What Does “Bing Bong” Mean on TikTok? With Example

Viral challenges and slang are a colossal part of TikTok or any social media platform. People are constantly trying new things on social media that have somehow become a trend. But it becomes difficult for someone who spends only a little bit of time on social media to keep track of all these trends.

One such trend has been people screaming ‘Bing Bong’ in TikTok videos. It has gotten all of us wondering what it means. Well, that is what this blog is about. It will clear all your doubts about the meaning of “Bing Bong” on TikTok and how it is used variably all-over social media.

What Does “Bing Bong” Mean on TikTok?

What Does "Bing Bong" Mean on TikTok?
What Does “Bing Bong” Mean on TikTok?

For someone from New York, ‘Bing Bong’ must have been a familiar term even before it became viral on the internet. Why? It is because this ‘Bing Bong’ sound is what MTA trains play when they make sure that the riders are clear of the door.

For starters, you must know that the “Bing Bong” trend was bought on TikTok by Sidetalk creators- ‘Jack Bryne and Trent Simonian.’ While explaining why Trent used this sound, he said- “I think we wanted something that worked as a resemblance for New York City.

@lilbaldiee #bingbong ♬ original sound – Sqlt

The MTA train sounds do that job perfectly. Jack added that people tend to relate more to a song or a trend when they associate it with a personal experience. This sound hits back a memory for New York people.

Due to Sidetalk getting popular, a lot of users on TikTok have taken voice lines from the videos and have stitched them up in order to make humorous content. An example of the same can be seen in this video by the user who goes by @lilnasx on TikTok.



♬ Sub to 09Sunnyy – 09SunnyTTV

Due to the popularity of the #bingbong, which has received almost 2 billion views at the time of writing this article, people tend to use it in videos that have nothing to do with the hashtag. However, since the hashtag is quite popular, there is a chance that by doing so, their videos may get noticed and might go viral.

In Which Condition do people say “Bing Bong” on social media?

Bing Bong entered the world when “SideTalkNYC” first uploaded a video of some knick fans. They were reportedly celebrating the win outside the stadium. While the fans were screaming excitedly about the victory to the camera, one fan could be heard screaming two words only – “Bing Bong.” The fan said this with a straight face, adding to the situation’s humor and words. The knick fans picked up the phrase, and it became popular. As any trend makes its way to TikTok popularity, this video of fans went to millions, and everyone started using the phrase.

How the trend gained popularity has to do with the official New York Knicks page on Twitter. They posted a video of one of their players scoring a basket. They captioned this video ‘Bing Bong.’ With such an exciting history, the words “Bing Bong” has entered all spheres of life. The phrase dominates the sports, entertainment, fashion, and political worlds. While it is believed that the humor behind the phrase will fade one day, there will be never-ending entertainment coming from such street celebrations forever.

The most famous “Bing Bong videos” on TikTok include the man who gave the world the words. One creator came across him in the streets and asked him what he would like to say to all the older women. Other videos have a famous Bing Bong audio, and people are doing something funny using that audio. One renowned video has created a remix version of the Bing Bong audio. Others randomly use the hashtag for more views with nothing to do with Bing Bong in their video. As with any trend, the hashtag for “Bing Bong” has gained followers. And hence, many videos use it even though it is entirely unrelated content.

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Example of Bing Bong Meaning on TikTok

Have you found yourself all flipped out as people on TikTok lip-sync to the audio of Bing Bong? They not only dance or sing but also aggressively shout Bing Bong at times. If you have tried to keep up with all trends, you will understand that this trend has got everyone in the loop. Bing Bong has become everyone’s for your page’s anthem on TikTok.

@chillblakechill #fyp #trending #bingbong BING BONG ORIGINATOR : @nems_fyl ♬ original sound – Don’t Tell Me Chill
@lilbaldiee #bingbong ♬ original sound – Sqlt
@mr.porpilia All adventures must come to an end… #teach #teacher #teacherlife #teachersoftiktok #classroom #school #bingbong #insideout #MrPorpilia ♬ Originalton – 🫶🏼
@crashbbmc On todays episode of wtf is even going on #gfym #fyp #717 #pa #bingbong #zoinked #bugginout #SpotifyWrapped ♬ original sound – Bigboi

What other slang has TikTok generated?

It is not just “Bing Bong” but many other slangs living rent-free in people’s minds these days. If you do not know the meaning of the phrase mentioned in the former sentence, you need to go through the list of slang below:

  • Cheugy: Pronounced as chew-gee, this slang word is used by millennials for someone who tries too hard to be trendy. As you can notice, this word is open for interpretation. This is what sets it apart and makes it so appealing to youth.
  • Ok Boomer: Ok Boomer is what this generation uses to express their anger while putting an end to a debate. It is also used to set baby boomers apart from youngsters to represent the boomers’ close-minded and out-of-touch opinions.
  • Tea: When someone sends you a text saying: give me some tea, do not take it to literal terms. It means that they want you to offer them some latest gossip. As the tea is hot, they also wish to gossip hot.
  • Rent-free: Living in your mind rent-free. This is what people put in their captions these days. It means that these people believe they are always in your mind. Also, it can be a show, audio, or video stuck in your mind.
  • The Ick: The Ick is what GenZs feel towards someone when that person does something disgusting, and the former person feels like cutting all ties with him. People now call out videos publicly that give them the ‘ick.’ You can consider it to express disgust.


What does Bing Bong slang mean?

The slang appeared when a Knicks fan excitedly said the words after a win. The people of New York primarily use the term. The phrase does not have a meaning and is used anywhere and everywhere.

When can you use the slang “Bing Bong”?

Given that the phrase holds no sense whatsoever, one can use Bing Bong wherever they want. Most people use it when they are excited about something. For example, you can use it when you have a mic drop-type revelation.

What is Bing Bong on TikTok?

If someone has been to New York City, they would know the sound of NYC Subway doors. These doors make the sound of “Bing Bong” only. That sound is going viral after an excited knick fan said Bing Bong while celebrating.

What is Bing Bong in dating?

Bing Bong in dating represents a sense of excitement. For example, you can use it when your crush says yes.

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