What Does “LMK” Mean on Snapchat? Decoding the Viral Acronym “LMK.”

LMK stands for “Let Me Know.” Do you love using shorthand versions of big phrases? Then this article is for you. Do you get confused seeing the shorthand versions of big phrases or lingos and terminologies that are blessing your mobile screen? Then this article is for you. We can see most people use so many lingos in their conversations, captions, and in chat rooms.

While most people like using lingos and shorthand, not everyone can easily comprehend the meaning. Sometimes, when we are least expecting, if someone is sending us “Please, LMK,” most people get confused. And that’s the exact word we are going to decode in the article. Let’s plunge in.

What Does “LMK” mean on Snapchat?

What Does LMK Mean on Snapchat
What Does “LMK” Mean on Snapchat?

LMK stands for “Let Me Know.” It is one of the most common terminologies on the internet today. People have been using LMK for so many years. If you want someone to tell you some information or if you want to know the details of something, you can use LMK. LMK means giving you the details. LMK is very commonly used in both formal and informal contexts. Emails or chat rooms, people use it everywhere to ask for information.

LMK means “when you get the details, update me.” It is a very commonly used term everywhere. It is basically requesting or asking, or ordering someone to update you. The tone of the term and the people with whom you are exchanging the term “LMK” has all to do with the understanding if it’s a request or order.

Alternative Meaning of LMK

  • Tell Me The Answer
  • Get Back To Me
  • Keep My Poster
  • Keep Me Updated
  • Keep Me Informed
  • Inform Me
  • Notify Me
  • Text Me
  • Message Me
  • Tell Me
  • Explain Me
  • Write To Me
  • Keep Me In The Know
  • Alert Me
  • Just Let Me Know
  • Just Remind Me

Where Does “LMK” come from?

LMK stands for “Let Me Know.” The word is very much popular in the English language. So, there is no such history or interesting details about where the word originated. In the SMS world, “Let Me Know” has been revolving for more than two decades. It’s been in us since the 2000s. The Urban Dictionary added the term LMK in 2003. The meaning since then for the term is “Let Me Know.”

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How to use “LMK?”

LMK stands for “Let Me Know.” If you are in need of any details, you can simply say “LMK.” If you are going to ask for opinions from others, you can ask LMK. If you are asking for others’ future plans, you can ask them to LMK you. If you need any details about any work or anything, you can ask LMK.

For Example,

  • What do you think about the debate? LMK.
  • When will I get the project in my hand? LMK Asap.
  • Do you need me to schedule the meeting for tomorrow? LMK.
  • LMK if you are going to join the party.
  • LMK, what dress are you going to wear?

How to reply to “LMK?”

LMK stands for “Let Me Know.” If someone is asking you LMK, you have to let them know. The opposite of the LMK is LYK (Let You Know). If someone is asking you your plans, you can say your plans, or you can simply say I’ll let you know. If you want to give the exact opposite word to LMK, just say LYK.

For Example,

  • I totally liked the debate. If you have more details, I will LYK later.
  • I’ll let you know_ I haven’t completed the project yet.
  • Yes, you can schedule. LMK the timing.
  • Yes, I will be at the party. What about you?
  • I haven’t decided yet, but I will LYK.

What Does “LMK” mean in texting?

LMK stands for “Let Me Know” in texting. If someone is texting you LMK, they are asking you to give them the details. If you need to ask for details from others, you can text LMK. Let Me Know means “Keep me posted,” “explain me,” etc.


  • If Sam is texting you, “How is your health? LMK if you can come over.” He is asking you if you can go to his place.
  • If Ramit is texting you, “LMK if we can have dinner for tomorrow.” He wants to know if you will be available to go to dinner with him tomorrow.
  • If Brown is texting you, “LMK your plans for tomorrow.” She is asking what’s your plan for tomorrow.


What does “LMK” mean on Snapchat?

LMK stands for “Let Me Know” on Snapchat. If you want any details or information, you can use LMK.

What does “LMK” mean in the text?

In texting, LMK stands for “Let Me Know.” When you are interested in knowing others’ opinions or their future plans, you can simply text them LMK stating your request.

What is “LMK” in slang?

LMK is a slang word that stands for “Let Me Know.”

What does “LMK” mean in a text from a girl?

If a girl is texting you LMK, it means the girl is asking you to keep her posted or inform her.

What does “LMK” mean in TikTok?

LMK in TikTok stands for “Let Me Know.”

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