What Does “Ratio” Mean on TikTok? With Example

While TikTok continues to rule the digital culture, we have trained ourselves to adapt to a new dialect or phrase almost daily. One that is often used and tweeted on TikTok and across all social media a fact is ‘Ratio.’ As usual, the word’s meaning is also very different on TikTok than in our daily lives.

If we try explaining the meaning of ‘Ratio’ in simple words, when someone is Ratioed on TikTok, it means that their content has received more comments than likes. If you decipher the context of it, it means that more people disagree with your content than those who agree.

What Does “Ratio” Mean on TikTok?

Hence, when a piece of content has received numerous responses but not in terms of likes, the audience has a bad take on that content. The content and the creator get Ratioed as a result. If any reply to your comment has also received more likes than your comment itself, you are Ratioed in that case too.

Another famous and hyped social media platform- Twitter, has used the term “Ratioed” used widely. If your tweet goes unpopular, you will find more quotes mocking your words than the number of likes on the tweet. If this happens, you would be termed as ‘Ratioed.’

In Which Condition do people say “Ratio” on social media?

When a video or a tweet is termed ‘Ratioed,’ it has probably received a terrible take in comments, and people are talking about that take more than the tweet or the video itself. On TikTok, though, it might also carry a positive meaning. People on a video often comment, ‘Ratio me 1:1’. That means they want their comment to match the number of likes on the content. By writing this, they are requesting everyone to give that reaction to their comment.

For example, if a video on TikTok has XXX likes, the one commenting ‘Ratio me’ expects exactly XXX likes on his comment. While sometimes people consider this a genuine and worthy request, other times, no one even notices it. If the comment adds value to the video’s context, do people give it the Ratio treatment? It works like a dream in such cases. However, in extreme dislike cases, someone replying under the ‘Ratio me’ comment may get the Ratio treatment instead of the original comment. This is considered the worst definition of being Ratioed on TikTok.

If you are someone who cares about TikTok likes, getting ratioed can be your worst nightmare. It needs to be clarified how the term Ratioed is used on TikTok. It means the top comment receives more likes than the video, or the reply to a comment receives more likes than that. There are many extents of Ratio demand, and people sometimes comment 1:1:1:1 on a video. It means they expect the same or more likes on their comment and the three replies to their comment. There are people on TikTok who often judge which comment deserves this treatment.

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Example of “Ratio” Meaning on TikTok

It is entirely understandable if you still need to understand what Ratio means. You are not alone. The Ratio is prevalent in TikTok comments- people asking for an explanation of the meaning of Ratio.

Ironically, their comment gets Ratioed at times. If this explanation was not enough, maybe the examples below can help you understand ‘Ratioed’ much better:


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What other slang has TikTok generated?

Many brands now in 2022 have started focusing on the GenZs for their growth. GenZs means the TikTok generation, which spends most of its day scrolling and creating content online. While they do that, they have created a separate dictionary for the world. This dictionary has words that people away from TikTok find challenging to understand. Here is a list of some of such slang words:

  • Finsta: Finsta is what this generation calls their backup Instagram account. This generation prefers having two Instagram accounts. One where they can post anything relevant only to their close friends. Other, the account that is for the world to see. With the latter, they may spend hours editing a video to make an impression.
  • Karen: Karen is what these kids call someone who behaves like an older woman. This woman is racist, acts entitled, and is condescending to almost everyone. She is also constantly complaining about something or the other. Whenever someone is called Karen, it goes like an insult.
  • Main Character: As everyone at some point in their lives has fantasized their lives to be like the main character of a TV show, book, or movie, so does this generation. Teens nowadays motivate each other to idolize themselves as they do with their favorite main characters. They write ‘main character vibes’ when they think they are doing something the main character does.
  • Simp: Simp, although it should not, comes as an insult to the kids today. When someone is overly expressive of their love for someone, they are called a simp. They also say it like- simping over someone. Simp is also used for someone desperate for women’s attention. It often has a negative connotation.
  • To unalive: You may not believe it for how morbid it is; this phrase means to die. To be specific, they die by suicide. People used this on TikTok to respect the ban on the words around death.


What does Ratio slang mean?

The slang ‘Ratio’ was used on Twitter and TikTok in its social media sense. It was used to refer to a situation where a post on social media has more replies and comments than the number of likes. This indicates that the post has been criticized negatively, and people are mocking the post.

What is considered a good Ratio on TikTok?

What is considered satisfactory for a video on TikTok is a 1:10 Ratio. This Ratio is for the number of likes to the number of views. This Ratio indicates that there shall be at least one like for ten views on that video.

What does the Ratio mean on TikTok?

The Ratio is a popular slang used all over social media. Its meaning on social media differs from the one in daily life. TikTok revolves around the comment section. ‘Ratioed’ on TikTok means that someone’s comment on a piece of content has more likes than the content.

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