What Does MB Mean on Snapchat? Decoding viral slang MB

MB stands for “My Bad” on Snapchat. But just not that, MB is a versatile acronym. There are many meanings associated with this acronym. If someone just sends you MB and you are confused with the word, then don’t worry.

Here in this article, we will discuss the complete meaning and history of MB. Not just that, we will also discuss how to use MB and what you should reply to when someone sends MB to you. So tighten your belt, grab a cup of your coffee, and start reading.

What Does MB mean on Snapchat?

MB Meaning Snapchat
What Does “MB” Mean on Snapchat?

MB stands for “My Bad” on Snapchat. If you did something wrong or something regretful or you forgot something, you can use MB online. If you are going to accept your mistake, you can use MB. In short, MB is used when you do something wrong or misunderstand someone or something. MB is used to show that you are sorry and regret your decision. You can use MB as an alternative for “my fault,” “pardon,” “Oops,” “mea culpa,” etc. MB also stands for “May Be.” If you are not sure about something, you can use MB online.

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Where Does “MB” come from?

MB stands for “My Bad” on Snapchat. The phrase “My Bad” means you regret what you have done or said. The word was first used in the 1970s. Evidence shows the word was first spelled in the 1970s. But the word came to the public in the year 1986 by A. Wolff and C. Wielgus. Wolff and Weigus are the authors of the book “Back in your face guide to pack up a basketball.” But not many people used the word at that time. It was only in the year 1995, the movie “Clueless,” that the phrase became famous. The word became popular online, and most people started using MB.

How to use “MB?”

MB is used when you do something wrong, or you misunderstand something. You can use MB to show that you regret your words and actions. However, you can look at the following examples to understand how to use MB.

Example 1:

  • Person 1: Did you take that blue umbrella from your home? I need it.
  • Person 2: Oh, I forgot. MB. I will buy another one for you.

Example 2:

  • Person 1: Can’t you make it to the party tonight? You’re going to miss it.
  • Person 2: No. I can’t make it. MB, I have to complete this thesis tonight.

Example 3:

  • Person 1: When will you come to the US?
  • Person 2: I’m not coming to the US. I’m going to China.
  • Person 1: Oh, MB. I thought we would enjoy it when you come to the US.

How to reply to “MB?”

Most of the time, people use “MB” when they regret doing something. In that case, you can tell them things that can soothe them.

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Example 1:

  • Person 1: It’s MB. I couldn’t make it to the party.
  • Person 2: Come on. No issues. You can join us next week.

Example 2:

  • Person 1: I ate the remaining pizza last night. MB. I have a heaving stomach.
  • Person 2: Here, take the pill. You will feel good.

Example 3:

  • Person 1: MB, I don’t work properly on the project. I’m scared about the client’s reaction.
  • Person 2: Let’s face this. There is no point in regretting now.

So from the above examples, it is very well evident that it all depends on the context and situation one uses the word MB. They use it when they regret or feel sad.

What Does “MB” mean in texting?

MB stands for my bad. It is very common for most people to use MB in their text messages. If they regret something or feel sad, the people use MB in their text.

Let us see a few examples.

Example 1:

  • Person 1: I should have warned you to talk to him. MB
  • Person 2: It’s fine. No issues. I thought he might have forgotten the past.

Example 2:

  • Person 1: Why the hell do you come here if you are going to show a poker face?
  • Person 2: MB. I shouldn’t have come here.

Example 3:

  • Person 1: Hey, why did you show up suddenly?
  • Person 2: MB. I didn’t know I should not come there.

What are some other meanings of “MB?”

  • MB- Bachelor of Medicine
  • MB- Maybe (when you’re not sure about something)
  • MB- Megabyte
  • MB- Mindless behavior (American boy band)

“MB” meaning in Gaming

In Gaming, MB stands for “Mana Break.” It is a technique to avoid getting attacks from the opposite. Mana stands for inherited supernatural power. Mana Break, as the name suggests, is a game that lets the person attack the target or opposition’s mana.


What does “MB” mean on Snapchat?

MB stands for “My Bad” on Snapchat. “My Bad” is used to express when you regret something or forgot something, or you are truly sorry for something.

What does “MB” mean in the text?

MB stands for “My Bad” or “Maybe” in the text. If someone texts you MB, depending on the context and the situation, it means “Maybe” or “My Bad.”

What is “MB” in slang?

The slang word MB stands for “My Bad.”

What does “MB” mean in a text from a girl?

When you receive MB from a girl in text, depending on the context, it might be either “Maybe” or “My Bad.”

What does “MB” mean in TikTok?

In TikTok, MB stands for “My Bad” or “Maybe.”

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