What Does ASL Mean on Snapchat? Decoding the viral acronym “ASL.”

ASL stands for Age, Sex, and Location. When you open your Snapchat and receive a message from a stranger asking for ASL, you might be confused. If you are confused, then you are not alone. Most of the people out there are as confused as you. But worry not; we have got your back.

We have been decoding some of the TikTok and Snapchat trends and acronyms for quite some time. And today, we are going to decode the trending ASL on Snapchat. Now don’t look back. Scroll down to continue reading. Let me walk you through the meaning of ASL.

What Does ASL Mean on Snapchat?

What Does "ASL" Mean on Snapchat?
What Does “ASL” Mean on Snapchat?

ASL stands for Age, Sex, and Location on Snapchat. We all know that Snapchat is a popular social platform where people across counties can text and make friends. They can connect with people by sending snaps and streaks. Since people from across the country are on Snapchat, some people who are interested in you might want to know how old you are, what your gender is, and where you are from. And that’s why they send ASL.

ASL also stands for As Hell. If you say “as hell” fast and casually, you will hear it as ASL. People use ASL to delete as Hell. For example, the Chemistry exam was tough as Hell.

Where Does ASL come from?

If we dig deep into the internet looking for the history of ASL, we find that the term dates back to 1998. Though we don’t know how, where, or who started using the term, it is said that it was first used in 1998. But the real spread of the term ASL dates back to 2015. Yes, in 2015, Melissa Pimental released a romance novel titled Age, Sex, Location. That’s the real start of the spread of ASL.

The history of ASL for another meaning, As Hell, dates back to 2010. The old meaning of ASL was written as a/s/l. So that there will be no confusion about the new ASL. ASL is an initialism abbreviation. You spell it as “ay, es, el.”

How to use ASL?

ASL stands for Age, Sex, and Location. If you want to find the age, gender, and location of someone online, you can text them with ASL. It is up to them if they will reply or not. Usually, people text ASL if they have any idea to hook up with the other person. ASL became famous in chat rooms after the introduction of apps like Omegle, Snapchat, etc. One can simply send an ASL to the other person if they are interested in talking to them.

How to reply to ASL?

ASL stands for Age, Sex, and Location. If someone is online asking you ASL, you should not reply for your own good. Not everyone online is safe to become friends. There are so many intruders, cheaters, and cheapskates. Mostly one should avoid these types of chats. But if you really want to reply, you can simply say your age, your gender, and your geographic location. Don’t need to say your complete address to a stranger.

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What Does ASL mean in texting?

ASL in texting means Age, Sex, and Location. Two strangers online ask ASL if they want to know the age, gender, and location of another person.

Example 1:

  • Person 1: What is your ASL?
  • Person 2: 19, Male, India.

Example 2:

  • Person 1: We’ve been talking a lot, but still, I don’t know your ASL.
  • Person 2: 25, Female, Pakistan.

What are some other meanings of ASL?

ASL straightly stands for Age, Sex, and Location. There are some other meanings for ASL.

  • ASL- As Hell. It is used to exaggerate something. It can be both positive and negative.


1. Ria looks sexy as Hell.

2. Biology is tough as Hell.

  • ASL- American Sign language. This name suggests sign language. You speak sign language to deaf and dumb people.
ASLAmerican Sign Language
ASLAbove Sea Level
ASLAdditional Support for Learning
ASLAutomatic Speed Limiter
ASLAdaptive Systems Laboratory
ASLAustralian Society for Limnology
ASLAssembler Source Language
ASLActive Speech Level
ASLArmor School Library
Other Meaning of ASL

ASL Meaning in Gaming

ASL stands for Advanced Squad Leader in Gaming. It is a board game in the word war simulation. Two or more players are needed to play the game. ASL has a module book with its rules and regulations. It is a revised version of the original Squad Leader.


What does “ASL” mean on Snapchat?

ASL means “Age, Sex, Location” in Snapchat. People ask ASL other people on Snapchat to find their age, gender, and their geographic location.

What does “ASL” mean in the text?

In texting also, ASL means the same. ASL means “Age, Sex, and Location” in texting. You ask ASL if you want to hook up with the other person if they match your type.

What does “ASL” mean in slang?

The slang word “ASL” stands for “Age, Sex, Location.”

What does “ASL” mean in a text from a girl?

When a girl texts you “ASL,” she wants to know your “Age, Sex, and Location.”

What does “ASL” mean in TikTok?

In TikTok and almost all other platforms, “ASL” means “Age, Sex, Location.”

What does “ASL” mean sexually?

“ASL” means “Age, Sex, Location.” People who want to hook up with others but don’t know their details ask for ASL to start the conversation.

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