What Does PMO Mean on Snapchat? Decoding the Viral Acronym “PMO.”

PMO stands for “Pisses Me Off” and “Put Me On.” Like many terminologies, PMO also has many meanings. But it all depends on the person, context and the situation. Just like any other social platform, Snapchat is not a stranger to weird and intriguing lingos.

Just like the world is shrinking inside the mobile, language is not an exception. It is very evident we netizens love using shorthand. And one such short that is traversing and gracing the chatroom of Snapchat is PMO. And as always, we together are going to dissect this popular acronym rounding in Snapchat. Belt up and come along.

What Does PMO Mean on Snapchat?

What Does "PMO" Mean on Snapchat?
What Does “PMO” Mean on Snapchat?

PMO stands for “Pisses Me Off” or “Piss Me Off.” When something is not pleasing you or when you are angry with someone, you use “Piss Me Off( PMO).” People use PMO (Piss Me Off) when something makes them frustrated and pissed. Usually, people say PMO as an informal way to express their anger and upset. As PMO is an informal way to communicate, it is used to communicate with friends and family. One should not use PMO in a professional setting . If someone is not taking you seriously or doing something that makes you very angry, you can ask the PMO to stop them.

PMO also stands for “Put Me On.” Putting me on with someone means you want to hook up with them or connect with them. If you want to connect with one of your friend’s friends, you can ask your friend to PMO you with them. If you are interested in connecting with someone and want an introduction, you use PMO. Also, it can be used to ask someone to add you on their social media.

Where Does PMO Come from?

The word “Pisses Me Off” has a legacy of years. People have been using these words since 1945. And the 1972 edition of the Penguin Dictionary of Historical Slang has the word “Piss Off.” Though we don’t know who first used it in the online world, it’s evident the word has been revolving around the world for years.

How to use PMO?

PMO stands for “Piss Me Off.” If you are angry, irritated or frustrated with someone or something, you can use PMO to show your anger. While using PMO, you have to keep in mind that it is only applicable to say informally. As it is informal, we should not use it in formal spaces. Another form of PMO is PYO, which stands for Pissing You Off.

PMO also stands for “Put Me On.” When you want an introduction of someone you’re interested in, you can tell PMO. If you want to hook up with them, tell the PMO. If you’re interested in dating a friend of your friend, you can ask him/her to PMO you.

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The Following are a few ways you can use PMO

Pisses Me Off

Example 1:

  • Mark : What’s wrong, bro?
  • Lenny : Ashley  is PMO. I’m done with her.

Put Me On

Example 1:

  • Olivia: Can you PMO with your friend?
  • Sophia: Who? Jeremy? He is also interested in you.

How to Reply to PMO?

“Piss me off” is used when someone is very angry or upset. When they are already pissed off, you should try to be empathetic and solve their problem. If you can’t come up with a better solution, you can also just stay with them and listen to their rant. Sometimes listening is also a major help.

If you use PMO (Put Me On) with your friend, there are two chances. One, they will ignore you or decline, which may end up being a little awkward or embarassing . Two, they will help you. If someone is saying PMO to you, then do whatever you want. If the person is good and genuine, you can help them.

What Does “PMO” Mean in Texting?

The meaning of the term PMO changes according to the density of the situation and the context. As we already know, the word has two meanings. That is “Piss Me Off” and “Put Me On.” It always depends on what the person is indicating.

If the conversation between you and the person is dense and bitter, then chances are you are referring to PMO(Piss Me Off) in the text.

If you are showing interest in hooking up with your friend’s friend or someone you know, then using PMO( Put Me On) in the conversation means you or they are interested in hooking up. It all depends on the person, situation and context; the meaning changes.

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What are Some Other Meanings of PMO?

Let us quickly look at some other meanings of the word PMO:

  1. PMO- P*rn Masturb***** O***** (It is used mostly in adult sites and chat rooms)
  2. PMO- Pre- Marital O***** (It is also sued in adult sites and chat rooms)
  3. PMO- Project Management Office (It is a platform that helps in managing and organizing projects effectively)
  4. PMO- Private Message Offer (Gaming)
  5. PMO- Put Me Out

PMO meaning in Gaming

PMO in Gaming stands for “Private Message Offer.” If you have been into computer and online games for quite some time, you already know this. We can chat and connect with fellow players in the game. There is a private message feature in most video games. We can connect with them and help them with the game. This feature in Gaming is called PMO.


What does “PMO” mean on Snapchat?

PMO stands for “Pisses Me on Snapchat.” When someone is angry or frustrated, they use PMO.

What does “PMO” mean in the text?

PMO in the text stands for “Pisses Me off.” Sometimes it also means “Put Me On.”

What is “PMO” in slang?

The slang word PMO stands for “Piss Me Off.”

What does “PMO” mean in a text from a girl?

If a girl is texting you PMO, it means she is either angry, or she wants to connect with you.

What does “PMO” mean in TikTok?

In TikTok, PMO stands for “Pisses Me Off.” It also means “Put Me On.” Depending on the person, and the context, the meaning changes.

What does “PMO” mean sexually?

PMO stands for “P*rn Mastrub***** and O*****.” It also means “Pre- Marital O*****.”

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