What Does ‘MBN’ Mean on Snapchat?

MBN stands for “Must Be Nice.” If you have ever received MBN from your friend and are worried that you don’t know the meaning, then you are at the right place. It is the right place to find all the dissected meanings of weird lingos, bizarre terminologies, and quirky Gen Z languages. It is not just you; most people new to Snapchat and other social media apps find it Greek when they stumbled upon the intriguing terminologies.

It’s completely normal if you are confused. You are not alone. In this article, I will walk you through another new terminology grazing in every chat room on Snapchat. So, without any further ado. Let’s dive in.

What Does MBN Mean on Snapchat?

According to dictionary, MBN stands for “Must Be Nice.” If you wonder if it’s a positive meaning, stop there. You already misunderstood the meaning, My buddy! “Must Be Nice” is not at all a good meaning. It holds a negative meaning. Negative in a sense, not your typical negative – negative. It is very clean, smooth like butter, and non-dangerous negative. Don’t worry if you’re still confused; we have got you the right examples, which we will discuss later.

MBN is an outcome of “jealousy.” “Smell jealousy on the air…huh?”. One uses MBN when they see something they desire but can’t get. MBN is used when someone wants to secure their dream job, but someone has already grabbed it. And that’s when one uses MBN. MBN is used to express the sarcasm inside their mind.

No, it’s not like you can’t use the word to express your genuine happiness for your friend. You can use it to express your happiness. But not many people like and appreciate using MBN as a good form. Instead, it shows that you are envious of your friend.

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Where Does MBN come from?

MBN was used in songs like “Must Be Nice” by “Life Jennings” and Emoney’s “Tulum’. Now, both of these songs show the longing and craving of Jennings and Emoney. In Emoney’s Tulum, he envies the fortune and millennial lifestyle of people without any income source. And in Jennings song, he shows how he longs to have someone who can understand his life.

These are not just that. So many songs envy people who long for and crave something. The real trend of MBN was started by TikTok creator @toonkyy. He got envied by a couple who were so lovey-dovey and cheesy. So he took a song sung by Charlie Willson titled “You Are.” And then created the sound “Must Be Nice.” That’s the real start of the trend. The hashtag MBN has 30 million views. And from there, the people transported it to Snapchat.

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MBN is not exclusive to Snapchat and is used on many platforms

“MBN” is not exclusive to Snapchat or any other platform for that matter. Users may see this term in the comments section of some social media post or video, in conversations and in text messages. It has become a popular shorthand that people often use to convey their jealousy or for insinuating that the person doesn’t deserve something or to genuinely appreciate someone’s success.

How to use MBN?

MBN stands for “Must Be Nice.” It shows when someone is jealous of you, or if you are envious of someone, you can throw “MBN” on them. When you feel someone is getting things they don’t deserve or getting things you have been longing to get for yourself. Out of envy, you can use “MBN.” MBN can also be used for positive things when you feel nice to someone.

If you are using MBN, there are two chances. One, the person would feel bad; two, the person would feel guilty. If the person has worked hard and given their full effort to get what they want, and you simply throw MBN on them, then they will take that badly. But if you are showing genuine care. Then that won’t go down a negative road.

If a person doesn’t deserve what they got, If they are not a worthy person for that thing, then you can easily throw your angry, jealous “MBN” on them. After all, it will not project your image in a bad way.

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And having said that, it all depends on the person, your relationship with them, and the conversation’s tone and density will decide what you meant and how they took it.

The Following Examples will show you How to use “MBN.”

Example 1:

  • Person 1: Hey, I got that chick I’ve been eyeing for a week, dude!
  • Person 2: Oh, you got another one. What about the girl with whom you came last week? It MBN.

Example 2:

  • Person 1: My father got me an iPhone 13 last week.
  • Person 2: Oh. It MBN. I’ve wanted to get one for a long time.
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How to reply to MBN?

If you are going to spew some salty “MBN” to someone, you can expect them to throw you a doubtful look or an eye roll. But if you said it genuinely, the person might thank you. And if you received a salty MBN, you can do whatever you want, say whatever you want to say. The following examples might help you out.

Example 1:

  • Person 1: Woah! MBN. You got that girl whom you have been eyeing for quite some time.
  • Person 2: Yeah, bro. It feels nice. Thanks.

Example 2:

  • Person 1: Wow! This car is so mesmerizing. MBN. I’m happy for you.
  • Person 2: Thank you so much!

What Does MBN mean by Texting

MBN stands for “Must Be Nice.” Suppose someone is sending you an MBN. In most cases, they are jealous of you, and in some cases, they are genuinely happy for you. MBN is used when someone is unhappy and thinks the other person is not worthy enough for whatever they got. A few quick examples can clear your last ounce of doubt.

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Example 1:

  • Person 1: You are lucky to get that big fat credit card from your dad. ‘MBN’
  • Person 2: Yeah, it is.

Example 2:

  • Person 1: It MBN to hold someone late at night and walk on the silent roads.
  • Person 2: Yeah, it is, bro! I’m thrilled.

Alternative Meanings of MBN

  • MBN also stands for May Be Not. Suppose something is not the best thing to do. For example, I thought of going to Silicon Valley. But decided not to. MBN was the best idea for me.
  • Murder By Numbers (movie).
  • Mediterranean Bank Network.
  • Monte Bubbles Network.
  • Multiple Bus Network.


What does “MBN” mean on Snapchat?

MBN means “Must Be Nice” on Snapchat. When someone uses MBN, they use it out of jealousy or envy.

What does “MBN” mean in the text?

MBN stands for Must Be Nice in text.

What is “MBN” in Slang?

MBN stands for “Must Be Nice.” It is a slang word that is used to spew some salty comments.

What does “MBN” mean in a text from a girl?

When a girl sends you MBN, She is jealous of you and doesn’t think you deserve what you got.

What does “MBN” mean in TikTok?

MBN in TikTok means Must Be Nice.

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