What Does “OTP” Mean on Snapchat?

In the modern era, many individuals use Snapchat to stay connected with friends. But, when you start using the instant messaging app, you observe some friends typing the word ‘OTP.’

On Snapchat, ‘OTP’ mostly refers to ‘On the Phone,’ ‘One True Pairing,’ or ‘One Time Password.’ As you read ahead, you will learn more about OTP and its use on Snapchat.

What Does “OTP” mean on Snapchat?, Texting, Instagram

What Does "OTP" Mean on Snapchat?
What Does “OTP” Mean on Snapchat?

There are multiple popular meanings of ‘OTP.’ However, if you’ve been using Snapchat for a long time, then the most used meaning of ‘OTP’ is ‘On the Phone.’

Most of the time, you will observe the term in many private messages. For instance, if you’re busy with a conversation on a call, you use the term ‘OTP.’ It means you’re unavailable to speak with the individual, and they can try connecting with you later.

Besides the usual meaning, OTP also stands for ‘One True Pairing!’ People associate this term with the shipping culture. People will use such a term when they imagine themselves in a relationship with someone else.

Where did “OTP” come from?

Even when individuals use the term ‘OTP’ most commonly on Snapchat, the origin of the term can be traced way back to 2003. Many individuals noticed this word when using platforms like Xanga and LiveJournal.

But, in simple language, OTP is an abbreviation that you will find in plain English. Additionally, as per the findings of ‘Know Your Meme,’ the term OTP was first used to refer to the dynamic members of the band NSYNC. Chris Kirkpatrick formed this band in 1995. In those instances, many individuals observed the term’s usage in 2002.

On Tumblr, this term is used when individuals update blogs. While the term also appeared in the fan circles known in the early 2000s, it was stated in the online slang dictionary on 18th September 2003.

How to Use “OTP”?

If people use OTP as a short form for ‘One True Pairing,’ it refers to a fictional couple that shares a bond.

For instance, when you wish to speak effusively about a show or fan fiction, you can tell your friends about it through Snapchat. In those instances, you can state that the particular fictional story or show is your OTP.

On the other hand, if you’re busy speaking with someone on a call, you can send a text message stating that you’re on OTP.

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How to Reply to “OTP”?

There are a few ways in which you can replay to an ‘OTP.’ First and foremost, you can let your friend know what you think about the OTP or the relationship between two fictional characters. You can also think about sharing your own OTP if it differs from what your friend has already stated. But, regardless of what you intend to reply, make sure that nothing sounds offensive.

For example, if your friend loves Fenris/Hawke in the Dragon Age franchise, you can instantly respond to the shipper you like in the media franchise. Besides, you can also state what you’ll watch in the future and which pair will be your ‘One True Pair (OTP)’ in the series.

Beyond the above situation, you mustn’t reply to an ‘OTP’ message at some moments. If the person conveys that they are ‘on the phone,’ you can patiently wait for him to send a message later. But, if you wish to reply to the message with the ‘On the Phone’ abbreviation, you can immediately reply ‘Okay!’

There’s yet another case when you shouldn’t reply to an OTP in the next instance. You need not reply when you get a ‘One Time Password’ over text, as they are automated in the background.

What Does “OTP” Mean on Texting?

When sending a text message to your friend, ‘OTP’ can mean many different things.

On The Phone:

OTP can stand for the phrase ‘On the Phone.’ Such a kind of message is sent when the individual doesn’t have spare time to talk and is chatting with someone on their phone.

One True Pairing:

OTP can also mean ‘One True Pairing’ in a different context. For instance, if you’re texting your friend about a show, you have been watching recently, you can state the abbreviation ‘OTP’ to describe the relationship between two fictional characters.

One-Time Password:

Outside social platforms, OTP often refers to ‘One Time Password.’ In the current era, many companies use ‘One Time Passwords’ to enhance security for their users. This password is a number that an individual receives for 2-factor authentication and data protection.

What are some other Meanings of “OTP”?

In addition to the usual meanings, OTP also means numerous things. Here’s the list of what the term OTP means in different contexts.

  • On The Piss
  • One Time Pad
  • Off-Topic Post
  • Off the Pigs
  • Outside the Perimeter

Now, let’s check out the meanings of the above phrases one after the other.

On The Piss:

When someone uses the phrase ‘on the piss,’ they are trying to use it informally and in an impolite way. According to an online dictionary, the phrase refers to a state in which an individual is heavily drunk.

One Time Pad:

In cryptography, One Time Pad (OTP) is an encryption technique that an individual can’t crack unethically. But, if the individual wants to crack the technique, they will have to use a pre-shared key that is not smaller than the message sent.

Off-Topic Post:

If you describe an article as an off-topic post, the writer has included irrelevant information. Moreover, the phrase also means that the writer has written something different than the content presented online.

Off The Pigs:

When you search for the meaning of the phrase, ‘off the pigs’, it is a name of a book written by G. Louis Heath. As you go through the book, it tells you more about the Black Panther Party. Besides, the phrase can also mean to make a person angry. 

Outside The Perimeter:

If you want to speak about a plot of land, you can use the phrase ‘outside the perimeter’ for the boundary. This phrase refers to the area beyond the boundary of the landscape.

“OTP” Meaning on Gaming

In gaming, the actual meaning of ‘OTP’ is ‘One Trick Pony.’ You will come across the term whenever you’re busy playing ‘League of Legends.’ With the term considered, the individual focuses on playing the online game with only one character.

As the player moves ahead with the online game, they know they can play pretty well when the character is moving across a virtual landscape. This way, the player can accomplish the highest levels when the game progresses. 


What does OTP mean on Snapchat?

OTP on Snapchat means ‘One True Pairing.’ Snapchat users commonly use this term to refer to a relationship between fictional characters.

What does OTP mean in text?

When you text someone that ‘You’re ‘On the Phone (OTP), it means that you’re busy speaking with someone on the mobile phone and unavailable to speak.

What’s OTP in Slang?

In slang language, OTP means ‘One True Pairing.’ This term denotes a romantic relationship between two fictional characters while you’re watching a favorite show or a series.

What does OTP mean in text from a girl?

When you receive a text message with the term ‘OTP’ from a girl, it signifies that the girl is in love with you and wants to move ahead with a healthy relationship.

What does OTP mean in TikTok?

Besides Snapchat, individuals also use the term ‘OTP’ on TikTok. OTP is an acronym that means ‘on the phone.’ It doesn’t have the same meaning as in the fan culture. 

What does OTP mean sexually?

While OTP means ‘One True Pairing,’ it also signifies that an individual wants to share a bond and a relationship that involves emotional intimacy.

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