What Does “ASMR” Mean on TikTok? With Examples

TikTok has taken over as the medium for people to upload short videos of varied types of content. At the same time, it is equally applicable when people want to consume loads of videos uploaded over the years. You might have seen “ASMR” while scrolling through TikTok and wondered what it means.

Like any other social media platform, TikTok is a place where people use different acronyms and slang terms. Such terms may be difficult for someone new to understand. Since “ASMR” is used a lot, from the content itself to comments and descriptions, everyone needs to be familiar with it to avoid confusion. “ASMR” stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.”

This article will go through the acronym “ASMR” as many newbies on TikTok come across it. This term is typically used for content where the main focus is audio. However, there are still a lot of questions about what it is. Let’s get straight into it to know all about it.

What Does “ASMR” Mean on TikTok?

What Does ASMR Mean on TikTok
What Does “ASMR” Mean on TikTok?

“ASMR” is an acronym that stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.” The term is scientific and refers to the stimulation a person feels on the neck, scalp, or other body areas when listening to specific audio stimuli.

These audio stimuli can be anything, including whispers, varied music types, or even tapping. Along with audio ASMR stimuli, there are some visual ASMR, like watching satisfying actions or watching something repetitive.

“ASMR” Full form: What is it?

“ASMR,” as in ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, has become a genre of its own on various platforms, especially TikTok. With TikTok ASMR videos, people usually sit with a microphone responding to multiple requests by listeners. These listeners request the audios that may be satisfying for them, releasing the stimulation in their bodies. A lot of these videos have even garnered millions of likes and views. The hashtag alone has over 400 billion views on TikTok, which proves how popular this term has become online.

ASMR was not as famous as TikTok initially as it was on YouTube. It was, in fact, a taboo since people found it better to hide the fact that they like ASMR videos. It was in 2016 that these videos found their way into the mainstream media and more people felt comfortable owning their liking towards them. This boost on YouTube made way for ASMR videos on TikTok as well. Now, people are seen uploading and enjoying many videos like whispering, cooking, shopping, finger tapping, role plays, eating, and more.

Different ASMR videos have different purposes and audiences. Many ASMR video creators face a huge problem: some users sexualize their content. While ASMR is a way for people to relax and let their stress out, it still attracts negative attention.

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In Which Condition Do people say “ASMR” on social media?

There are no varied ways to mention ASMR anywhere on social media, as it only refers to one original meaning. Someone could simply be using ASMR as the theme of their video. The themes vary hugely on social media.

Since there are both visual and audio ASMR stimuli, one can never keep a count of variations one can bring in their ASMR videos. Different people like different things and hence have different sounds or visuals that can trigger the ASMR stimulation for them.

Some examples of how people have used ASMR as their content theme includes:

  • My top 10 ASMR triggers
  • ASMR artist reacts to trending ASMR videos
  • Top 10 ASMR videos to relax
  • Top 5 most requested ASMR triggers
  • This is the best ASMR trigger ever

As evident, people have used the term ASMR to create different types of videos, and all have slightly different themes.

Besides the theme, people also use ASMR in hashtags to trend their videos in that category. There is more than one #asmr hashtag; many tried differently in the videos. Some examples are #TikTokasmr, #asmrsounds, #asmrvideo, #asmrTikToks, #asmrskincare, #asmrtriggers, etc. All the hashtags have ASMR in them, making it easier for people to find such videos by simply putting them in the search bar.

Some people may even use ASMR in comments and messages to request their preferred ASMR videos from the creator. Or people could also be conversing with each other discussing an ASMR video they liked.

For Example:

  • Person 1: Hey, did you see that ASMR video I shared with you?
  • Person 2: Yeah. I usually like a different one.

What other slang has TikTok generated?

It is not just ASMR; many more abbreviations have been popularized by the TikTok population over time. Sometimes it isn’t easy to keep track of all of them, so here are some of the most common ones you must know to adjust yourself to the platform:

  • POV: This widely used slang is now limited to TikTok and many other social media platforms. Although, on TikTok, the short video titled POV is usually the creator’s point of view over something.
  • FYP: FYP is short for For You Page, and it is where you get all the customized content on your TikTok application. This is the page where TikTok gathers all the videos that suit your interests. These are based on the videos or content you have liked in the past.
  • CEO: In real life, CEO still means “Chief Executive Officer.” As CEO is the highest position in a corporation, the slang is similar. On TikTok, to be CEO of something means to be perfect at something.
  • OOMF: TikTok uses OOMF as an abbreviation for ‘one of my followers’ or ‘one of my friends. The term is widely used to talk about something negative for a person.
  • ASL: ASL has been around on social media for a long time. It stands for Age, Sex Location. However, the meaning may be different on TikTok nowadays. People use it as a short form for “as hell.”

Example of “ASMR” Meaning on TikTok

ASMR is not a small trend on TikTok. It has reached not millions but billions of people. It is used in many videos as a theme and in many hashtags to get such videos viral. Here are a few examples of where people have used ASMR:

@lunabloomasmr Found an oldie in my drafts 😳 #asmr #asmrlighttriggers #tiktokasmr ♬ original sound – Luna Bloom ASMR

Here, the creator has used visual ASMR to trigger those people who like lights. The creator is switching between lights which are supposed to trigger ASMR stimulation in some people. There are many different ASMR light videos made under a similar hashtag.

@car_experiment Car vs 100 Cigarettes #experiment #cigarettes #test #asmr #fyp #foryou #relax #viral #satisfyingvideo #science #tiktokasmr #car #vs #100cigarettes ♬ nhạc nền – Car Experiment 🧿

This video is about a car crushing 100 cigarettes altogether. The video is again a visual stimulus for people who get excited to see how a bunch of 100 cigarettes would react to a car running over them.

@celainesasmr 10 SPECIFIC ASMR SOUNDS IN 60 SECONDS FAST ⚡️ which were your favorite ? #MINDORDERING #fyp #asmrtiktok #asmrvideos #tiktokasmr #asmrvideo #asmrrelaxing #asmr_tingles #asmrsounds #asmr #asmrchallenge ♬ original sound – Celaines Asmr

This video is about the creator making ten sounds of 60 seconds each which are relaxing for people. Different people may like different sounds. The creator is singing them all herself.


What does ASMR mean on TikTok?

The term “ASMR” is not much of a slang that TikTok viral but more of a scientific term since it means “autonomous sensory meridian response.” The meaning of this refers to a tingling sensation that a person feels on his neck, scalp, and other different parts of the body when listening to a particular audio track.

What does ASMR slang mean?

Although ASMR was a slang more popular on YouTube, it eventually made its way to TikTok with billions of hashtag views. It typically means a tingling sensation you feel rushing through your body when you watch or listen to something of your interest.

What does ASMR mean on Instagram?

On YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, ASMR means the same. When an audio or a video sparks a tingling sensation within your body, that sensation is ASMR. It is still a fact that ASMR has not really made its way to Instagram yet since it was a taboo for a long time, and Instagram is believed not to be ready yet to accept it.

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