What is the Meaning of ‘Pimp’ on TikTok?

Pimp stands for a boy who tricks girls and takes them to a brothel. Whether you agree or not, TikTok is the hub, a treasure chest of songs and trends. The wide variety of people and their wide variety of knowledge and, not to forget, their wide variety of interests.

People have weird interests, and that comes out in the form of many weird trends and acronyms. Even hot and serious topics can be discussed easily and lightly. We never know when and how things get viral on TikTok. And one such trend that is trending on TikTok is Pimp. Let us dig in to understand the trend.

What Does Pimp Mean on TikTok?

Pimp Meaning TikTok
What Does “Pimp” Mean on TikTok?

The real word pimp means men who showcase themselves as decent, chocolate boys, and trap girls in their net. When they show all the lovey-dovey talks and do all the cheesy things, girls usually fall for them. After trapping those innocent women in their sugar trap, those boys take them to a brothel. The real meaning of the Pimp is the boy who tricks girls and sells them in brothels or makes them a prostitute for their profit.

But as already said above, TikTok takes things slightly. The TikTok take on the word pimp is something less negative. The real meaning is dark, while the TikTok meaning doesn’t have darkness behind it. Pimp in TikTok means a boy who hides their relationship status and flirts with all the women stating he is single. Now there are many boys out there in social media and in real life too.

Now in TikTok, many videos give tips on how to become a pimp. In TikTok, people share their experiences as a simp to a pimp. The Simp and Pimp are very different. Simp means a person who can do anything for the other person, a soulful, dutiful, true lover. While a Pimp is someone who is a “Playboy” or “chocolate boy.” He flirts with everyone. These guys hide their relationship status and flirt with women. Some even get into many relationships lying to girls. Boys mostly use “Pimp.” But in TikTok, we can’t predict anything. Now girls also started taking their chances on Pimps.

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Pimp Full Form: What is it?

Pimp stands for people (boys) who act all lovey-dovey and trap girls to sell them or involve them in sex rackets, women trafficking, and prostitution business. However, the real meaning of the word is dark and cannot be taken in a good/ positive way. TikTok changed the way it sounds. Pimps in TikTok are less offensive than in real life.

This TikTok trend has made people make videos like “how to become a pimp,” “Your X tips to become a pimp,” etc. A pimp is someone who talks and flirts with all women. They don’t tell their relationship status, whether they are married or not, whether they are taken or not, or whether they are committed. They hide their relationship status and tag themselves as “single and ready to mingle” guys.

In TikTok, the hashtag pimp has all the crash courses, 101 guides, masterclasses, and tailored workshops to become a pimp. There are also videos like “motivation for a pimp,” “how to not be a simp and start become a pimp,” “How I changed from simp to pimp,” “Journey towards pimp,” etc.,

It motivates people to stop chasing and courting one girl and start flirting with many girls.

The real Pimp is a very dangerous and dark one. One should never get into a Pimp’s eyes. At the same time, the TikTok pimp is funny and not outrageous. To give tough competition to boy pimps, many girls have started becoming girl pimps. They just do the same things as the boy pimps.

In Which Condition do people say “Pimp” on Social Media?

Example 1:

  • Person 1: How was your date with that boy?
  • Person 2: He was a pimp. A bloody cheater. My night got wasted.

Example 2:

  • Person 1: Will you talk with boys who act like pimps?
  • Person 2: Of Course not. I hate such people.

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What other Slang has TikTok Generated?

  • J4F – Just For Fun.
  • OH – Overheard.
  • AYOR – At Your Own Risk.
  • JIC – Just In Case.
  • ICYMI – In Case You Missed It.
  • 4FO – For Adults Only.
  • NBD – Not a Big Deal.
  • SFW – Safe For Work.
  • NSFW – Not Safe For Work.
  • GOI – Get Over It.

Example of “Pimp” Meaning on TikTok

@trinipine868 Get it right #fyp #foryou #lgbtq #trending #girls #pimp #slick #back ♬ Who are you – Huey_dsm
@empaulson22 enrolled in pimp 101 #fyp #pimp #college ♬ original sound – maree
@sgmchopo Pimp shiii#fyp #xyzbca #foryoupageofficiall #pimp #girls #repost #exsplore #relatable ♬ original sound – SGM CHOPPO


What does “Pimp” mean by TikTok?

Pimp means “People who flirt with many women or men, hiding their relationship status.”

What does “Pimp” mean in Slang?

The real meaning of the word Pimp is “boys who trap girls and make them a prostitute for their benefit.” The slang word Pimp means “boys or girls flirting with many women or men.”

What does “Pimp” mean on Instagram?

Pimp means “those who flirt with others to hide their real relationship status.”

What does “Pimp” mean in Dating?

Pimp means “boys who flirt with many women at a time and sometimes even take them to date.”

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