What Does “DTB” Mean on TikTok? Viral slang “DTB” Explained

DTB has quite a few meanings. DTB stands for “Don’t Trust B*tches,” ”Don’t Trust Boys,” and “Don’t Text Back.” If you have been in TikTok for quite some time, you already know this. A little spark is enough to spread a big fire. It is not limited to TikTok but applies to all social media platforms.

Recently young women and men, especially singles, unmarried, and betrayed boys and girls, took the platform into their own hands. They share their grief by making videos with the hashtag DTB, DTB4L. Suppose you are still perplexed, then worry not. We are going to autopsy the trending TikTok term in the article. Buckle up and join me.

What Does “DTB” Mean on TikTok?

What Does DTB Mean on TikTok
What Does “DTB” Mean on TikTok?

DTB stands for “Don’t Trust Boys” and “Don’t Trust B*tches. DTB (Don’t Trust B*tches) is mostly used by broken men who have had an extremely bitter dating life. Those people who have trust issues with their girlfriends use DTB. DTB (Don’t Trust Boys) is used by girls who want to stay single for life and are not interested in men.

This hashtag is used by men when they talk about their painful past relationships. This acronym has all to do with heartbreaks, emotions, and pain. Not just that, people who are in happy relationships also use the hashtag. There are many videos on TikTok where girls and boys look happy. And in their caption, they write, “DTB except for….” People also use this hashtag to show red flags from their past relationships.

There are videos featuring:

  • “Girl is lying with a boy while texting her boyfriend” with the hashtag DTB.
  • “It’s good to see some men supporting and standing for other men” with the hashtag DTB.
  • “A girl dancing alone in her own rhythm” with the hashtag DTB.

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DTB full form: What is it?

DTB stands for “Don’t Trust b*tches” and “Don’t Trust Boys,” depending on the gender. This term came in 2020 and took a storm in TikTok and other platforms. All credit goes to the rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. This 25-year-old rapper is the one who spewed the word on the internet with his song “DTB4 life”. And since then, DTB was added to TikTok’s Gen Z lingo.

After the song went online, single people, especially those who are betrayed and have had negative dating life, took this song as an anthem. This song has officially become a singles anthem. Those who have trust issues or were badly betrayed by their past girlfriends or boyfriends started taking the oath that they will be “DTB4 life”.

The hashtag DTB has over 500 million views on TikTok. The hashtag DTB4L has over 25 million views.

While video sharing platform has one meaning for the term DTB, the texting world has another completely new meaning for the lingo. In texting, DTB stands for “Don’t text back.” When you don’t want the person to reply back to you, you can send them “DTB.”

In Which Situation do people say “DTB” on social media?

  1. When a girl is cheated on or is not interested in a boy. She uses DTB.
  2. When men talk about past relationships that ended badly, they use DTB.
  3. When people have trust issues with their partners, they use DTB.

What other slang has TikTok generated?

TikTok creators have created a whole new language of their own. Though the words are mostly bizarre, weird, and quirky, we can’t help but be awed by their choice of words. Below are a few terms which are popular among TikTok millennials.

  1. Fam- family (My fam is the most quirky and crazy)
  2. Bro- Birther (WhatsUp bro)
  3. Sis- sister (Ria’s sis is so sweet)
  4. Stan – Stalker + fan. When someone is obsessed with being dangerous. (I m Stan of Angelina Jolie)
  5. Ghosting- Ignoring someone (Jeremy started ghosting Claudia)
  6. Salty- Jealousy (Johnny is a bit salty about Ronny)
  7. Finna- I’m going to (Finna Australia)
  8. Woke- Aware (I was woke when you were back bitching me)
  9. Drip- Cool (She is such a drip)
  10. Bop- Good (Taylor Swift’s new song is a Bop)

Example of “DTB” Meaning on TikTok

  • When a girl is cheated on or is not interested in a boy. She uses DTB (Don’t Trust Boys)
  • When men talk about past relationships which ended badly. They use DTB (Don’t Trust B*thces)
  • When people have trust issues with their partners. They use DTB.
@yo.mattg21 Get mad😪💨🔥 #dtb4l #dtb #fyp #xyzbca #merczz ♬ suono originale – 🇦🇱
@dshwntbe Dtb man #dshwntbe #music ♬ original sound – MANU
@tre.battl3 “nah i aint see him there” #fyp #dtb ♬ i got my 5 – BRIL


What does DTB mean by TikTok?

DTB stands for “Don’t Trust Boys” and “Don’t Trust B*tches” in TikTok. In the world of texting and chat rooms, DTB stands for “Don’t Text Back.”

What does DTB mean in slang?

The slang word “DTB” means “Don’t Trust Boys / Don’t Trust B*tches.” It depends on the gender of the person to whom they are referring.

What does DTB mean on Instagram?

In Instagram, DTB stands for the same as TikTok. “Don’t Trust B*tches” is used by boys. “Don’t Trust Boys” is used by girls.

What does DTB mean in Dating?

DTB’s meaning has all to do with dating primarily. Those who had a painful breakup use the term DTB. “Don’t Trust B*tches and Don’t Trust Boys” are the meaning.

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