What Does “FLCS” Mean on TikTok? Viral Slang FLCS Explained

FLCS stands for following, liking, commenting, and sharing. Have you ever come across this particular phrase? If you are into social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, etc., you may have seen this for the zillionth time.

FLCS, though used mainly in the short video-sharing platform TikTok, is not limited to any app. Anyone anywhere can use it. And this article is a complete breakdown of the TikTok favorite word, FLCS.

What Does “FLCS” Mean on TikTok?

What does FLCS mean on TikTok
What Does “FLCS” Mean on TikTok?

FLCS which stands for Follow, like, comment, and share, is one of the most critical things every creator wants their audience to do to their profile and content. And in TikTok, FLCS has the same meaning. But did FLSC originate on TikTok? Well, to answer this question, it’s a big NO. FLCS was not used by any TikTok before a Reddit user gave it meaning. Yes, you read it right, a Reddit user introduced this word, and he gave this explanation as well.

FLCS Full Form: What is it?

FLCS which means follow, like, comment, share. Social media is running only because of FLCS. Imagine if we don’t follow, like, or comment on someone’s content; what is the use of creating content? Every creator’s primary dream is to gain followers for their page, likes for their creation, valuable comments for their post, and, of course shares which can ultimately raise their follower count.

FLCS is not only limited to TikTok. As already said, FLCS was not introduced in TikTok or not given meaning by any TikTok. Now that people started consuming more content from social media. The content makers also started making more content. The increase in consumers increased creators. And at the end of the day, any creator wants to get more FLCS. People started using #FLCS to get more eyeballs on their content. The hashtag FLCS has more than 31 million views on TikTok.

The meaning of the word FLCS is not just limited to Follow, Like, Comment and Share. There are some other meanings that you deserve to know. FLCS also stands for Flight Control System, Fiat- Lancia Club Serbia, etc.,

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In Which Condition do people say “FLCS” on social media?

Creators use FLCS in their comments and caption section. It pushes people to consider following or liking the post. For example, Don’t Forget to #FLCS.

Many creators use it in their captions, or some even say it in their videos.

What other slang has TikTok generated?

After introducing TikTok and other short-form content production platforms, people started getting addicted and attracted to more short-form content. And this is not just limited to the form of content but also impacts how people communicate. And we can’t overlook that TikTok is one of the important reasons behind this. Let us look at some of the words TikTok has generated.

  1. DNI– Do not interact. It is used in the video as a warning sign for people below 18 years of age.
  2. FYP– For your page. It boosts the video and pushes it to show up on your page.
  3. Shadowban- This is banned from social media platforms. When your content is shadowbanned, your content can’t appear on anyone’s page.
  4. Caught in 4k- If someone gets caught red-handed.
  5. PFP– Profile Picture. Your display picture.
  6. Say less- If someone agrees with your point, you don’t have to talk more to convince them.
  7. Brown- Skin color. Most Asian people are called brown people.
  8. YT- White. It is also a skin color that represents a white color.
  9. GOAT- Greatest of All Time. Something that is tremendously good.
  10. BBL– Brazilian Butt Lift. Brazilian surgery.


What does FLCS mean by TikTok?

In TikTok, FLCS means Follow, Like, Comment and share.

What does FLCS mean in Slang?

FLCS stands for Follow, Like, Comment, and Share. One of the main aims of the creators is to gain more FLCS on their page.

What does FLCS mean on Instagram?

In Instagram, FLCS means Follow, Like, Comment, Share. Not just on Instagram, this is the same meaning for the word FLCS in any other content creation and consumption platform.

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