What Does “FW” Mean on TikTok?

FW is the abbreviation for the term, ‘F*ck With.’ When individuals use the term, they mean that they are no longer associated with someone. Besides, FW can also mean that a person is no longer dating someone. It can also refer to a hobby someone is no longer pursuing.

When you observe many videos on TikTok, you will notice many weird things depicted through the videos. But, when people want to express themselves, they will never hold themselves back. With this in mind, the abbreviation FW is spreading across the platform. Moreover, people use the acronym FW differently in the corporate world. If you get an email from a Sr. team member, FW means ‘forward.’

What does ‘FW’ Mean on TikTok?

FW Mean on TikTok
FW Meaning TikTok

FW stands for ‘F*ck With’ in TikTok. People have often used this phrase when they want to state that a person must not mess with someone. Besides, people also use the acronym when they wish to respond to someone they used to date or a music artist they used to listen to often.

The phrase ultimately signifies dislike when people use it for a restaurant they no longer want to visit. On the other hand, you will come across many similar phrases for ‘FW.’ These are ‘mess with,’ ‘associate with,’ ‘chill with,’ and ‘hook up with.’ When someone uses ‘FW,’ they can mean ‘go to’ while referring to any place.

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FW Full Form: What is it?

The full form of FW is ‘F*ck With.’ While people widely use the acronym, it is also becoming popular in many countries. In simple language, people use the abbreviation when they want to state that a person shouldn’t interfere with anybody. Besides, the individuals will also use FW when they want to say that a person must not make fun of anybody. However, FW means something else when the message is from a girl. She means that she likes individuals because they are sweet and cute. In that case, it might not mean whether the girl wants to be a friend of the person or move on with a relationship.

What are some other meanings of FW?

Besides the usual meaning, ‘FW’ also means ‘forwarding’ when people write it in the subject line. For instance, if someone requests a person to FW him a History assignment, he implies that the person should send an email along with the History assignment as an attachment.

In History, people also use FW when referring to Frederik Willem de Klerk. People prefer the shortened version because the entire name is quite difficult to write and state. Frederik was a politician of South Africa who had set Nelson Mandela free.

Other less common FW meaning meanings are based on the context in which people use it. If you come across people referring to a lady, FW means ‘F*cking Whore’ or ‘Flirt Whore’. Moreover, people will also use the abbreviation FW for stating ‘Future Wife’ in short. In the IT sector, FW is also used for firmware or FireWire, which is known as a TI high-speed serial bus. On the contrary, people will also use FW for Fee Waiver. In those instances, people mean that the tuition fees are reduced to a certain extent for those who are not financially stable.

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Unlike many fields, the meaning of FW is quite different in science. If you go through some of the Chemistry chapters, you will come across FW as Formula Weight. This weight refers to the cumulative weight of all the atoms that appear in a certain chemical formula. But, in sectors like Finance, FW can mean ‘Future Worth.’

In Which Condition do people say ‘FW’ on social media?

Condition 1:

  • Person 1: I just saw the recent John Interview
  • Person 2: FW, that guy, he’s quite arrogant!
  • Person 1: Yes, I know. I can’t tolerate him, either.

Condition 2:

  • Person 1: I can’t bear your drama anymore.
  • Person 2: Well, FW you as well!
  • Person 1: Good! I don’t care for him anymore.

Condition 3:

  • Person 1: Did you observe what she was wearing today? So simple!
  • Person 2: Whatever, FW her style and dressing sense.

Condition 4:

  • Person 1: I don’t like how he spoke with you.
  • Person 2: Yes, well, FW him. He’s not my type.

Condition 5:

  • Person 1: I still can’t believe she’s on a date with him.
  • Person 2: Me neither, but anyways FW it, I am not concerned with it.

What other slang has TikTok generated?

1) FYP –This abbreviation stands for ‘For You Page.’ When individuals use the hashtag #FYP, the video appears directly on the homepage.

2) CEO –In the usual context, ‘CEO’ means ‘Chief Executive Officer.’ But, when people say ‘CEO of Editing’ on TikTok, it means that the person is good at doing that task.

3) OOMF –If you come across the slang term OOMF, it means ‘One of my friends. People use this term when they want to say something negative about a particular person.

4) Fit – This term refers to the type of clothes a person is wearing. It is another word that people use for an outfit.

5) SMH – When a person agrees with something, he uses the term SMH. Such a kind of abbreviation means ‘Shaking My Head.’

6) TFW – If an individual wants to express something, he will use the term TFW. It stands for ‘that feeling when.’

7) SUS – Whenever a person is doubtful about something, he will use the term ‘SUS.’ This abbreviation stands for ‘suspicious.’

Example of ‘FW’ Meaning on TikTok

@_lightnings ❗FW❗#rec #fw ♬ оригинальный звук – Light
@_lightnings ❗ FW ❗ #rec #fw ♬ оригинальный звук – Light
@_lightnings ❗ FW ❗ #rec #fw ♬ оригинальный звук – Light


What does FW mean on TikTok?

FW means ‘F*ck With’ when people use it on TikTok. This term is used when people want to say that they no longer wish to go on a date with someone.

What does FW mean in slang?

The slang word ‘FW’ means ‘F*ck With’ on TikTok. While people use the term in different contexts, they express dislike or are not concerned about a certain thing.

What does FW mean from a guy?

Most of the time, people use the term FW as a short form for ‘F*ck With’ or ‘Forward.’ People try to convey that they wish to hang around with someone if the term is used for ‘F*ck With.’ But, if people use it for ‘forward,’ it means passing on an email.

What does FW mean on Instagram?

When you observe the term FW on Instagram, then it means ‘F*ck With.’ The social media user, in that instance, wants to state that a person must stay away and not mess with someone.

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