What Does “SB” Mean on Snapchat?

When someone starts using Snapchat, they might need to become more familiar with the terminology people use within the app. It is good to look up reliable sources for an explanation as it helps avoid misinterpreting the terms.

On Snapchat, “SB” means “Snap Back.” So, this article will cover more about SB and its use on the instant messaging app Snapchat.

What Does “SB” mean on Snapchat?

SB meaning on Snapchat
What Does “SB” Mean on Snapchat?

As you start using Snapchat, SB means ‘Snap Back.’ This abbreviation means that if someone sends a snap or a ‘message,’ you may or may not respond. However, if someone has sent you a snap to maintain the streak, you must also reply. If you forget, the person can remind you to snap back (SB) to maintain the streak.

Soon after you reply promptly, you will observe a fire streak with a number next to the name. People refer to snaps when they describe photos or videos that tend to disappear in a few seconds. Beyond everything else, the short form means the same regardless of whether it’s stated in capital or small letters.

Where did “SB” come from?

The term SB is used to refer to two words, ‘Snap Back.’ It means that when someone receives the message ‘SB,’ then the person is expected to reply to the sender with a snap. This will help to maintain the streak or the snaps posted in the instant messaging app one after the other. The streak becomes longer as the snaps are shared daily in the app.

Note: An hourglass emoji signifies that you haven’t yet sent a snap in the last 24 hours, and you should do it immediately to avoid losing the streak.

How to Use “SB”?

Whenever you want a quick reply to your snap, an SB message can notify the other person to maintain the streak. Besides, a person often sends ‘SB’ to other people if they have not yet replied to the snap. On the other hand, you can text ‘Can you SB?’ to someone if you’re bored with what you’re doing in those instances. Moreover, people can use the abbreviation SB in different contexts.

If you text the individual that you want to add SB to a private story, it means “Somebody.” It signifies a request to send a snap so you can add it to your private story. However, if you come across the phrase, ‘SB for a streak,’ it implies that the other person must respond with a snap (photo or video) so that the snap streak keeps moving ahead. On the contrary, if you receive a message like ‘don’t SB,’ the person doesn’t want you to create a streak with them. So, in that case, you should not snap back. 

How to Reply to “SB”?

When you receive the message with the abbreviation ‘SB,’ it denotes that you must send a snap immediately. However, this is entirely optional, and you must not be under any obligation if you don’t feel like sending a snap.

Now, let’s check out how you can send a snap on Snapchat. While you use Snapchat, it’s easy to SB a Snapchat user. It is similar to sending regular photos as you usually do with your friends.

Firstly, you need to open chat and tap on the camera icon. You must click a picture of yourself or anything around you and send it as a snap.

What Does “SB” Mean on Texting?

The abbreviation “SB” can refer to “somebody,” i.e., someone anonymous or a person who is unknown to you. For instance, you can text your friend that you heard from SB online that celebrities don’t like the latest fashion trend.

If your partner texts you “SB,” it can mean that they want to call you their “Sugar Baby.” Many times, calling a partner “SB” is a way people in a relationship flirt with each other.

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What are some other Meanings of ‘SB’?

Besides the usual meanings on Snapchat, SB can also refer to other meanings. So, here’s a list of what the abbreviation signifies in various contexts.

  • Soft Block
  • Antimony
  • Senate Bill
  • Stolen Base
  • Sugar Baby

Soft Block:

On most social media platforms, ‘Soft Block’ is referred to unfollowing and removing a person from their private list of social media followers. People use such an option only when they don’t want to block the person. Hence, when you hear your friends speaking about “SBing someone,” it perhaps means soft blocking the individual.


As you go through a periodic table in Chemistry, you will notice ‘Sb’ written in one of the blocks. This short form stands for the element, Antimony because people used to call it ‘Stibium’ in the historical era. 

Senate Bill:

The proposed legislation is known as a Senate Bill if you observe government documents. For example, SB 1383 is a term used for an environmental bill introduced in California.

Stolen Base:

When you read an article related to baseball, you will observe the word ‘SB.’ This word denotes that a baserunner has moved ahead by gaining a base he doesn’t deserve. Such a situation can arise when the pitcher tries to go for a pickoff or a team player throws the ball to the pitcher.

Sugar Baby:

There are many instances when you will observe two people dating use “SB” while they text each other. The term means ‘Sugar Baby’ when they refer to their partner.

“SB” Meaning on Gaming

In gaming, many individuals use SB to refer to another person as ‘dumbass.’ Besides, the term also means ‘Shabi’ in Chinese. Hence, when a player sends a message with ‘sb,’ you’re not playing the game skilfully. The term can also mean you don’t have experience playing that game.

Apart from this, people also use SB when they want to utter ‘Shibal’ (a curse word in the Korean language). Players sometimes will also use the abbreviation SB for ‘Shadow Blade,’ a weapon synonymous with a slender specter.


What does SB mean on Snapchat?

When people use the term SB on Snapchat, they mean that they want the other person to ‘Snap Back.’

What does SB mean in the text?

If individuals send text messages with the term SB, it means ‘somebody.’ In such a context, SB refers to an unknown or a random person.

What’s SB in Slang?

SB in slang can mean different things depending on the actual context. It can mean ‘Shabi’ in Chinese or “Shibal” in Korean.

What does SB mean in text from a girl?

If a girl dating you writes the term ‘SB’ in the text, she means to call you her “Sugar Baby.” However, if you are not dating her, SB can mean she is asking you to “Snap Back.”

What does SB mean sexually?

SB means “Sugar Baby” in sexual terms. Many people use the term SB when they refer to their same-sex partner.

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