What Does “Simp” Mean on TikTok?

TikTok has changed the way Gen Z communicates. They have created a lexicon of their own and it is growing constantly. It almost feels like every TikTok user invents a new word to describe something, often leaving other users befuddled as to its actual meaning.

As TikToks are shared, these new terms quickly spread, allowing Gen Zer’s all over the world to communicate effectively using the same set of terms, but causing confusion for those less versed in modern slang.

One such word is the term “Simp”, which has been confusing users left and right. What is the meaning of Simp? How is it supposed to be used, and in what situation? Keep reading to find out!

What does “Simp” mean?

The term “simp” has been gaining popularity in recent years as a slang term used to describe someone, typically a man, who is excessively willing to do things for another person, often in the context of romantic relationships. The term is often used in a negative or derogatory way, and it can be a source of confusion for those who are unfamiliar with its meaning. 

It can also be used for men who are too desperate to get attention from women and end up getting exploited by them, usually for monetary reasons. A common way this term is used in such a regard is when referring to a female Twitch Streamer’s subscribers. 

Twitch is a video streaming platform on which you can stream and watch video content. A lot of men tend to subscribe to female Twitch streamers due to their attractiveness. They also tend to donate a lot of money in the hopes of getting their attention and possibly their affection and end up getting exploited. In this context, the men are considered to be “simps”.

@taylorandallie He got so mad I just had to post it😭🤣#WhatsYourPower #SoAwkward #PerfectAsIAm #simp #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #SuperlativeSmiles @allieyordy ♬ original sound – TaylorMelius

It is to be noted that the usage of the word “Simp” on social media is often sexist in nature. People who are against feminism tend to bash men for being nice to women by calling them Simps when they are not. 

Furthermore, the term “simp” is also often used as a way to belittle or mock someone for expressing genuine emotions or vulnerability. For example, someone who is expressing their love for someone else may be called a “simp” as a way to mock their feelings and dismiss them as insignificant. This reinforces the idea that men should not express emotions or vulnerability and can be harmful to men and women alike.

@kimberlyyy234 #simp #couplegoals #gay ♬ original sound – mikefr3sh

What does “Simp” Mean on TikTok?

While the word Simp has been used on the internet for quite a while, it was popularized once it went on TikTok. From there, it has been used quite often in two particular ways. The first way is for men who are doing their best to please a woman. They do this by always being there for her, getting her things, expensive gifts and what not. However, they do all of this in hopes of getting a relationship or having their feelings reciprocated. 

The other way this term is used is to describe men who are submissive to the women they are dating. They crave affection n and often ask for it when they are with their partner alone. In this context, the term is used to describe someone who is very devoted to their partner.

@bendonnell_18 Don’t get caught simping😤 #simp #fyp ♬ original sound – Zaft
@karenmendoza_xo This man is a SIMP ☺️😂😂😂 @eddiezepeda24 #fyp #simp ♬ original sound – Karen Mendoza

While initially the use of the term was similar to the way the term “whipped” was used, as in to describe a man who was dominated by his wife, with time, the usage has gotten far less derogatory and is more gentle in nature. 

There are also a lot of users on TikTok who are self proclaimed “Simps”. They often say they are simping for a particular personality or a celebrity. It is often meant as a joke.

@montyjlopez I’m sorry for simping! #boo #simp #myboo ♬ original sound – J U S T I C E 🐐

Origin of the term Simp

The term “Simp” is actually quite old and can be traced back to the lyrics of rap songs released in as early as 1985. The word simp was considered to be the opposite of the term “pimp”. 

Traditionally, a Pimp is someone who manages prostitutes and escorts, arranges clients for them and takes a cut of their earnings. However, it slowly started having a different meaning. Popularized by black culture, the new meaning was meant for someone who dated multiple women and cheated on them.

This definition of the term started off as appreciation for men, who were considered to be “manly” due to this, but with time, is being used in a derogatory manner for men who cheat on their women.

It was from this definition that the word “Simp” came from. While a pimp was someone who cheated on multiple women and was considered to be a “real man”, a simp is someone who is submissive to one woman, regardless of their relationship status.

How the term “Simp” got popularized on the internet

The word Simp was not used regularly on the internet until 2019, where it started seeing some use on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit. This subreddit comprised of users who were against feminism. 

Just like the name suggests, the idea of this subreddit was to be a community for men who believed that men had gone astray in the current times, corrupted by feminism, and were not manly anymore. They believed in going their own way, disagreeing with society and embracing their “masculinity” in the way it was intended to be. It was on here that the word “Simp” started spreading, used as an insult for men the users of this subreddit considered to be “weak-willed”.

In December of 2019, TikTok user @poloboy posted a video for a series that he called “Simp Nation”. The idea behind this was to mock men who often acted kind and considerate towards women in hopes of getting to date them.

@poloboy CEO of shiny chins #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #simp ♬ hey ya rockstar – eme tuttell

This was the start of the Simp Nation trend, which involved TikTokers mocking certain behaviors of simps. It was often targeted towards men who were nice to women but were only behaving that way because they wanted to sleep with them. It was also targeted towards desperate men who were overly excited about doing something nice for women. 

@poloboy Simp got excited 😳 #fyp #simp #simpnation #foryou ♬ original sound – pa jay

From here, the usage of the word “simp” hit mainstream internet, where it is used in the way we know it today.

In Which Condition do people say “Simp” on social media?

Simp can be used in order to show appreciation towards someone, to call someone out for being overly attached or dedicated to someone or as a joke.

  • A: I’m simping for them so hard. 
  • B: I am too! They are so hot!
  • P: Bro, can you stop being such a simp for her? She has a boyfriend.
  • X: I love my girlfriend so much, I am a total simp for her.
  • M: Are you simping for Jess?
  • D: Of course not, we are just friends!

What other slang has TikTok generated?

1. Lamp – Trending (The new song of Tailor is Lamp)

2. Woke – Aware (I’m woke about all the new trends)

3. Tea – Gossip (Spill the tea)

4. IyKyK – If you know, you know (Iykyk what I’m talking about)

5. Sis – Sister (My sis went to America)

6. Living rent-free – Something that’s too good (Jeremy in Verity by Colleen Hoover is living in my head rent-free)

7. Big yikes – Insult, shocking or embarrassing (That’s disgusting. Big Yikes)

8. Cap – Not lying (No cap)

9. Drag – Criticizing or making fun of people (She was dragging that poor girl)

10. Drip – Stylish (You are dripping in that new shirt)

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