What Does ‘OFC’ Mean on Snapchat?

“OFC” on Snapchat usually means “Of Course.” You can get confused with the different slang that comes up almost daily. The more social media platforms there are for you to explore, the more slang you will come across. Online slang is a great way to communicate with other users on social media more effectively.

OFC can also stand for Of Fu*king Course. This version of OFC has an expletive in it and is often used in order to express exasperation. However, it is often not meant in an insulting way. If someone tells you “OFC”, you may want to consider the context in which it has been said.

Snapchat is a social media platform that removes the chat within 24 hours of the messages being sent, and you cannot take a screenshot of the chat or the photos or snaps sent to you. This is why it is easier for slang like OFC to come up on Snapchat. You can quickly tell your friends all the gossip you want without anyone else finding out. You may also agree with something controversial that your friend is saying which you would be hesitant to agree with publicly. The possibilities are endless with slang on social media. 

Where Did “OFC” Come From?

There needs to be a clear-cut way of understanding where this slang came from. OFC is just an abbreviation that came naturally, like most other slang. Most of the new slang comes into being as a result of a new movie, TV show or from a famous online celebrity. However, OFC has been around ever since texting began for us daily. It is entirely okay if you do not know this common everyday slang. Now that you know them, you can easily use them daily too. 

How To Use “OFC”?

The ideal use of OFC is in agreement with someone or something. It is a simple way of letting them know you agree with whatever is being said and done. There are different meanings to OFC, but those are not as common and are used in very particular contexts. That is the catch with most slang. You need to know the context under which they are being used. It is easy to do so when they are used in a sentence. 

For example, if your friend asks you to meet for coffee tomorrow. You can quickly agree to the plan by replying to OFC. Engaging in these conversations is quick and straightforward when you have slang to help you. 

How To Reply To “OFC”?

What should you do when you are the one receiving an OFC as a reply? It depends on what the conversation is about. If you are to receive an OFC in the comments section of a post you have made, you can like the comment and reply to their comment as well. 

If you receive an OFC in your texts, you can easily continue making plans with them.  

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What Does “OFC” Mean On Texts? 

OFC means the same across social media platforms. Whether on Snapchat or in texts, the meaning of OFC does not change. That is the beauty of slang. You can use them on different social media platforms and still be able to convey precisely what you want to. Slangs have managed to bridge the gap between different social media platforms. You can use all slang practically anywhere now. 

What Are Some Other Meanings of OFC?

The most common and everyday use of OFC is “Of Course”. However, these last two years have seen many fictional, sci-fi and superhero movies. There is some other meaning for “OFC” that came out. This is as follows: 

●      Original Female Character

With cinema taking the entertainment world by storm like always, there have been many female superheroes coming up too. This has changed the way cinema operates. It also had a reflection on the kind of slang we use daily. This is why OFC now also means “Original Female Character”.

These are commonly used in fanfiction pieces as well to describe their versions of what a female superhero can be. Therefore, if you are in the circles of these fanfiction clubs, you would also have come across OFC in this context. Any character that identifies as female and is an original creation can be called OFC.

  • Optic Fiber Cable

OFC can also be used as a part of technical jargon. An Optic Fiber Cable is a new upcoming technology that allows data to be transmitted at high speeds. It uses light to transmit data, which enables it to send data at a high rate. If you are talking about something technical and this term comes up, you may want to consider the technological alternative instead of the usual meaning.


What does OFC mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, OFC means Of Course. These are used in everyday conversations on a day-to-day basis.

What does OFC mean in the text?

Slang often means the same thing, even if used on different platforms. However, if you are in a fanfiction circle, OFC can mean “Original Female Character”. The context of this different usage will be pretty clear to you from the beginning. Any character that identifies as female and is an original creation can be called OFC.

What is OFC in slang?

OFC is already slang. There is a straightforward meaning to it, that is, “Of Course”. Many different combinations can be added to it. 

What does OFC mean in a text from a girl?

All can use slang. They generally mean the same thing, no matter who is using them. It is easy to follow them because slangs mean the same even when different people use them on different platforms.

What does OFC mean in TikTok?

OFC on TikTok means “Of Course.” As mentioned already, OFC can be used anywhere on social media. However, this slang can only be used informally, not in emails.

What does OFC mean sexually?

You can use OFC profanely as well. It will mean the same thing, except its complete form would mean, “Of F****** Course”.

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