What Does “NFS” Mean on Snapchat? Decoding the viral acronym “NFS.”

NFS stands for “No Funny Sh!T” on Snapchat. Snapchat, just like any other popular social media platform, has its unique dictionary. The words these Gen Z millennials use often confuse us, make us scratch our heads, make us disgusted and make us awed.

Yes, their words make us feel many emotions, and most of the time, we raise our eyes and search for the meaning in the sky. But to understand the meaning of the word NFS you don’t have to search in the sky. Look no further. Let us decrypt another Snapchat lingo. Buckle up, sit tight and let’s dive in.

What Does “NFS” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does NFS Mean on Snapchat
What Does “NFS” Mean on Snapchat?

NFS stands for “No Funny Sh!T” on Snapchat. Snapchatters use it in conversation to sound how certain and serious they are. There are many cases where people take us for a joke and don’t consider our words meaningful. But to explain to them that you are very serious, you can say, “NFS.” People will think that you are up to something when you use NFS.

Using NFS in chat shows you are not joking. When someone is laughing at you while you speak some sense, you can use “NFS” to stop them abruptly.

Personally, I think this word is a blessing for people who want to sound serious but don’t find the right word to explain it. I bet you are also very much tempted as I am to use the word.

If you think No funny Sh!T is rude or wrong for the situation, you can also say, “No funny Stuff.” Whatever you are going to denote, everything will express the same meaning. Sometimes the density of the conversation and tone can affect the meaning. It can be funny, sad, disgusting, and serious as well.

Where Does “NFS” come from?

After surfing a lot on the internet, we found that NFS originated in Instagram. But in Instagram, the term was used by marketers. Though there were and are used by marketers, it’s not only limited to them. NFS means “Not For Sale” on Instagram. If you don’t want to sell something, you can mark it as NFS.

How to use NFS?

NFS is the most popular slang word on the internet today. From Snapchat to Pinterest, 8 of 10 people use NFS to sound how serious they are. One can use NFS to sound the series. But depending on the denseness and the tone of the conversation, the meaning behind it changes. If someone is joking around you, you can use NFS to stop them. If you are very sure about something, i.e., if you are telling the truth, you can use NFS. Let’s look at some instances to understand better.

  1. My head is aching terribly. NFS, I need to head to the doctor.
  2. NFS stops beating around the bush and comes straight to the point.

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How to reply to NFS?

The reply to the NFS all depends on the conversation. Just keep in mind that if someone is saying NFS, they are very serious and want you to stop taking things lightly. If someone is saying NFS, you must stop your funny job and respond thoughtfully to the conservation.

What Does “NFS” Mean in texting?

In Texting, NFS means “No Funny Sh!T.” When you are texting something so serious, but the other person behind the screen is not comprehending your seriousness, you can use NFS. It will alert them and make them listen to you seriously.

Let’s understand it with a few examples.

Example 1:

  • Lori: Come on, I thought you were joking.
  • John: NFS, I will be there anytime.

Example 2:

  • Vinay: I… I don’t want to talk about that now.
  • Jay: NFS, I don’t have time for your BS. Tell me soon.

Example 3:

  • Raj: You were very funny while talking on the stage.
  • Dora: NFS, I was petrified.

What are some other meanings of NFS?

The following are some other meanings of NFS.

  1. NFS- Not For Sale. When your products are just for display and not for sale, you put the NFS board.
  2. NFS- Not For Sure. When someone is not sure about something, they say NFS.
  3. NFS- No Filter Sunday. Just like Throwback Thursday, No filter Sunday is just posting stuff that happened on Sunday.
  4. NFS- Not feeling Social. When someone doesn’t want to speak to people or is not interested in any social gathering and prefers silence and loneliness, they use NFS.
  5. NFS- Nice F***ing Shot. When something is too good, especially photos.
  6. NFS- Need For Speed. When you want someone to increase the speed of the game or of the vehicle.
  7. NFS- Not For Sharing. This is used mainly for people when they don’t want to share with their friends. You post the happy picture with them and caption it as NFS Not For Sharing. This is a funny way to mark your priority on your friend.

NFS Meaning in Gaming

In Gaming, NFS means “Need For Speed.” If someone wants to increase the speed of someone’s game, they say, “NFS. “People like speed and fast games. Slow games make people get bored easily. So to say that they expect speed, the gamers use the word “NSF” in Gaming.


What does “NFS” mean on Snapchat?

NFS means “No Funny Sh!T.” No Funny Sh!T means “when a person is very serious about something but the other person is making a joke of them, they use NSF. “

What does “NFS” mean in the text?

In texting also, NFS means the same. NFS implies “No Funny Sh!T” or “No Funny Stuff.” If the person wants to sound serious, but the other person is not taking the hint, they use NSF to show their seriousness.

What does “NFS” mean in slang?

The slang word “NFS” means “No Funny Sh!T.” The slang word NFS represents the person’s certainty and seriousness about the subject. If the other person is not serious or taking them lightly, they use this slang word to denote they are serious.

What does “NFS” mean in a text from a girl?

When a girl texts you “NFS,” she is serious. For instance, if June is texting Neil, “NFS, I want to break up with you,” then she is thinking about the breakup seriously.

What does “NFS” mean in TikTok?

In TikTok and almost all other platforms, “NFS” means “No Funny Sh!T” or “No Funny Stuff.” It means that the person is extremely serious about the matter, and they don’t want you to make fun of them.

What does “NFS” mean sexually?

In a sexual context, “NFS” means “Need For S*x.” If someone needs sex, they might text their partner NFS.

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