What Does “Snapchat Score” Mean? Know all about Snap Score!

Snap Score refers to the combined number of times you have sent and received a Snap on Snapchat. Snapchat has introduced many features over the years, and Snap Score is one such feature that has grown in popularity amongst the masses.

Snap Score is typically a number that displays how active a user is on the application. The higher Snap Score indicates that the user is more actively sending and receiving Snaps. But, if you don’t know how it works, this blog will guide you.

What Does the “Snapchat Score” Mean?

Snapchat Score meaning on Snapchat
What Does “Snapchat Score” Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat Score keeps track of how social and active you are on the application. Although this reward system does not offer a reward that can be used for something, it can help you brag about your activity on Snapchat with your friends. Here is what counts toward your Snap Score:

  • Snaps that you have sent and received from your friends
  • Stories that you viewed and posted on the application
  • Number of Snapchat friends that you have
  • Number of discovered videos that you have watched

A Tip: sending a unique snap to multiple people will give you a bonus. Your Snap Score will keep growing if you maintain Snap Streaks with your friends.

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How to look at your and your friends’ Snap Scores?

To look at your Snap Score, you must follow these steps:

  • Open the Snapchat application.
  • Tap your profile icon on the top-left corner there.
  • When you look under your name and avatar, your Snap Score will be there.

To look at a friend’s Snap Score, you can follow these four steps:

  • Open the application and tap your profile icon present in the top-left corner.
  • You will see an option for ‘My friends’ there. Click that.
  • Tap on any friend icon you want.
  • Below their name and avatar there, you will see your friend’s Snap Score.

How to Increase your Snapchat Score?

Snapchat has not left much confusion with this question. If you want your Snapchat Score to grow, use Snapchat more often. It is like a reward you get as a number for using the application. If you use the application as much as possible, you can break all your friends’ records.

However, there are some misconceptions people have about increasing their Snap Score, which is as follows:

  • Texting on Snapchat does not affect your Snap Score. It will only increase when you send and receive snaps in those conversations.
  • If you click one snap and send it to all your friends, it will not earn that extra point in your Snap Score. You will have to send a unique snap to everyone to get that point.

How to Include your Snap Score in texting?

If you prefer Snapchat for texting, you should know how to use this to increase your Snap Score. Well, it is not something you do intentionally.

While having a conversation naturally with someone, try conversing through pictures. For example, you can send them a good morning image of yourself, your plants, or your coffee. The person or people will probably reply in the same manner. Then, you can continue your day in the same way. Whatever activity you do, share a picture of that as a snap with your friends. Your friends, too, will reciprocate with a snap telling what they are doing. This way, your Snap Score will keep growing, and you will also have better conversations with your friends.

What do you get for a higher Snap Score?

You do not receive anything monetary for your Snap Score, but you receive trophies. These trophies are a set of seven emoticons that you get after certain milestones of Snap Scores. These emoticons include:

  • Sparkles
  • Rocket
  • Star
  • Baby
  • Ghost
  • Explosion
  • Circled star

It will sound like a lot of hard work to earn emoticons for some, and for others, it will be fun to get them.


How does Snapchat calculate Snap Score?

You get one point for every snap you send and receive. Similarly, there are points for other things, too, and adding all that gives your Snap Score.

Does chatting increase Snap Score?

Chatting does not affect your Snap Score unless you include snaps in that conversation.

What does Snap Score say that someone is popular?

A Snap Score of 2,50,000 or more is considered a benchmark for popularity on Snapchat.

Will they know if you check their Snap Score?

No. When you tap on someone’s profile to check anything, they are not notified about the same.

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