What Does “NPC” Mean on TikTok? Viral Slang “NPC” Explained

NPC, which stands for “Non-Player Character.” It is a video game term that has become popular on TikTok. TikTok, as you already know, is a treasure house of new acronyms and Gen Z jargon. Most of the words are created by TikTok creators, or they borrow from other platforms and give a whole new meaning in TikTok.

This gaming term “NPC” is now all over TikTok. And if you struggle to understand the meaning, you are not alone. Don’t worry though. We have already decoded this viral term NPC. Keep reading to know the meaning of NPC.

What Does “NPC” Mean on TikTok?

What Does "NPC" Mean on TikTok?
What Does “NPC” Mean on TikTok?

NPC stands for “Non-Player Character,” “Non-Playable Character,” or “Non-Playing Character.” NPC is used to denote people who can’t think of something on their own. If someone lacks the thinking power and acts according to others, they are tagged as an NPC (Non-Playable Character). This TikTok term has all to do with a person’s character.

NPC is a gaming term that stands for “Non-Player Character.” In gaming, if a character has no say in them but acts according to the player’s control, it is referred to as an NPC. The behavior and next move of such a character are always predictable. This trend has become quite popular on TikTok, with the hashtag #npc received a whooping 5.4 Billion views.

An NPC in a video game exists solely to carry out the instructions they are programmed to do. In a video game, you go to them in order to receive tasks, report their completion or to get rewards. They do not have any purpose apart from that. They cannot think beyond their programming and cannot do anything of their own volition.

@realconner Almost slipped on the rail💀 #npc #connermather #fyp #foryou ♬ GTA San Andreas Theme (Remake) – Ben Morfitt (SquidPhysics)

NPC Full Form: What is it?

NPC stands for “Non-Player Character.” It is basically a gaming term. But how does a gaming term take a storm in TikTok? To answer this, NPCs in gaming are characters that don’t have any say about themselves. They are such characters that are controlled by computers. The same applies to the real world, which TikTok took and started making videos.

People are often termed NPC’s when they are considered to be incapable of having any original thoughts. Conversations with them are boring. Their replies are usually not interesting due to them lacking the ability to think objectively. Talking to them can feel repetitive as they constantly repeat thoughts that have been fed to them by another person. People acting like this can be termed as NPCs are as people who have “NPC Energy”.

There are Other Variations of This Trend

However, mocking someone is not the only way this trend goes. There are other ways TikTok users use the term NPC. Some of them tend to act like video game characters in real life, often caricaturing the stiff, programmed movements of video game characters. They move around in a stiff manner, doing repetitive actions. These videos are often hilarious as you are able to see the reaction of other people towards them, which are often humorous in nature.

@realconner Got in my first NPC fight😂💀 #connermather #npc #foryou ♬ GTA San Andreas Theme (Remake) – Ben Morfitt (SquidPhysics)

Another version of this trend involves TikTok users considering everyone around them as an NPC and playing pranks on them in order to see their reaction. This can involve anything from acting like an NPC with a family member to see their reaction to exhibiting weird behavior in a train.

@twizzlersareavibe #merrychristmas #dad #npc ♬ Anything For Youuuu – Taylor

However, that is not the only way this term is used. Another trend that is popular on TikTok involves capturing the way some people behave in the real world. Their movements and reactions tend to look unnatural and quite NPC like.

@npcs_irl NPCs discover unplayable area #npc #npcsarereal ♬ original sound – Real NPCs

Some users also have TikToks where they claim that they are just like NPCs, often parodying their social awkwardness of behavioral quirks. They are often jokes and should not be taken seriously.

@madisoniacone That second one I do so much that it made me make this video #fyp #foryou #npc #npcenergy #videogames #comedy ♬ Gerudo Valley (From “The Legend of Zelda”) – Terlia & Gamechops

In Which Condition do people say “NPC” on social media?

The following are some conditions when people use NPCs.

  1. Johnny is a total NPC. He doesn’t have the brain to think.
  2. Ria is feeding thoughts to Claudia. She is an NPC.
  3. I don’t want to become an NPC. Don’t spew nonsense at me.
  4. Mia is a total NPC. She always wears the same clothes.
  5. Don’t act like an NPC.
  6. Verity is becoming an NPC. She always answers in one word.
  7. You never plan anything. Why are you becoming an NPC?
  8. Maya is an NPC. She always depends on someone.
  9. I hate NPC Shreya. She doesn’t know how to use her brain.
  10. Max has quite a bit of NPC Energy.

What other slang has TikTok generated?

The following are some of the slang TikTok has generated.

  1. G- Gangsta (Tara is a G)
  2. GOAT- Greatest of All Time (Messi is GOAT in the ground)
  3. W- Win. (You have to W the ground)
  4. L- Lose or Dumb (She is L)
  5. BBL– Brazilian Butt Lift (It looks like Maya has done BBL)
  6. DC- Dance Credit (DC to Rohn)
  7. YT- White (My dad is YT)
  8. G2G- Got to Go (I’m sorry. I can’t wait, I G2G)
  9. FYI- For Your Information (FYI, I’m the one you are searching for)
  10. ASAP- As soon as possible (Call me ASAP)

Example of “NPC” Meaning on TikTok

@realconner They actually went with it💀 I promise they weren’t planted either😭 #connermather #npc #foryourpage #foru ♬ GTA San Andreas Theme (Remake) – Ben Morfitt (SquidPhysics)


What does NPC mean by TikTok?

NPC stands for Non-Playing Character. It is a gaming term that has become famous all over TikTok. NPC means someone who doesn’t think anything. They act according to what others say to them.

What does NPC mean in Slang?

The slang NPC means Non-Player Character. NPC is used in TikTok and on many other social platforms to harass or embarrass people who don’t speak for themselves. They act like a program. They only speak what others have taught them. In gaming, the NPC is a character that is run by a computer, which makes them predictable.

What does NPC mean on Instagram?

In instagram and on other platforms, NPC stands for Non-Player Character. Those who take others’ words and act accordingly.

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