What Does “Flex” Mean on TikTok?

Scrolling on TikTok, you will find people Flexing their muscles, money, or assets. TikTok is known not only for its upbeat and fast-paced videos, and thus, people often use the term “Flex” to refer to it in short. We cannot blame you for not being able to understand the term in one go.

On TikTok, “Flex” refers to “to show off” or “the act of Flexing or bragging in front of others.” People comment “Flex” when someone is Flexing something. GenZs use this word everywhere in videos and comment sections. Read ahead to know all that there is to know about ‘Flex.’

What Does “Flex” Mean on TikTok?

What Does Flex Mean on TikTok
What Does “Flex” Mean on TikTok?

Flex is a widely used term on TikTok, and it only has one meaning: to boast or brag. However, what people brag about in front of their ring lights varies from person to person. There has even been a viral Flex challenge on TikTok. Many people took part in it and made interesting content around it.

One such video that went viral was by MP Baey Yam Keng. Others who took part in the challenge made videos using Jaymes Young’s song. In these videos, most people shone a light on their back to boast about their muscles. Baey, too brought his ring light and Flexed some of his muscles. He even turned around and set up a live chat after this video.

While most people stuck to the original idea of boasting muscles, some took it up a notch. They showcased varied talents and boasted about them. People even showcased variety by using different lights. Even a dental nurse was seen using a machine’s light to attempt the challenge. Famous TikTok bravenyeo topped the game by using a 2000-watt lamp. This way, Flex on TikTok for people has only had one meaning – showcasing something they are proud to have.

Flex: What is it?

As the former meaning in the urban dictionary suggests, Flexing does not necessarily have to be about muscles. Flexing carries a phony connotation. As per updated dictionaries, Flexing can refer to someone attempting to brag over something they do not have. That person often straight-up lies about their possessions and appearances.

Also, Flexing can have another confident meaning too. When someone is describing their Flex, they can refer to something they are most proud to have. It can be an achievement, something they possess, or a skill. It can easily be that people find that Flex unimpressive. Such situations get awkward. In this situation, many users reply, ‘weird Flex but okay. ‘You may have come across this phrase more times than we can imagine on social media.

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In Which situation do people say “Flex” on social media?

People first used the term “Flex” in a bodybuilder show where they showed their strength. The former meaning of it was someone who is insincere and arrogant, as suggested by the rapper Ice Cube.

Here are a few Situations of How People are Using it Nowadays:

Situation 1

  • Person 1: Give me that bat, bro. I play well.
  • Person 2: Stop Flexing, idiot.

Situation 2

  • Person 1: How was your baseball victory party?
  • Person 2: People were arrogant there. I wanted a no-Flex zone.

Situation 3

  • Person 1: There has been some progress in our relationship. She does not bang the door in my face now.
  • Person 2: Weird Flex, but okay.

Situation 4

  • Person 1: See, don’t my muscles look better today?
  • Person 2: Stop Flexing so much, bro.

What are the other slang terms you will observe on TikTok?

The generation today’s knowledge depends on how much time they spend on TikTok. They find it an insult if they are unaware of a trend or a slang term. To help such kids polish their slang dictionary, here is a list of some most commonly used slang terms on TikTok:

  • FR: For Real
  • FYP: For You Page
  • GYATT: Abbreviation for goddam. Used by a boy when he sees an attractive girl.
  • IB: Inspired By
  • KLM: Calm, Fine
  • Looted: Good fashion sense or style
  • Moots: People you follow and who follow you back
  • NSFR: Not Safe For Ramdan
  • Pick Me Girl: A girl who is desperate for attention, especially from boys

Example of Flex meaning on TikTok

@enamoradalina What’s your biggest flex? 🤔 #flex #mybiggestflex #englishspoken #englishslang #englishwithalina #englishlesson #englishclass #learnontiktok ♬ Pour Moi TMB (instrumental) v1.1 – Tangelene Bolton
@hiromiacts FLEX! DUET ME #hiromiacts #actingchallenge ♬ ONE PIECE OP but EDM by Alex Kade – “Alex Kade” on Spotify ✨🥁🎸
@ericmsimons Reply to @negahlamp What does the slang term “flex” mean. I have the definition. #wrongdefinition #millennialsguidetogenzlingo #ericmsimons ♬ original sound – Eric


What does Flex mean on TikTok?

When someone is explaining their Flex on TikTok, they are referring to something they can show off. It can be a skill, a possession, or an achievement.

What does Flex mean in slang?

The times have moved from Flexing your muscles to Flexing your accomplishments. Flexing now means showing off anything you are proud to have.

What does Flex mean on Instagram?

It can mean showing off your muscles if you have good ones. It can also simply mean you are showing off anything you are proud to have.

What does Flex mean in dating?

Flex is believed to be when two people are not just casually hooking up but are not an official couple.

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