls” trope.

What Does “Pick Me Girl” Mean on TikTok?

What Does Pick Me Girl Mean on TikTok
What Does “Pick Me Girl” Mean on TikTok?

Pick Me Girl is not a TikTok term, but it is now one of the app’s defining aspects for a certain user type. According to the internet, a Pick Me Girl is an individual who acts or asserts to be “not like other girls,” usually to attract the attention of guys. Pick Me Boys, who have been compared to Simps, also appear to exist.

Pick Me Girl attempts to set herself distinct from other women by trying to subvert traditionally constructed femininity to impress and attract men. As the name implies, this woman is imploring to be “picked”; her desire for male approval and attention drives her to deny her femininity. In this case, she will even discuss her willingness to sacrifice her female rights.

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Pick Me Girl: What is it?

A “pick me girl” is a signifier of a girl or woman who makes an apparent effort to gain male approval and attention. Variations of this stereotype depict “pick me” as “cool girls” who imply that other women are excessively flirtatious and obsessed with boys. The phrase is similar to the “not like other girls” trope in that it depicts women who go their way to distance themself from other women in the expectation that men will find that appealing. They see other women not as friends, but as competition instead.

@haileyyyybrookeee Reply to @mxlodyq DC:@roncoxjr #SummerMashup #HPRadicalReuse #WelcomeBack #fypシ #pickme ♬ Cognac Queen – Megan Thee Stallion

A “pick me girl” will often state that she does not get other girls because, how they get along with guys better or how other girls are too dramatic. They are quite misogynistic in nature and tend to have internalized misogyny due to their tendency to put down other females in order to appear more favorable and attractive. 

History and Origin of the term “Pick Me Girl”

If you are a movie buff, you might be familiar with the concept for this term already. The concept for this term can be found in early Amanda Bynes movies. The attitude that most “pick me girls” have today have similarities to the characters played in those films, like She’s the Man, What A Girl Wants and Sydney White. The protagonists of those films were considered to be the “cool girls” of that time. 

The actual term, however, originated  in 2016 on Twitter. The trend was to use the hashtag #TweetLikeAPickMe in order to mock women who often portrayed themselves as “wifey material”. This spawned a new trend that involved making fun of women who tried to appear less feminine in order to portray themselves as a better pick over other “girly” girls.

However, by 2022, both the term and who was considered to be a “pick me girl” had evolved. Most “pick me girls” had moved beyond simply claiming to hate makeup and liking sports and had moved on to claiming that they were “not like other girls” and putting down other women by slut shaming them, or claiming that they were “too much drama”. 

The goal for these women was to be accepted into the inner circle of their guy friends, being a core member of these guy groups. Memes and videos evolved as well, calling “pick me girls” out on their behavior as well as mocking and making caricatures of them.

In Which Condition Do people say “Pick Me Girl” on social media?

You’ve probably met one at some point in your life. As a result, it is not a novel or unfamiliar concept. That’s probably why all those TikTok videos are so popular, and the hashtag #Pickme and #Pickmegirl has 4.9 billion and 2.3 billion views respectively at the time of writing this article.

Pick Me Girl
Pick Me Girl

A “pick me girl” is the sort of woman who would ask a man to choose her over another girl. She might introduce herself by portraying how she is into sports and is aware of all the technical jargon, while putting down the other woman for not knowing anything about the sport in question. When faced with such a choice, our advice to you is to not go with the “pick me girl”.

@hannah.montoya recording this triggered my fight or flight 😭 (pick me girl pt.3) #pov #comedy #pickmegirl #school ♬ original sound – hannah montoya

There are even POV memes where TikTokers act out and portray “pick me girls” in various situations. One of the most popular versions of this are the TikToks made by the creator Kelsey Jensen. Her character, the “Chill Girl”, is often involved in situations involving two other fictional characters, Jason and his girlfriend Amber. The “Chill Girl” is often portrayed as someone who has no boundaries or is trying to cross them intentionally. 

@kisserkel she also splashes/jumps on Jason the entire time y’all are in the pool together #greenscreen #chillgirl #chill #yay #wee #fyp #yikes ♬ original sound – Kelsey June Jensen

What other slang has TikTok Generated?

TikTok has created a plethora of slang phrases that individuals frequently confuse. TikTok, as previously stated, is the center of all knowledge, playful, weird, and much more. TikTok creators, also known as TikTokers, create slang regularly.

In addition to the new slang, other TikTok terms have been incorporated into the web lexicon and are gaining popularity. For example, becoming the CEO of something implies that you’re the best at that specific craft or activity. OOMF is an abbreviation for One My Friends/Followers and is commonly used on TikTok. “No cap” means you aren’t lying about something, and “spilling the tea” means spreading gossip about someone.


What does Pick Me Girl means on TikTok?

According to the internet, a Pick Me Girl is someone who behaves or claims to be “not like other girls,” usually to attract the attention of guys.

What does Pick Me Girl mean?

A “pick me girl” is a signifier of a girl or woman who obviously tries to gain male approval and attention. Variations of this stereotype depict “pick me” as “cool girls” who are implying to other women are excessively flirtatious and obsessed with boys.

How to use Pick Me Girl, on TikTok?

They may be shy, humblebrags who make it a point to tell you about one‘s super exceptional talent or involvement. “Oh, I enjoy computer games, not video games! I’m a hardcore, so I play the one that all the boys do.” It could also be that you’re “so cool” that you’re not easily offended.

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