What Does “Lit” Mean? TikTok Slang “Lit” Explained

TikTok has a never-ending list of slang words. If you do not spend most of your time on TikTok or are new to TikTok, you will have difficulty understanding most of these words. But don’t worry; we are here to help you out.

On TikTok, “Lit” is slang that means “cool/fire” or “amazing.” People use Lit to describe something they find amazing. Let us learn about Lit in detail below:

What does “LIT” mean on TikTok?

What Does LIT Mean on TikTok
What Does “LIT” Mean on TikTok?


Lit was not always a slang term. It was used in its original meaning as the past tense for light in the English language. It meant to be intoxicated for the first time in history. Back then, the definition was based on someone’s appearance as lighted up when under something’s influence. By 1999, the term came out for use in place of excellent.

It is not a surprise that the word was once used for intoxication. “Lit” is currently used as slang to describe people’s excitement for parties and events. People call such parties’ Lit’. By 2015, the term’s meaning in most Urban Dictionaries was translated to something exciting.

Lit Full Form: What is it?

When it comes to TikTok, you can hardly find yourself being aware of all the slang words you come across. One such term that may have been troubling you is Lit. People have a preconceived notion of Lit’s meaning to be high.

In comparison, that’s how Lit was used in history: as intoxicated, its meaning has changed. Urban dictionaries still describe being Lit as being drunk or intoxicated. However, that is different from what it means when used nowadays. What does it mean now?

There are many possibilities for “Lit.” These are listed below:

  • When something is popping or turned up.
  • When a person is excited about something that is about to happen.
  • When something is awe-inspiring.
  • When someone is considered very cool.

You may have also seen Lit used quite a lot in one of Rocky’s songs- “Get Lit.” While Rocky is talking about getting high in the song, he uses Lit to describe everything from weed, friends, girls, and the place they are partying. So, as the song suggests, too, one cannot limit to a single meaning of Lit as it can be used in varied ways. However, it shall be used safely and not illegally or inappropriately, which may hurt someone’s feelings. 

In which condition do people say Lit on social media?

  • The phrase ‘Lit’ is used as youth slang. It might also be a surprise that people on Instagram have used the hashtag “itsLit” millions of times.
  • “My fam is Lit” is a common way people address their social media followers, family, or close friends. This slang is also prevalent in pop culture.
  • Famous rapper “Travis Scott” has also used Lit a lot. He uses it in his freestyle raps, making it his signature line.
  • The slang is also used with a fire emoticon, usually referring to something being on fire or exciting.

What other slang has TikTok generated?

You were there for a quick stroll on TikTok videos and came across ten unfamiliar words. Those can easily be put in the category of slang that TikTok has generated. Besides Lit, there are many other slang words that you would need to know to fit in the TikTok world. Here is a list of some of those:

  • Finna: Fixing to
  • FYP: For You Page
  • No Cap: No lie
  • ASL: American Sign Language
  • Tea: Gossip
  • POV: Point of View
  • FR: For Real
  • Heather: Someone desirable or perfect
  • RN: Right Now
  • Simp: Madly in love
  • RT: Retweet
  • BSF: Bestfriend
  • SMH: Shaking my head
  • Glow Up: Improved physical and mental health
  • Sus: Suspicious
  • TWF: That Feeling When
  • TBH: To be honest

Example of “Lit” Meaning on TikTok

@cervejj Answer to @angkoltam #greenscreen what does LiT means??? #vejjiestoryofmylife #skl #lit #goodtoknow #goodtoknowthat ♬ original sound – vejjie soon a teacher🙏🏻💪🏽 – vejjie soon a teacher🙏🏻💪🏽✅
@soytreintoker Responder a @brydagladysflores Traduciendo a la chamacada para #treintaymás #LIT ♬ sonido original – Soytreintoker
@ryanhdlombard That one friend that doesn’t understand what ‘LIT’ means🔥. #lit #friends #comeon #keepup ♬ original sound – Ryan Lombard


What does Lit mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, Lit means something fun, intense, exciting, or good. People use it as a hashtag for their videos and conversations in comments and chat boxes. They usually use ‘Lit’ for a compliment for something on TikTok.

What does Lit mean in slang?

Historically, Lit was used as a slang word for drunk. But, the meaning of this slang has changed over time. Now, it describes something as amazing or exciting.

What does Lit mean on Instagram?

It has become apparent for this generation to call things Lit on Instagram. When they call something that, they usually mean it to be excellent.
For example,
1. The party is too Lit.
2. This Instagram picture is Lit.

What does Lit mean in dating?

If someone says you are Lit, they are trying to compliment you. At times, the person can also be trying to initiate something romantically. So, when you hear the word Lit, it is all a positive sign in dating.

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