What Does “Zesty” Mean on TikTok? Slang “Zesty” Explained

Whenever people scroll through TikTok, they come across different dances, songs, and many posts related to various topics. But, as time passes, you will observe new phrases and slang terms individuals would not have heard about.

Zesty on TikTok often refers to behavior that is so flamboyant that it can be mistaken as being homosexual. It is usually to refer to the sexual nature of something. However, it is mostly used in a mocking or joking manner.

While many people know the meaning, others have not yet understood the meaning in the app’s context. So, in this article, you will learn more about the word ‘Zesty,’ which is popular among TikTok users.

What Does Zesty mean on TikTok?

What Does "Zesty" Mean on TikTok?
What Does “Zesty” Mean on TikTok?

As you will observe with many social media websites, the trends prevailing on TikTok have led to an entirely different set of words. Going through the comments section, you will also come across anonymous terms or words.

On TikTok, Zesty refers to behavior that is effeminate and sexual in nature. It is typically used for men displaying behavior that may resemble the behavior of stereotypical homosexual people. While some may consider the usage of the word problematic due to its tendency of reinforcing harmful stereotypes against the LGBTQ+ community, one should note that the word’s meaning and usage rarely aims to do so and must take it as a joke.

@yockopprl1n #zesty #zestytrends #prank #fypシ #dingdongditchprank ♬ son original – yockopprl1n

The term “zesty” can also be used to describe something that is sexually attractive or provocative in nature. For example, a sensual moan can be referred to as a “zesty moan”, a dance that looks sexy may be called a “zesty” dance, an image that is very revealing and sexually provocative may be called a “zesty thirst trap (revealing and sexual photographs one uploads on social media in order to get attention from someone without directly asking for it)” and so on.

@centra_l #fyp #fypシ #xyzbca #rage #zesty #areyouseriousrightnow #onlyinohio #2017fortnite ♬ original sound – Central

Zesty: What is it?

When you look up into the dictionary about the meaning of the word ‘Zesty,’ it means that something is brimming with energy and enthusiasm in an appealing manner. Zesty is an adjective formed from the word ‘zest,’ which means the peel of a lemon or the outer portion of an orange that people add to recipes. Once they add the peel to the recipes, it helps to enhance the flavor.

On the contrary, people use the adjective differently on TikTok. If a particular trend or a video on TikTok leads to excitement, then people will use the word ‘Zesty.’ Moreover, people will also think about using the word ‘Zesty’ to describe someone who is attractive and causes some kind of stimulation. Interestingly, the hashtag #Zesty has received more than 425 million views on TikTok receives millions of views on TikTok.

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Zesty origin on TikTok

The origin of this term being used in the context it is used today can be traced back to a video that was uploaded by the user @david_is_lamee. The video involves a bunch of men posing effeminately as a joke.

@david_is_lamee #greenscreen 🤪🤪🤪 #fyp #viral #joke #sassy #sassyshooter #zesty ♬ MURDAMAN YungManny – yungmanny

From there, it caught popularity and spread all over TikTok, being used in a similar manner.

Under which situations do people use with the word ‘Zesty’ on social media?

As you go through the website of TikTok, you will observe many videos that feature the term ‘Zesty.’ Among the videos, you will notice the word in a caption for a group of men singing inside the bath…” with “Zesty is often used to call out behavior that feels sexual in nature.

Zesty is often used to call out behavior that feels sexual in nature. This can be behavior that is too flamboyant or it can be moments that just look sexual or homosexual without the person intending for it to be so.

@swagdickmatt My boy Josiah a lockdown corner #zesty #sween #onlyatbing ♬ original sound – Subezewo

How is Zesty used in a sentence?

Zesty can be used in the following ways when you are talking to someone.


  1. Adam is looking a little zesty in those pants.
  2. The way he walks is quite zesty!
  3. Did you check her TikTok last night? It was quite zesty!

What are the other slang terms you will observe on TikTok?

When the modern generation started using TikTok, many people came across a new set of slang terms on social media. But, while the individuals continued to figure out the meaning of the words, such terms seemed to be thoroughly confusing. This case arose when people consider English a second language apart from the one, they speak in their country. So, here’s a list of slang terms that people commonly use on social media platforms.

  • POV This term stands for ‘Point of View.’ It usually refers to the style in which a video depicts the viewer’s perception. As someone goes through the video, he will know more about the trend and what a person interprets from a particular situation.
  • FYP This abbreviation is a short form of ‘For You Page.’ Once you navigate the website of TikTok, you will observe a hashtag, #FYP. Such an abbreviation directs a person to a home page and a list of videos based on the user’s interests and interactions.
  • Heather With the evolution of TikTok, many users have come up with new words you will not find in the dictionary. While Conan Gray was the creator of the song, ‘Heather,’ the entire song revolves around the infatuation a person has with someone.
  • Cheugy – This slang term denotes that some individuals are not as per the current trend. People will also use the word ‘cheugy’ when describing something that is not trendy or according to contemporary times.
  • ShadowBan – This word has gained popularity on TikTok and other social media channels. People often use this word when someone is banned from posting on a social media platform. In that case, the visual content will not be visible to everyone and will not be presented with the hashtag #FYP.

Examples of ‘Zesty’ meaning on TikTok

Soon after you search for the hashtag ‘#Zesty’ on the official website of TikTok, you will immediately observe some hilarious videos. So, let’s go through when people have used the word ‘Zesty’ on social media platforms.

@centra_l #fyp #fypシ #xyzbca #rage #zesty #areyouseriousrightnow #onlyinohio #2017fortnite ♬ original sound – Central

A young boy is playing a video game. In those instances, people have used the word ‘Zesty’ to describe the style and enthusiasm with which the boy is playing the game.

@juliano_so_cute_lowkey #comedy #xyzcba #fypシ #rizz #rizzgod #dance #swag #zesty #nectar ♬ Rich Flex – Drake & 21 Savage

At times, people have used the word ‘Zesty’ when someone is trying to portray his style through a video. As the ultra-stylish young boy enters the shopping arcade, he insists a lady shoot a video. In the next instance, the boy starts boasting about his style, dancing and singing a rap song.

@calebhuffffff finally 😜😜#foryou#foryoupage ♬ Munch (Feelin’ U) – Ice Spice

A boy is using the word ‘Zesty’ when the boy is alone in the room, and he starts shaking his body and hands to the beats and tune of the song.


What is the meaning of the word ‘Zesty’ on TikTok?

Whenever an individual associates the word ‘Zesty’ with a video, it signifies enthusiasm and the emotion it evokes in mind.

What does ‘Zesty’ mean on Instagram?

The word ‘Zesty’ mostly refers to being full of enthusiasm and energy. But, when you come across the word ‘Zesty,’ people talk about the trends or videos that are quite exciting to watch.

Where does the word ‘Zesty’ come from?

The word ‘Zesty’ is derived from the word ‘zest.’ Many people relate the word ‘zest’ to different kinds of cuisines when something is added to enhance the flavor.

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