What Does “Streaks” Mean on Snapchat? Snapchat Streaks Decoded!

You have just joined Snapchat and started sending random snaps to your friends now and then. One day, a friend tells you to send an image daily to maintain the Streak. You get all confused because you need help understanding what that means. If this sounds familiar, this blog is what you need to know about Snapchat Streaks.

What do “Streaks” mean on Snapchat?

What does Streaks mean on Snapchat
What Does “Streaks” Mean on Snapchat?

A Snapchat Streak starts when two people message each other for at least three consecutive days. When that happens, a fire emoticon is displayed alongside the person’s name. You have been sending snaps daily if there is a number along with that emoticon. The number displayed will represent the days you have continued communicating consecutively with that person with images.

Also, remember that this conversation has to be from both sides. It will only be you and the person you’re communicating with who will be able to see these streaks. No one else can see that number beside you two.

If you want this number to keep growing, you will have to continue sending snaps daily without fail. It will also vanish the day you miss sending a Snap. People even remind each other to send a Snap when there is an hourglass beside the fire emoticon to represent it is time to send a Snap.

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Where have Snapchat “Streaks” come from? 

Snapchat, after its much-awaited release in 2011, has only grown in popularity and users. As this number of users grew, so did Snapchat’s features. One such feature was Snap Streaks, introduced in 2015 by the application.

The idea behind introducing this feature was a smart one by Snapchat. It was a great move that hooked people to this ephemeral texting platform. Snapchat has created a massive base of loyal fans who use this feature to keep their streaks going with friends. People also often catch up with each other using this feature only.

How to use Snapchat “Streaks”?

There are a few easy steps to start building a streak with your friend:

  • It is effortless to start with Snap Streaks since you only need to send a snap to your friend. Make sure they send it, too, because both people need to send the Snap to each other every 24 hours. Keep a few things in mind when you do that. Texting your friend will not count as a snap streak. You will have to share an individual snap since group snaps won’t count. However, you can send the same Snap to multiple people by selecting everyone’s names while sending it. Please do not use the images in spectacles or memories since they won’t count as a snap.
  • To start a streak, continue sending snaps for at least three days. If you snap at 2 pm the first day, and so does the other person, you have to exchange a Snap again before 2 pm the next day to maintain the Streak. Once you have done it for three days straight, you will officially have a Snapstreak. The number will keep growing for as many days as you continue to do that.

How to keep a Snapstreak going?

You may need to remember to share a Snap if you do it randomly at any time. Instead, make a schedule. Choose a tone between two of your major day tasks. For example, share a snap before you head for work and after you are done with your breakfast. This way, there will be a lesser chance of you forgetting to send it.

Be creative, and remember to send it all altogether. You can go as basic as writing ‘Streak’ on a black background. The third tip is extraordinary and risky. If you forget to share the Snap, you can choose someone you trust to be your savior. They can access your account and share a snap with your friends on your behalf to ensure you don’t lose the Streak.

What does Snapstreak mean in texts?

If someone has shared a snap that specifically mentions the word streak, it is probably because they want to start a snap streak with you. As we have explained, you can start by sending back a snap to that person.

Remember that you only need to send a snap if you feel like it. People often end up taking a lot of pressure on streaks hence affecting their lifestyle the same. It is something you should do for fun and not as a responsibility.


What is the number next to the fire emoticon on Snapchat chats?

The number next to the fire emoticon represents your streak count. In simple words, streak count is the number of days you have exchanged snaps with that person, consequently without fail.

Can one person keep Snapstreak going?

A single person can’t send snaps and keep a Snap streak going. It would be best if you got the other person to respond to your Snaps daily.

Can I send a picture from my camera roll as a streak?

You can share your camera roll picture with your friend, but that does not count as a Snapstreak. You must click a picture with Snapchat’s camera to increase the Streak.

Can you recover Snapstreak?

You can recover Snap Streaks only if you lose a streak due to a technical glitch in Snapchat. Otherwise, you cannot expect to recover your Streak if you did not send it.

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