What is Cougar Meaning TikTok? Cougar Meaning Explained

Cougar means “women aged 40 and above try to get into physical relationships with teenage boys and boys who are in their twenties.” We all know how TikTok works. Every day new trends come to TikTok. And as soon as something enters the platform, and if it’s new and out of the box, then overnight, it will be on the trending list.

TikTok never fails to appreciate the trend, and at times it also never backs off from trolling the trend. So now we are going to discuss such a trend that is being used and trolled all over TikTok. Pumped to know the trend? With the same excitement, let’s dig in.

What Does “Cougar” Mean on TikTok?

Cougar Meaning TikTok
What Does “Cougar” Mean on TikTok?

Cougar means “older women getting attracted towards young men.” This new trend is creating havoc in TikTok. But why? Well, this trend is created to troll older women who act all seductive and focus on seducing and attracting younger men. Now, most of the older women who got triggered by this started defending them in Tik Tok. They justify themselves by saying that they just want physical contact.

This term is receiving mixed reactions from netizens. At the same time, some use this to troll older women and use explicit words on them. Some are using this to safeguard men from such women and use it to raise public awareness.

There is a phrase, “keep your girl safe and boys safer”. Some cougar women are not that dangerous. But there are vulnerable and terrible cougar women who just look for a chance to be with boys. Though they justify it as a normal and natural feeling, there is more to it.

Cougar women are getting trolled mercilessly in the TikTok. While there are trolls and disgusting comments about them, there are women who just decided not to let them affect them.

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Cougar: What is it?

Cougar means “Older women in their forties trying to get physical with men in their 20s”. The phrase is used to troll women and men while also used to raise awareness among men.

Some cougar women are not just serious about their choice of men and while some women get extremely serious about men and they even commit crimes. The word cougar means a large wild cat living in the South and North American mountains.

The word also means women hunting for younger men.

Before coming into TikTok, this word was mostly used in Canada. In fact, Canadian parents don’t let their kids hear this word or talk about it. This is considered as explicit hearing this word or talking about this word. This is considered explicit language.

This word which was considered explicit and derogatory, started changing after it entered the media. There are people who agree and see the term as empowering. At the same time, some consider this sexist and derogatory.

This word is more commonly used in social media sites like TikTok and other dating sites. In fact, there are many dating sites fully dedicated to Cougar.

Celebrities like Madonna, Mariah Carey, etc., were considered Cougar. This term is also suitable for the great Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

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In Which Condition do people say “Cougar” on social media?

People use “cougar” in social media to describe women who look for sex with younger men. The following are a few examples which will help you out.

Example 1:

  • Person 1: How did your date go?
  • Person 2: Don’t even ask. She is not a girl. She is a Cougar. OMG. I got saved.

Example 2:

  • Person 1: I recently got connected with a woman.
  • Person 2: Oh, how is she?
  • Person 1: She is a cougar.

What other slang has TikTok Generated?

  1. Simp – A devoted lover.
  2. L – Lose.
  3. Boujee – Describing fancy stuff.
  4. Finna – I’m going to.
  5. Cheugy – Out of trend.
  6. Smol – Small and cute.
  7. Extra – Over dramatic.
  8. Main character – A person who is adorable and charismatic.
  9. I’m weak – Funny and hilarious.
  10. Bet – Yes; or agreed.

Example Video of “Cougar” Meaning on TikTok

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What does Cougar mean by TikTok?

Cougar means “women who look for sex and physical intimacy with younger men.” Cougar also means “wild cat which lives in South and North American mountains”.

What does Cougar mean in slang?

The slang word Cougar means “Those women who are just into a physical relationship and sexual desires with young men.”

What does Cougar mean on Instagram?

In Instagram and other social media, Cougar stands for the same. Cougar means “Older women addicted to a physical relationship with men who are in their 20s.”

What does Cougar mean in dating?

Cougar in dating means “older women above 40 attracted towards men who are younger than them, at least ten years.”

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