What Does “Vibe Check” Mean on TikTok? Know all About Vibe Check!

Vibe Check is a popular slang among GenZ TikTok users. Two people Vibe if they have the same mentality.

“Did you pass the Vibe Check of your classmate?” or “Have you ever done a Vibe Check with others before connecting with them?” Confused? Well, this is something that often new TikTok feel. It is easy to get confused with the language the creators and commenters use.

TikTok has been in the market for more than six years, and not just that, it is one of the main platforms where new lingos and slang are born. And Vibe Check is a new slang word that was and is famous in TikTok.

If you are confused with the meaning, you know that we have your back. This article will guide you to the full meaning and usage of the word Vibe Check. Let us dig in.

What Does “Vibe Check” Mean on TikTok?

What does Vibe Check mean on TikTok
What Does “Vibe Check” Mean on TikTok?

The word Vibe Check is one of the most famous TikTok lingoes. It means checking the person’s behavior and thoughts. Checking how cool and chill that person is, whether they will match your Vibe is Vibe Check. If you are about to Vibe Check someone, you are checking the person’s cool level.

@colossal.dumbass i need a life #bestcostume #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #vibe #vibes #vibecheck #viral ♬ going to the store – going to the store

If another person is doing a Vibe Check on you, they are assessing how cool you are. And Passing the Vibe Check is a good sign as you and the person match the same Vibe. And in some cases, especially in the text message areas, “Vibe Check” means “How was your day” or “How are you doing?”

@radicalslinky VIBE CHECK! HAND THEM OVER FOR ANALYSIS PLEASE. #vibecheck ♬ Be Gone Thot by Lil Mayo – goalsounds

Vibe Check: What is it?

Have you ever Vibe-checked someone, or has anyone ever Vibe-checked you? Vibe Check is nothing but asking people about their condition or feedback. Vibe Checking also means assessing the mental state of people. You might have seen the word in videos, pictures or in, comments, or sometimes even in any rom-com Netflix series.

The word, introduced in the Urban Dictionary in 2011, started getting popular in 2019 when a Twitter user named Umru, the music producer, posted “Vibe Check?” .”But not just that. During the COVID pandemic, Brigham Young University senior Daniel Spencer in Tiktok started posting comedy videos under the hashtag Vibe Check and became a sensation.

In the words of Urban Dictionary, a Vibe Check is a “spontaneous and usually random time where someone checks your Vibe.” Writer Palmer Haasch says Vibe Check is a new “good morning,” and everyone should text their friend daily with a Vibe Check.

@residenthimbo ⚠️MANDATORY VIBE CHECK⚠️ #closettour #awkwardtexts #bestcostume #trending ♬ going to the store – going to the store

While this is on one side, Vibe Check also means calculating and assessing the other person’s mentality, emotional thinking, and behavioral pattern to check if their ideas and aura meet their line. If both have the same aura and their stars align parallel, they become friends.

Vibe Check is as pleasing as it sounds; it is also an amazing two-word mantra to send to your friends. It will show them that you care. It deserves to be in our tab as it is a word of love, care, and kindness. And sometimes, Vibe Checks do not just mean checking the person’s condition, health, or aura; sometimes, Vibe Checks are also used to ask how the food was. For example, “Did the Chicken pass the vibe check?” means how the chicken is. “Did the Ramen pass the vibe check?” means “How is the ramen?”

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In Which Condition do people say “Vibe Check” on social media?

The following are some situations where people use the word “Vibe Check.”

  • Person 1: Vibe Check! How is your health?
  • Person 2: Feeling better now.
  • Person 1: Vibe Check on the ramen?
  • Person 2: It’s Yummy!
  • Person 1: Did you pass the Vibe Check?
  • Person 2: Yeah, totally!

Some other example statements in which “Vibe Check” is used:

  1. We are going to do your Vibe Check
  2. Vibe Check! Woah, our Vibe matches.

You passed the Vibe Check, and we are friends.

What other slang has TikTok Generated?

It is no wonder we will get confused as beginner Tiktok users. “Yeet,” “Sheesh,” “Period,” and many more such words got their popularity via TikTok, or some words got their popularity via TikTok. To make your TikTok journey smoother, we have gathered several Tiktok slang words and their meanings.

  1. Yeet- Exclamation
  2. Sheesh– Cringe
  3. Bow- Wow
  4. Baka – Idiot or Stupid
  5. Cheugy- Untrendy, out for trend
  6. Pick me girl– Attention seeking
  7. Pushin P– Positive
  8. Sneaky Link-Secret hook up
  9. Tea– Gossip
  10. Glow Up- Transformation of shape or attitude

Example of “Vibe Check” Meaning on TikTok

@latina_rusin_ Getting sturdy again ✅🥳 Who needs a tutorial? #latinarusin #sturdy #sturdydance #vibecheck ♬ original sound – IRON GAINS
@snazzclips VIBE CHECKK WILL YOU MARRY ME #fyp #xyzbca #4u ♬ origineel geluid – tiktokSnazz


What does Vibe Check mean by Tiktok?

A Vibe Check means assessing other people’s mental and emotional levels. It checks if you (the Vibe Checker) and the other person have the same mentality.

What does Vibe Check mean in slang?

Vibe Check is a slang phrase that refers to the act of assessing the other person’s mental or emotional state.

What does Vibe Check mean on Instagram?

In instagram, Vibe Check means assessing the other person’s thought process and checking if you and they meet in the same line. Passing the Vibe Check means you both have the same kind of Vibe.

What does Vibe Check mean by dating?

Vibe Check in dating means checking your and your partner’s emotional and mental attitudes. Compatibility is a must in dating or in any other romantic relationship, and Vibe Check is a modern form of compatibility testing.

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