What Does “FNF” Mean on TikTok? Viral slang “FNF” Explained

TikTok users have created a unique lexicon all their own, helping them to communicate with each other more efficiently. From “DTN” to “HML, there’s an endless variety of slang used on the app. This specialized language adds a splash of creativity and wit to communication between content creators. 

This type of jargon was created in response to a need for faster, more efficient forms of digital communication among users, effectively creating an inside language that speaks directly to those who know it best. However, the sheer number of terms and phrases can be daunting for someone new to the platform.

One such term that is confusing users on TikTok is term FNF. It is not uncommon to see this term on TikTok reels, hashtags and comments. But what is FNF? Keep reading to find out.

What Does “FNF” Mean on TikTok?

What Does FNF Meaning on TikTok
What Does “FNF” Mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, FNF is primarily used to talk about the now viral game Friday Night Funkin’

Friday Night Funkin is the most famous in TikTok. FNF (Friday Night Funkin) is the most popular open-source game based on music. The game itself is super creative and intriguing. Since the game was introduced in 2020. In 2021, the game crashed due to heavy traffic. This shows the popularity and the attraction towards the game. So, the game is basically based on music and is open source. The game features a hilarious and simplistic plot, with the main protagonists being Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Boyfriend wants permission to date Girlfriend, but her demonic ex-rockstar father Daddy Dearest does not approve of him and tries to remove Boyfriend from Girlfriend’s life by any means possible.

The Boyfriend is supposed to duel with other characters by singing off against them in order to save girlfriend and their relationship. The idea of the game is so intriguing and attracts Gen Z and millennials as. Because teens nowadays love such games that are creative and make them meet many people. The game is creative and has its own charm to it. The cartoony and chibi art style was also a plus point.

FNF Full Form: What is it?

FNF stands for “Friday Night Funkin.” This is basically an open-source game introduced in late 2020. Since then, the game has gained popularity. The game basically has characters like boyfriend and girlfriend. In order to defend their relationship, the boy should sing rap and win rap battles. Since the introduction of this funny, quirky and intriguing game, people started sharing them on TikTok.

Most users on TikTok post videos of themselves playing the game. They can do so in order to show off their skills or because they are playing it using unique set ups. In fact, one user actually set up his electronic drums to play the game!

@popn_music Now you can see that my tv isnt lagging at all, it’s displaying newgrounds from my laptop! no more excuses! #fridaynightfunkin #fnf ♬ original sound – Gammer

Due to the popularity of the game, a lot of users create additional content for the game. In fact, some dedicated fans create clones of the game on other platforms like Roblox! These modifications can feature new music, more characters or new ways to play the game, which a lot of users on TikTok showcase on their videos.

@gabbienuts who made this 😏 #fnf #twilightxmordecai #fridaynightfunkin #fyp ♬ twilight mordecai baby making – gab 🍓

Another way that people use FNF on TikTok is to hilariously act out scenes from the game, sticking to the unique animation of the game. Here is our favorite TikTok video of the same!

@cjdomzu #duet with @_cutmazecosplays_ BALLISTIC 💣🎤💥 #fridaynightfunkin ♬ original sound – windwally

FNF Can Also Refer to a Song

FNF also stands for “F*ck Nigga Free.” This is a song sung by an American rapper Glo Rilla. The song, which was recently released in April 2022, went viral on TikTok. Since the song’s release, many people have been using the song and making videos.

While the term “FNF” was used previously on the internet on various social media platforms, it shot up to popularity after the release of the song itself, with people considering it their summer anthem on TikTok.

Suppose you are single and don’t want to mingle with any boy. You say FNF at the end of a conversation. Urban dictionary defines the phrase FNF as a term used for when you are no longer with your previous boyfriend who was not good for you. A lot of users on TikTok use it to celebrate the end of toxic relationships in which they or their friends were.


catch me at your local fuel city

♬ F.N.F. (Let’s Go) – Hitkidd & GloRilla

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In Which Condition do people say “FNF” on Social Media?

FNF stands for “Fu*k Nigga Free,” “Friday Night Funkin”. The following are the conditions when people use FNF on social media.

Friday Night Funkin

Example 1:   

  • Eva: What’s your plan today?
  • Rylee: I’m going to play FNF

Example 2:

  • Charlee: Your favorite game?
  • Rose: I love FNF.

What other slang has TikTok Generated?

TikTok has generated a hell lot of slang since its introduction. Sometimes keeping up with the terms is very difficult. Let us quickly see a few TikTok slang and abbreviation lists.

  1. BOP– Something that is great
  2. IYKYK– If You Know, You Know
  3. Peridot– Exaggerating or emphasizing the point
  4. CEO– Chief Executive Officer of Something
  5. Heather– Someone very much beautiful, desirable, and decent
  6. Pick Me girl– A girl who is showing off in front of boys just to impress them
  7. Vibe Check– Checking someone if they will suit your character
  8. FR– For real
  9. POV– Point of View
  10. PMO– Piss Me Off

Example of “FNF” Meaning on TikTok

@brezay__ FNF 🤣 mood all summer #fyp #fnf #reaction ♬ F.N.F. (Let’s Go) – Hitkidd & GloRilla
@peachmonkey When you Try to Escape Screech but it’s impossible!! #fridaynightfunkin vs #doors Rush & Screech Edition ( #roblox DOORS 1 to 100) #fnfmod #fyp #gamingontiktok ♬ sonido original – CommunityGame
@ridgelong F-R-E-E .. 😎🔥💯 #fnf #fnfchallenge #fnfremix #rapper #hiphop #foryou ♬ original sound – Ridge Long


What does FNF mean by TikTok?

FNF stands for “Friday Night Funkin” in TikTok. Friday Night Funkin is an open-source game. The main theme of the game is that there are characters like boyfriend and girlfriend. The boyfriend should rap and participate in rap battles to save his relationship.

What does FNF mean in slang?

FNF slang stands for “F*ck Nigga Free.” This is used by girls who are very much happy being single.

What does FNF mean on Instagram?

In Instagram, FNF stands for “Friends not Family.” If you are very much close to your friend and see how close to your family, you call him FNF.

What does FNF mean in Dating?

FNF stands for “Friday Night Funkin.” This game is based on rap, and boyfriends participate in rap battles to defend their relationship with their girlfriends.

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