What Does ‘ONG’ Mean on Snapchat? Viral Slang Explained

ONG stands for “On God” on Snapchat. If you’re wondering what the meaning of ONG is, you’re not alone. Pat yourself; you are also added to the list of people who ponder over the meaning behind ONG. And guess what? We’ve dissected the full meaning, origin, and how to use everything in this article. This article is a value – loaded and jam-packed with information about the slang word of Snapchat, which revolves around every snapchat chat room. So, without any further ado, let us quickly dig in.

What Does “ONG” Mean on Snapchat?

ONG stands for “On God.” Most people think that people are misspelling OMG. But it is not. ONG is another Snapchat lingo that has been getting popular. ONG is used to exaggerate your statement. ONG is used when people want to agree with the statement. We can even take ONG as a means to agree to something strongly.

People use ONG to exaggerate or emphasize the sentence. ONG is used to agree with something. If someone is saying something and it is feeling right from your perspective, then you can use ONG. Using ONG means you are being honest and truthful. ONG can also mean things are not predictable and everything is in God’s control. But in the Snapchat dictionary, ONG most means when someone is being so truthful and honest, and they are exaggerating it to make you believe. ONG is used in many platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc.,

Where Does ONG Come From?

To be honest, there are no sources from where or how the ONG originated. But it is evident that ONG was used online for the first time by a 22 years old TikTok creator Tana Mongeau. She said “On God,” while talking about YouTuber Bryce Hall. And after that, people started using ONG.

How to Use ONG?

ONG stands for God. People use ONG to exaggerate things that they are truthful and honest about. One can also use ONG to agree with others’ opinions. ONG is also used when you feel things are not under control. The following examples will help you out.

Example 1:

  • Person 1: Did you take that watch of mine? 
  • Person 2: ONG. I didn’t even want your watch. Then why should I take it?

Example 2:

  • Person 1: I think it’s going to rain today.
  • Person 2: ONG. Yes. It feels like there will be rain. 

Example 3: 

  • Person 1: What will happen in the evening?
  • Person 2: I don’t know. ONG. Well, let’s wait and see.

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How to reply to ONG?

People use ONG mostly in three cases. When they want to agree to something and when they are extremely honest about something, and when things are not in control. The reply to the ONG honestly depends on the context. The conversation and the situation depend on the reply to the ONG. Look at the following examples.

Example 1:

  • Person 1: ONG. I swear I didn’t take the watch.
  • Person 2: ok. Tine. I will search somewhere.

Example 2:

  • Person 1: You’re right, ONG.
  • Person 2: Thanks for agreeing and supporting me. 

Example 3:

  • Person 1: It’s all in the hands of God. ONG.
  • Person 2: Yes. I’m scared.

How to Use ONG in Texting?

ONG stands for “On God ” in texts. People use ONG in a text when they want to agree to something, or they are being honest, or they think everything is under the control of God. Sometimes ONG is used to exaggerate the things that people are saying. Let us look at the following examples.

Example 1:

  • Person 1: Where is my T-shirt?
  • Person 2: I don’t know. ONG.

Example 2: 

  • Person 1: Who will agree with my point?
  • Person 2: I will. I agree. ONG.

What are the other words for ONG

1. ONG – Ohio National Guard.

2. ONG – Overnight Guest.

3. ONG – Office Next Generation.

4. ONG – Operation No Gangs.

5. ONG – Optical Network Gateway.

What does “ONG” mean in gaming?

ONG stands for “On God” in gaming. In games, when play becomes unpredictable, one can use ONG to say that it all is in the hands of God.


What does “ONG” Mean on Snapchat?

ONG stands for On God on Snapchat. ONG is used when people want to exaggerate things, when they are being truthful, when they agree to something and when they think things are not in control.

What does “ONG” Mean in the Text?

ONG in the text means On God. ONG is used to exaggerate things that people are honest about. ONG is also used in places of Peridot.

What is “ONG” in Slang?

ONG is a slang word that stands for On God. When people are not sure what is going to happen and when things are under the control of God, they use ONG.

What does “ONG” mean in a text from a girl?

When a girl sends ONG, she is truthful about what she’s saying. ONG is used to exaggerate when someone is being honest.

What does “ONG” Mean in TikTok?

ONG in TikTok means the same. People use it to exaggerate the truth or use it to agree with something.

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