What Does “Tea” Mean on TikTok? TikTok Lingo Decoded

Tea on TikTok refers to gossipPeople use it as an expression “spilling the tea,” which refers to sharing gossip people have when they circulate rumors. 

Thanks to social media, slang terms are now being shared more quickly and effectively than ever before. Initially created for small-group communication, content-focused apps like TikTok have increased its spread even further, fostering in-group formation and creating individual identities.

The term “tea” didn’t actually originate on TikTok in this context. It has seen quite a bit of use on the internet. The most common explanation about its origin that everyone agrees on is that the reason “tea” is used to indicate gossip is due to the imagery it conjures up. Most people think of housewives sipping tea while sharing whatever gossip they have.

What Does “Tea” Mean on TikTok?

The top definition of Tea in Urban Dictionary from 2003 reads. Gossip or personal information belonging to someone else.” The world’s popularity increased significantly among the drag community and the Black drag culture in particular.

@renejarus Can you tell by their faces how juicy it was… #nomediga #spillthetea #bestfriend @hailey.will ♬ No Me Diga – Daphne Rubin-Vega & Stephanie Beatriz & Dascha Polanco & Leslie Grace & Melissa Barrera

Another source of it’s origin can be traced back to a book called “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” by John Berendt and published in 1994. The main character of the book, Lady Chablis, says the phrase “Spill the T”, where the T stands for Truth. It was then appropriated by the internet in the form that we have come to know of now. 

Tea is a particularly juicy or sought-after gossip or information in the drag scene. Drag drama is frequently mentioned, but not always. Tea is frequently offered before or after drag pageants, especially in internet chat rooms like Carrie Fairfield, where gossip-feeding frenzy sessions, including the most recent drag-related news, are typical.

It was popularized on TikTok after the user @sammielewiss posted a video on TikTok where she sips on some tea in a dramatic fashion and proceeds to tell a story about a boy who attempts to flirt with her. Her unique and exaggerated delivery and storytelling resulted in the video going viral and the term, “spilling the tea” becoming wildly popular on TikTok.


☕️ tea 4 u

♬ original sound – Sammie 🐘

TEA: What Is It?

While most people know of Tea as the most consumed beverage of all time, the other way it is used has become famous for connecting people from similar backgrounds on a bright sunny morning. In the southern United States, where it was customary for women to get together in the afternoon to drink tea and swap tales and stories, the word TEA came to be used to denote “gossip.” TEA is most often used in the expressions “Spill the TEA” (to spread rumors or gossip) and “Sip the TEA” in the context of “Gossip” (to listen to gossip or rumors).

@thesimp5onfamily It’s none of their business 🤪🙄 #fyp #viral #spillthetea ♬ sonido original – Esteve

Over time, memes frequently emerge and adapt. They frequently begin by adapting something nostalgic to appeal to a modern audience. One of the best examples of this is “That’s the Tea.” It’s quite simple to use “That’s the tea, sis.” It can be inserted after you’ve told a friend some rumors. But first, some advice. Make sure it’s something absurd or implausible before posting this meme. Then, when you reply, “That’s the tea, sis,” you’re doubling down and implying that this rumor is brand-new. It will validate the rumor you just spread.

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In Which Condition Do People Say TEA On social media?

Like the more popular expression “spill the beans,” you might say “spill the tea.”

Tea is frequently used as a response when someone discloses startling information (e.g., Tea!). Example: “Come on sis! You gotta spill the tea about what happened between you both!.”

What Other Slang Has TikTok Generated?

In recent years, TikTok has become immensely popular. For people who can speak English as a second language or even their mother tongue, GenZ has developed a unique set of terminology and jargon on this platform that can be bewildering.

Numerous slang expressions have been developed by TikTok that people frequently get mixed up with. Along with the new lingo, other TikTok phrases have entered the web language and are becoming more well-known. Some of them are listed below:

  • CEOBeing the CEO of something suggests that you are the finest in your field.
  • OOMFOne of My Friends/Followers is referred to as OOMF. 
  • No CapSpeaking the truth about something is called “No Cap.” It means that the person is telling the truth without putting on filters.


What Does TEA Mean on TikTok?

Tea on TikTok refers to the gossip. Spilling the tea means to share the juicy gossip.

What Does TEA Mean?

TEA is frequently used as a well-known beverage. People enjoy sipping various teas from different regions and engaging in lively conversation at the table. Spilling or gossip is “having the tea” or “having the tea.” 

How To Use TEA On TikTok?

On TikTok, the phrase TEA can be used in multiple ways depending on the situation. Like the more popular expression “spill the beans,” you might say “spill the tea.”

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