What Does TTM Mean on Snapchat?

TTM stands for “Talk to me.” Now you already know that Snapchat is filled with lingos and terms. Sometimes it is not easy for people to comprehend the meaning behind the word. They have to think harder.

Even if they know the meaning, most people don’t know how to and why or where to use the word. But you know that you are not alone. Yes, you guessed it right. We’ve got your back. This article is a mini crash course on TTM. Now without looking back, let us dig in.

What does TTM mean on Snapchat?

What Does “TTM” Mean on Snapchat?

TTM stands for “Talk to me”. It is a common part of the English language that has been around for quite a while now. Today, it has been shortened and its frequent use has made it quite popular. The best thing is that TTM can fit into any conversation and be used in many ways, depending on the context.

No matter if it is Snapchat or TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, this term can easily fit into anyone’s conversations. You can use this term to ask the person to call you or text you or mail you. You can send a “TTM” to someone to offer them support. If the person is angry with you and has stopped talking to you, you can send a TTM to ask them to talk to you. TTM also means Text to me. So basically, TTM is used to communicate with people. It can be used in both formal and informal spaces. No matter if you are angry, sad, requesting, or demanding. TTM can fit anywhere, depending on the context.

There are other variations of this term, some of them being:

  • TTMN: Talk To Me Now
  • TTML: Talk To Me Later
  • DTTM: Don’t Talk To Me

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Where does TTM come from?

There is no history about who or where, or how TTM was used. It is a basic sentence in English; over time, people shortened it. Later on, it was picked up by other people and currently is a part of the Gen Z language.

How to use TTM?

TTM is used to ask people to text you or talk to you. You can simply text people TTM if you want them to talk to you or Text you. Now, the following examples will help you.


  • Hey TTM, I understand my mistake.
  • TTM, it’s urgent for me. I need your help.

How to reply to TTM?

The reply to the TTM is based on the context and situation. Also, your relationship with the person plays a major role in your reply to the person. If the person is your friend, you might talk to or text them. If the person is a stranger, you might roll your eyes. If the person is from your professional space, you might reply accordingly. Look at the following examples.

Example 1

  • Person 1: TTM, let’s discuss the project.
  • Person 2: Sure, I will.

Example 2

  • Person 1: Hey, TTM, let’s connect.
  • Person 2: “Of course!”

What is TTM in Texting?

In texting, TTM stands for Talk to me. It also stands for Text to me. So since the person is already texting you, it stands for Talk to me. If the person wants to Talk to you, they send you a TTM. If you want to Talk to them, you can send TTM.

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Example 1

  • Person 1: TTM, what dress are you going to wear for the Ball?
  • Person 2: I’m thinking of wearing black.

Example 2

  • Person 1: I’m thinking of going to the therapist. Suggest me some.
  • Person 2: Ok. TTM. I will tell you.

What are some other meanings of TTM?

  1. TTM – Trailing Twelve Months.
  2. TTM – Through The Mail.
  3. TTM – To The Max.
  4. TTM – Time To Myself.
  5. TTM – To The Moon.
  6. TTM – Tiny Tin Men.
  7. TTM – The True Maker.
  8. TTM – Till This Moment.


What does “TTM” mean on Snapchat?

TTM stands for “Talk To Me”. People use TTM to ask the other person to Talk with them.

What does “TTM” mean in the Text?

TTM stands for “Talk To Me.” In Text, people use TTM to ask other people to Talk To them.

What is “TTM” in slang?

TTM means “Talk To me” or “Text To Me”.

What does “TTM” mean in a text from a girl?

If a girl is texting you TTM, it means she wants you to call her.

What does “TTM” mean in TikTok?

TTM means Talk To Me in TikTok.

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